Catholic Trivia – The Extraordinary Form

What do you know about the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?

Our family has been attending the Extraordinary Form for about a year now, and though we have learned so much – there’s still a lot to learn!

Whether you’ve never been to an EF Mass, you’re a newbie, or you’ve been attending for years, I think you will find this Trivia game to be fun and informative.

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What is Veiling Really All About?

This post is sponsored by Tami and Love to Veil. I reached out to her, and she sent me a gorgeous veil in exchange for an honest review.

For the longest time, I didn’t veil.

I never felt called, attracted, or even pressured into veiling.

And I even grew up in a parish where I was exposed to veiling. It wasn’t necessarily the mainstream, but you could expect to see a few women and children wearing veils at Mass.

But then something changed.

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