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Hi, I’m Sara.

I’m here to open wide the doors of my heart and let you in on my joys, my struggles, my questions, and my life lessons. I invite you to pray and reflect along with me. Together, we can lift our mind and hearts to God, seeking to walk the path of holiness He sets before us.

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Prayer Life

My blog began because of the encouragement of my sister. She knew my love for writing when I pray. My desire to enter into real conversation with God that went much deeper than memorized prayer.

So, many times, you’ll find me sharing what may seem like random thoughts.

These thoughts are a peek into my prayer life, as imperfect as it may be. A peek into my personal conversations with God.

I want to share these thoughts to inspire you to learn the art of prayer. To go deeper in your relationship with Your Savior. To get to know Him like never before.

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My Mass Takeaway

Sunday is the Lord’s day… but how do we set it apart from every other day of the week?  Sometimes, just by going to Mass for an hour in the morning, then business as usual.

But I decided I want more.

I don’t want to walk away from Mass and forget the readings, the homily, the grace I’ve been given through God’s Word and His very Body.  I want to carry Him with me in my heart, truly devoting the day to loving Him.

Join me every Sunday on Instagram for My Mass Takeaway: a linkup sharing the thoughts we bring home from Mass. And don’t forget to follow the hashtag!


Virtue Challenge

We’re all called to sainthood. But sometimes we can forget this in our day-to-day life.

With the Virtue Challenge, we will renew our efforts to live our daily call to holiness and focus on one virtue to cultivate each month.

But you don’t have to do this alone!

You can also join the Virtue Challenge Team, a supportive Facebook community where we learn and pray together, lifting each other up and supporting each other in our call pursuing virtue and holiness.

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While I don’t set out to be a mom blog, many times my personal meditations are centered around my vocation as a wife and mom.

When I feel others may be uplifted by those meditations, I let myself be vulnerable in my imperfection, and share them with you. I hope that you’ll look at me with a kind and forgiving heart when you read my parenting reflections.

And I hope that you’ll find some inspiration to try each day, like I do, to be more perfect in your vocation.



Marriage is my primary vocation.

I do my best to keep my husband first (after God, of course). To love him and support him in all his endeavors.

We’re a team. We pray together. We make family decisions together. We strive to treat each other with love and respect. We try to help each other draw closer to Jesus.

My husband and I are also an NFP (Natural Family Planning) teaching couple. We love to share our witness about this practice that has benefited our marriage so much.



I’ve been immersed in the darkness of depression, and suffered from a bout of secondary infertility. And through the grace of God, I’ve emerged, whole and healed on the other side.

But through my experiences, I’ve realized what a stigma and silence there can be. The suffering of isolation and self-condemnation that comes along with these types of suffering.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Through sharing my stories, I want to offer you solidarity, hope, and a share in the peace I’ve been able to find.



I’ve created some resources I think you’ll love as part of my ministry to help boost your prayer life.

Visit me on Etsy to buy prayer life products.

And stop by my printables shop any time for instant downloads (many of them are free!)


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