While I don’t set out to be a mom blog, many times my personal meditations are centered around my vocation as a wife and mom.

When I feel others may be uplifted by those meditations, I let myself be vulnerable in my imperfection, and share them with you. I hope that you’ll look at me with a kind and forgiving heart when you read my parenting reflections.

And I hope that you’ll find some inspiration to try each day, like I do, to be more perfect in your vocation.

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How to Live the Dream the World Doesn’t Understand

Forget the perfect Pinterest project, by the time you change every diaper that needs changing, feed the starving animals you call your children, put the cushions back on the couch for the thousandth time, toss every LEGO block back in the bin, feed those children again, teach them their letters, feed them again, brush their teeth, tuck them in bed, tell them to get back in bed – you don’t have the energy left to stay awake until a reasonable adult bedtime, so you’re passed out in your spit-up-covered jeans on top of the bedspread at 7:59.

Well I give you credit, you almost made it to 8:00.

Every day in the life of a parent is lived in survival mode.

Live the Dream

Hey Busy Family, How Do You Pray

Let’s face it, I’m not a college student any more.  And I’m not a contemplative nun.  I’m a mom.  Specifically, a homeschooling mom with three young kids.  My prayer life should look different from a college kid’s.  Different from a contemplative nun’s.  Different from the mom next door.

My prayer life is unique to me.  And frankly, it’s hectic, distractable, and revolves around my family life.

We’re a busy family.  Who isn’t?  But you can never be too busy for prayer.  I discovered ways to pray by myself and with my spouse and kids that complement our crazy hectic family days.

Take a sneak-peek at the a day-in-the-prayer-life-of-me!

Hey busy Family-min

I Have Extra Arms and Extra Legs

I was exhausted.  I wanted to put her down so I could rest.  Or finish my chores.  I wanted her off me.

But then I saw her there.  Attached to me.  Part of me.

And the tears welled in my eyes.

She won’t always be this small.  She won’t always be strapped to my back or clinging onto my legs.  Her fingers and toes won’t always be this precious tiny.  She will grow up.  She will gain independence.

And I’ll go back to just being me.

I wanted to move on to the next thing.  But I needed to relish this moment.  Remember it.  Ponder it in my heart.

extra arms and extra legs