Fancy Brown Scapular

Fancy Brown Scapular


This heirloom Scapular option is the perfect gift for a special occasion, from birthdays to Sacraments, to Christmas, and more.

Design Options include: Mary Garden; Stella Maris; Pelican in Piety; Lamb of God.

  • 100% wool felt.
  • Hand-embroidered.
  • Cotton embroidery thread.
  • Custom length cord (standard 16 inches)
  • Comfortable and Durable.
  • “Fancy” design.
  • Free shipping to the continental US.

Visit my Etsy shop to see what’s available and place an order.

  • Mary Garden Hand Embroidered Brown Scapular
  • Pelican in Piety and Chalice and Host embroidered on Brown scapular in front of green background
  • Stella Maris Scapular: embroidered with boat on the waves, star, rays, and M for Mary, in front of faded green background
  • lamb of God and Monstrance embroidered on brown scapular, held in front of green background
  • Photo of man wearing Pelican Brown Scapular

To place an order from Brown Scapulars that I have already in stock, visit my Etsy Shop. If you’d like to preorder multiple scapulars for your family and friends, submit a pre-order request through my site.

HANDMADE: These scapulars are hand stitched, so there will be slight variations in each product. Please handle your scapular with care and spot clean with gentle cleaner as needed.

CUSTOM LENGTH: when you place your order, please indicate what length you wish your scapular cord to be. Scapular Cords are measured from front to back panel, in inches.