Unite the body and soul to live authentic sexuality

A modern examination of conscience.  (But not too modern… we’re loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church here!) This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Chastity and modesty. Two virtues that are necessary for bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual. They’re necessary for living as a fully alive, integrated human being.  And they’re all about authentic love.

Chastity helps us authentically live our sexuality. It helps us know ourselves, body and soul. The Catechism says it’s both an “apprenticeship in self-mastery” and a “school of the gift of the person.”

We come to know ourselves, to order our appetites, and to be able to give ourselves to each other in perfect love. Continue reading

The meek will inherit the earth

A modern examination of conscience. (But not too modern… we’re loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church here!)

All too often we find ourselves letting anger get the best of us. We raise our voices at our kids, or give the silent treatment to our spouse. Parenting (heck, any relationship) can be frustrating, and it’s easy to let things get under our skin.

This month, we will take a closer look at meekness. What is it, what does it call us to do or avoid, and how can we cultivate this virtue? Continue reading