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Walking Holy Week with Jesus

Holy Week CoverA prayer journal.

With this journal, we make a special effort to make every day of Holy Week holy. We allow ourselves to feel the darkness, hurt, and suffering that Jesus experienced this week, and emerge with a renewed sense of peace and joy with Him on the other side.

Beginning the Saturday before Palm Sunday, each day has readings that include: a Bible passage, a reflection on the significance of the day, and a short prayer. Then, with the guidance of an open-ended prompt, there is a space for you to write as you reflect and pray about how you’re walking with Jesus each day of Holy Week.

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Mosaic Jesse Tree

Mosaic Jesse Tree Imprimatur.jpg

This Mosaic Jesse Tree includes 25 cardstock ornaments, one for each day from December 1st until Christmas, and a full-color prayer booklet, with daily reflections.

The Jesse Tree traces Jesus’ genealogy, peruses the O Antiphons, and concludes with Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

The accompanying reflection booklet has been granted an Imprimatur.

DSC_0045 (1).jpg

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Mosaic Jesse Tree (assembly required)

Ornaments require assembly: cut out, hole punch, and attach ribbon (included).

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Mosaic Jesse Tree (ready to hang)

Ornaments are assembled and ready to hang.

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Mosaic Jesse Tree (printable coloring version)

Mosaic Jesse Tree coloring version.png

This product is a digital download comprised of two digital files. These files may be printed for personal, homeschool, or classroom use.

The Ornaments Packet of this Jesse Tree includes 25 black and white ornaments, one for each day from December 1st until Christmas and 25 labels for the back of the ornaments.

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Mary: Perfect Mother, Daughter, Spouse of God

Hail Mary: perfect daughter, mother, spouse of God. Read the reflections on the blog for free, or buy the beautiful ebook for $1.An ebook.

This ebook is a series of three reflections on Mary’s perfect love for God the Holy Trinity. Mary is the perfect daughter of God the Father. She is the perfect mother of God the Son. And the perfect spouse of God the Holy Spirit.

The reflections are based off of a variation of the Hail Mary prayer.

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