How to See God’s Message

When you can’t hear God’s words, look for them instead.

Lord Jesus, I struggle to know what You’re saying to me when I can’t hear Your voice.

I close my eyes.  I take a deep breathe.  I’m listening.


I don’t hear anything.  But in my mind’s eye I see something. Continue reading “How to See God’s Message”

Live a Life of Faith This Year

A modern examination of conscience.  (But not too modern… we’re loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church here!)

If you confess with your mouth… and believe in your heart… you shall be saved. Romans 10:9

As Christians, we know that our salvation in Jesus Christ comes with the responsibility to live a life of faith.  We can’t sit back and relax, expecting Jesus to do all the work.  We can’t be lazy in our spiritual life. Continue reading “Live a Life of Faith This Year”

What to do When Life is Too Busy for New Year’s Resolutions

This year’s resolution: stop cramming more demands into your already busy life.

Quickly jot down all the things you should be doing, but aren’t.

  • Exercise every morning
  • Cook healthy breakfast
  • Declutter your home
  • Morning Meditation
  • Evening Prayer
  • Spiritual Reading
  • Get enough sleep

Just feel your heart pound with every new item you add to the list… When will we do that?  How are we going to fit this into our already crazy lives?  How on earth will we keep up with this for a whole year?! Continue reading “What to do When Life is Too Busy for New Year’s Resolutions”

When You Have Nothing Left to Give, Be the Gift

Give the gift of yourself like God does in the Incarnation, on the Cross, in the Eucharist.

It started with a gentle tug on my sheets and a soft whisper in my ear:

“Mom, my belly hurts.”

Those words had the power to throw me out of bed.  I quickly scooped my 3yo daughter into my arms and made a stumbling dash into the bathroom. Continue reading “When You Have Nothing Left to Give, Be the Gift”

God Needs Your Help in the Kitchen

Help God answer your prayers: how to work alongside Him in the kitchen just like my kids do for me at home.

God my Father, I love the moments when Your Divine Plan shines through the ordinary.  You were with me today in the midst of my normal family life.

In my kids’ eyes, I can do anything.  And I DO do most things for them.  I cook them dinner, I tie their shoes, I even tidy up their toys after they’re in bed.

And I take joy in being able to meet their needs.  To give to them.  To serve them.

But I’m not really omnipotent like they think I am. Continue reading “God Needs Your Help in the Kitchen”

Celebrate Advent like Mary: A Baby is on the Way

Four pregnancy-inspired lessons to help us observe Advent like Mary did.  (Plus fun bonus tips)

We hear it over and over.  “Advent is a time of preparation, like waiting for a baby’s birth.”  Guess what.  It’s not a metaphor!  Or a simile, or whatever.  Advent is not like waiting for a baby’s birth.

 Advent IS waiting for baby Jesus’ birth.

Let Us Pray…

Today, my Jesus, all those years ago, Your mother Mary waited for Your birth.  She prepared for Your coming.

What are some things Mary did during her Advent, and how can I learn from them? Continue reading “Celebrate Advent like Mary: A Baby is on the Way”

Kick Down Your Pride with the Humility Virtue Challenge

A modern examination of conscience.  (But not too modern… we’re loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church here!)

Many who are first will be last, and the last will be first.  Matthew 19:30

Humility:  First, say to yourself, “I’m such a terrible person.  I can’t do anything right.”  Now pick the most gruesome public mortification you can think of.  Go stand on the street corner and let the world know how awful you are.  Bingo.  Right?

Wrong. Continue reading “Kick Down Your Pride with the Humility Virtue Challenge”

When Your Kid is the Bully: Finding a Better Future

Four steps to help you replace fear with hope when your kid makes a terrible mistake.

Suddenly your kid is “that kid.”  The kid other parents warn each other about.  The kid they tell their own children to stay away from.  How did it happen?

  • You tried to be the best parent you could.
  • You read every parenting book.
  • You researched every discipline strategy.
  • You prayed every day for the grace to raise good kids.

You were sprinting the race of good-parenthood. Continue reading “When Your Kid is the Bully: Finding a Better Future”