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Hand Embroidered Brown Scapulars.

All scapulars are hand-embroidered by Sara Estabrooks, a stay at home wife and mom.

  • 100% wool felt.
  • Hand-embroidered.
  • Comfortable and Durable.
  • Heirloom sacramentals.
Mary Garden Hand Embroidered Brown Scapular


Place a Pre-Order.

Are you interested in ordering scapulars for yourself, your loved ones, or your friends?

Sara now takes preorder requests for scapulars.

Reach out today to inquire about her availability and production timeline.

Fill out the form below to submit a preorder request, using the numbered photos to select your scapular designs.

Reference for Numbered Collage:

Photos 1-2 Micro Scapulars $19
1: Auspice Maria / Chi Rho (white)
2: Auspice Marie / Chi Rho (colors)

Photos 3-4 Simple Scapulars $27
3: Immaculate Heart Simple
4: St. Michael Shield Simple

Photos 5-12 Standard Scapulars $49
5: Sacred and Immaculate Hearts
6: Divine Mercy
7: Marian Floral Wreath
8: Mt. Carmel Shield
9: Auspice Maria / Seven Sorrows
10: St. Michael Flaming Sword and Shield
11: Adoring Angels
12: Real Presence

Photos 13-16 Fancy Scapulars $72
13: Mary Garden
14: Stella Maris
15: Pelican in Piety
16: Lamb of God