First Communion Gifts for Boys that Put Christ First

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First Communion season is upon us!

First Holy Communion is the most special occasion in a kiddo’s life.

It’s always a challenge to find a great, unique gift for a special occasion. In my opinion, first Communion gifts should center on Christ – who is the real focus of the day.

If you’re searching for a gift that’s going to be perfect for your young man, and will remind him of the Real Presence and his call to holiness, I have some great ideas for you.

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Discover Your New Sunday Best from Marie Zelie!

This post is sponsored by Marie Zelie, who sent me an outfit in exchange for an honest review.

You know how much I love my jeans and Catholic-tees for daily, around the house wear.

But I also jump at any opportunity to get dressed up and fancy! I love putting together an outfit for a date night out with my husband, a feast day party, and especially for Sunday Mass.

Often though, even my dressy clothes are second-hand. They’re good enough for daily Mass, or ladies-night-out, but the well loved wear and use is evident.

That’s why I’m so excited to have a brand new outfit dedicated to dressing up for Jesus! My Sunday best just got a much needed update.

Marie Zelie sent me a blouse and skirt that make me feel beautiful, feminine, and classy.

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Children for Confession

It’s no secret that kids (and adults!) can often struggle with the Sacrament of Confession.

There’s something so difficult about saying your sins out loud.

But at the same time, there’s something so beautiful and freeing about it, too! And this is what we want to teach our kids.

When you confess your sins to the priest, he has the power to absolve you (in persona Christi), and your sins are gone forever! And that’s a joy we want our kids to know and love.

So here are ten ways to prepare your kids to make a good confession – with hope and peace, and without fear!

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How to Make Jesus (not TV) the Center of Your Home

This post is sponsored by HolyArt, who sent me these candles for my home shrine in exchange for an honest review. This post contains sponsored content and affiliate links.

It seems like everyone has a TV as the focal point of their living room.

It’s either mounted on the wall or erected on a TV stand. The furniture is centered around it. Even home decor is organized to accent it.

But when I was a kid, my mom showed me there’s another way.

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Praise the Lord, You Stinky Diapers, for His Love Endures Forever

I look down at my sink perpetually filled with dishes, and I feel overwhelmed.

I look down at my floor, currently covered in crumbs, and I feel tired.

I look down at my phone, too often lit with news of the latest hate story, Church scandal, and political turmoil, and I feel dejected.

Some days, the cross of life weighs heavy.

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21 Best Resources for Family Rosary Time: Books, Tools, and Toys

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“Pray the Rosary every day” – Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia.

My kiddos know the importance of the daily Rosary. They even remind us to do the family Rosary on busy days when it almost escapes us!

But that doesn’t mean they sit still like perfect angels for the duration of Rosary time.

We have an entire collection of tools and toys to help make Rosary time quiet, peaceful, and prayerful.

Let’s start with ideas for babies and toddlers, and work our way up through the ages and stages!

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In the Wake of the Storm, Rebuild Your Life on the Rock of Christ

It’s easy to do good things in fair weather.

Look at these two men in the parable of the house on the rock.

Notice: they both built houses!

Up until the storm, both these men appeared to be living good lives.

They built good things, they did good work, their outward actions seemed to be the same.

But there was something very different about their two lives…

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