Micro Brown Scapular

Micro Brown Scapular


This scapular features the Chi Rho and Auspice Maria symbols.

Itwas a special request from one of my sensory avoiding kiddos. It’s perfect for anyone who has a tough time with the “itch” of woolen scapulars, and wants an option as tiny and unobtrusive as possible!

Default stitching color is white. This scapular is also available in any color stitching!

  • 100% wool felt.
  • Hand-embroidered.
  • Cotton embroidery thread.
  • Custom length cord (standard 14 inches)
  • Comfortable and Durable.
  • “micro” design.
  • Free shipping to the continental US.

Visit my Etsy shop to see what’s available and place an order.

  • Tiny Scapulars embroidered with Chi Rho and Auspice Maria in blue, pink, and gold
  • Brown Scapular embroidered with Auspice Maria and Chi Rho in white
  • Young Girl Wearing Brown Scapular

To place an order from Brown Scapulars that I have already in stock, visit my Etsy Shop. If you’d like to preorder multiple scapulars for your family and friends, submit a pre-order request through my site.

HANDMADE: These scapulars are hand stitched, so there will be slight variations in each product. Please handle your scapular with care and spot clean with gentle cleaner as needed.

CUSTOM LENGTH: when you place your order, please indicate what length you wish your scapular cord to be. Scapular Cords are measured from front to back panel, in inches.