Raising Future Saints (Who Also Sit Still at Mass)

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Parenting pre-schoolers is one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my life.

I admire mothers who enjoy every moment of parenting their preschool aged children. Who see the beauty of the way they think, the way they play, the way they seek independence.

For me, it’s an incomprehensible challenge.

Especially when it’s time to bring them to Mass.

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A Grandparent’s Role in Passing on the Faith

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We called him Pappas.

He was my dad’s dad. A father of 13 children and 30-something grandchildren.

He used to walk every day.

It was a heavy-footed, sometimes labored, stomp. Head down, determined, dedicated. Round and round his indoor pool when the weather was bad, or around the lake when the sun was shining.

And in his hands, he held his “beads.”

His Rosary beads.

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An Introduction to the Theological and Cardinal Virtues

Virtues are the building blocks of a holy life. They’re the characteristics of how our relationship with Jesus is played out daily.

Virtue is tied up in our spiritual life.

So, don’t try to be virtuous for the sake of self-improvement.

Instead, try to practice virtue for the sake of growing closer to Christ, for the sake of being more like Him, whom we’re made in the image of.

“The goal of a virtuous life is to become like God.”

– CCC 1803 quoting St. Gregory of Nyssa

Here’s the deal… I’m not a pro at virtue. I love studying them because I desire so much to grow in them.

So today, I’m going to introduce you to each of the theological and cardinal virtues, but I’m also going to draw on the wisdom of other bloggers who’ve been so amazing to share their knowledge and experience with us!

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What is Veiling Really All About?

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For the longest time, I didn’t veil.

I never felt called, attracted, or even pressured into veiling.

And I even grew up in a parish where I was exposed to veiling. It wasn’t necessarily the mainstream, but you could expect to see a few women and children wearing veils at Mass.

But then something changed.

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Good Stewardship: How to Take Care of Your Faith

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Why did God make me?

God made me to know, love, and serve him in this life, in order to be happy with him in the next life.

The most important thing in our life is our faith in God. The further we stray from our purpose in life, the less we will find happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

God created us for him.

We find ourselves in responding to him.

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Good Stewardship: How to Take Care of the World

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Take care of the world you live in.

No, I’m not going to go on some sort of global warming, overpopulation, save the ocean tirade.

I don’t even think we have a “responsibility” to the earth.

However, I feel very strongly that we have a responsibility to God to take care of the world he has given us.

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Good Stewardship: How to Take Care of Your Things

My kids looked up from their game of Oregon Trail and asked, “Mom, how did the whole family fit all their stuff into one wagon when they moved?”

This was in stark contrast to our recent move: a whole van full of our furniture, toys, clothes, books (so many books!), gadgets – and then some.

How do we accumulate so much stuff?

And, how do we treat the stuff we accumulate?

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