Virtue Challenge

I challenge you to stop coasting and start intentionally drawing closer to Christ.

Become more perfect, like him.

Become a Saint.

We’re all called to sainthood. But it can be so hard to pursue this goal when we’re wrapped up in the challenges of our daily lives.

The Virtue Challenge will help you step out of complacency, and embrace a life of continued growth in holiness by practicing virtue.

Here’s how the Virtue Challenge works:

Each month, select one virtue to focus on. You will learn about and focus your efforts on practicing that virtue for a whole month.

Every day, you will pray for the virtue, and do a daily examine to see how you’ve grown in that virtue.

The goal: perfection in virtue.

The reality: it’s a lifelong process.

The good news: Christ longs for you to be more like him, and is ever ready to help you draw nearer to that goal.

So don’t give up or get downhearted that you’re not perfect right now! Instead, celebrate every moment of growth, every outpouring of grace, and every small victory.

Begin building the habits that lead you closer to Christ, by taking up the Virtue Challenge today.

Becoming Holy, One Virtue at a Time

Do you love this Virtue Challenge?

Then you’ll love my book: Becoming Holy, One Virtue at a Time, from Our Sunday Visitor.

It will lead you deeper in learning about and practicing the theological (faith, hope, and love) and cardinal (prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude).

Becoming Holy is more than just a book – it’s a journal to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

You can dive into it on your own, with a friend, or in a small group setting.

Learn more and pre-order today!

5 thoughts on “Virtue Challenge

  1. How timely and what a Divinely inspired message just for me. My confessor on Friday suggested that I focus on growing in virtues to more closely experience Christ in my life. And this Sunday evening, Divine Mercy Sunday, I found your site after searching for books on Amazon. Praise God! This is just what I needed and He knew it!


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