Sainthood is for sinners

I’m a coward.

I read the lives of the saints and pray, “Lord, don’t let that be me.”

They met Jesus and Mary face-to-face in visions.  They have amazing gifts like prophecy and heroic virtue.  Some even bi-locate.  I’ll admit, I’m jealous of all the cool things that happened to them.

But to whom much is given, much is required.  Continue reading “Sainthood is for sinners”

The garden of my soul #mymasstakeaway

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The good old parable of the sower.  God is, of course, the sower.  And today my pastor emphasized that there’s nothing wrong with the seed.  God sows the same seed – His Word, His Truth, the Good News of Salvation in His Son Jesus.  The same seed is sown in every heart.

There’s nothing wrong with the seed.  The problem is with the ground.  The problem is me.  I’m the four types of soil.  Not just one or two of them.  All of them.

Sometimes I’m the good soil.  Other times I’m the bad soil.  Sometimes I open my heart to receive God’s word fully, embrace it and live it.  Other times I’m too shallow to let the Word take root and grow in my life.

Often, I’m the thorny ground.  God’s word gets choked out of my life by other concerns.  I’m too busy thinking about chores and playdates to bother paying attention at Mass.  I’m too busy exercising and doing my hair to say morning prayers.  I’m distracted by Facebook and I skip the Rosary.  God is still there in my life, but I don’t let Him have first place.  I don’t let Him take priority.  I crowd the garden with weeds.

I’m also the footpath.  The hard packed ground that can’t grow much.  I don’t have the depth or the richness of soil to flourish.  These are the times when I hear God’s Word but don’t understand.  Like today’s second reading.  I have no clue what St. Paul was talking about.  I don’t have the background or the education to decipher the message.  If I want to understand, I need to go deeper.  I need to grow richer in wisdom and knowledge of the things of God.

And I’m the rocky soil too.  Who doesn’t clear their field of rocks before trying to grow something?  Me, that’s who.  Because I’m lazy.  Undisciplined.  Digging rocks and hauling them away is hard work.  I’d rather leave them there.  I’d rather not do the hard work it takes to remove sin from my life.  My soul is so rocky.

Sometimes, by the grace of God, I’m the fertile soil.  I’m on fire with zeal.  I put my priorities in line.  I pray and receive God’s inspiration and act on it.  God works in my life in a big way.  And there’s peace and joy and right order.  The seed grows and blossoms and produces fruit.

I want to be the good soil all the time.  So I need to make some changes to the ground that is my soul.  I need to get rid of the things holding me back from producing fruit.

I can start by uprooting the weeds and the thorns.  I can get rid of distractions and make more room for God.  Pinterest can go.  Twitter can go.  Facebook can be cut way down.  I can spend more time doing spiritual reading and less time on frivolous novels.  More time in nature and less time in front of screens.  More time in chapel and less entertaining myself.  By weeding out the things of the world, I’ll make more room for the things of God to grow.

I can till up the footpath.  I can dig for Catholic speakers and writers to help grow my spiritual knowledge base.  I can shake up the packed down dirt and replace it with fresh new dirt.  Open my heart and make room for God’s inspiration.  I’ll start with Today’s second reading.  If anyone has enlightening posts to share, please do!  Otherwise, I’ll be hitting the Google search bar tonight.

And finally, I can muscle down and haul the rocks away.  I can roll up my sleeves and do the heavy lifting of removing sin from my life.  I’ve been doing this in a big way with the Virtue Challenge Team, and I plan to keep hauling.  I might need a wheelbarrow.  Or a tractor.  Or a backhoe.  I might need to ask for help from a trusted friend, or spiritual advisor.  I’d be honored if you’d join me!  And we can clear our fields together.  It’s not easy work, but the fruit it will yield is so worth it.

The path to holiness is not a one-time thing.  It’s a lifelong journey.  No matter how well I weed the field, something unwelcome is bound to grow back up.  I may till the ground and bring in new dirt.  But as I keep walking along, the path will get trodden down again.  I live in Connecticut, so from experience I know that no matter how many rocks I take away, there’ll be more rocks appearing in no time.

I know I’ll be continually working on the state of my soul.  I’ll have some areas of fertile ground and other areas that need work.  My prayer today is that God keeps my hand to the plow.  That I can remain faithful to the upkeep of the garden of my soul.  That I can make sure my soil is as ready as possible to receive God’s Word, let it take root, grow tall and strong.

That my life will produce great fruit.

And that yours will too.


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An extrovert learns to listen

This is a tale of three meditations.

A journey of learning to come out of my comfort zone.

It starts with me talking to my best friend.  And ends with me sitting at the feet of the wisest teacher, listening with undivided attention.

This is a glimpse into my less-than-perfect spiritual life.  An admission that I don’t have things all figured out.  An acceptance that I’m not a saint.  Just a saint-in-the-making.

These are my unfiltered prayers before Jesus, my Lord and my God. Continue reading “An extrovert learns to listen”

It’s our anniversary!

My husband and I are celebrating 7 years together.  So, as promised, I have something special to share with you…

Our wedding photos!

You don’t want to miss these photos.

From the moment I walked out of my parents’ house, for my teary-eyed dad to drive me to the wedding in his antique Mustang…

…to the moment my mom and mother-in-law crowned Mary as the new mother of our marriage…

…to the wedding party’s race on the beach complete with my special bridesmaid (my Grammie)…

…to the backyard reception where we fired up the grill and played badminton and volleyball…

So many incredible memories.

So much fun.

And I’m sharing our anniversary pictures, too, so you can see how our love has grown over the years.

Anniversary post 1 (1)
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5 ways to see Christ in a stranger

Jesus said, “What good is it to love your friend?  Even gangs members do that.”  Okay, He really said tax collectors… but I figured gang members would be a modern day equivalent of the cliché bad guy.

Jesus routinely calls us to do more than love our friends.  In Matthew 25 He tells us, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.”  We have to go beyond our comfort zone.  We have to have charity that’s wider than our social circles.  It doesn’t do us any good to only love the people we know.

We also have to love the stranger. Continue reading “5 ways to see Christ in a stranger”

Joy: the hidden gift I found in depression

I’m not a doctor or a therapist.  I can’t diagnose or treat depression.  I can only offer you encouragement and thoughts from my own personal experiences.   If you’re suffering from depression, please seek professional help (I highly recommend Pastoral Solutions Institute tele-counseling services).  If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 immediately.


It was hard for me to explain all the feelings I felt.

I tried to tell my husband I wasn’t unhappy.  But the tears and shouting that streamed from me every day said otherwise.  I was unhappy.  But I knew I shouldn’t be. Continue reading “Joy: the hidden gift I found in depression”

It would’ve been enough

A prayer modeled after the Dayenu: an ancient Passover prayer celebrating God’s blessings.

God my Father, in Your infinite Goodness You created me out of nothing.  You didn’t have to do that.  But You did it anyways, because You love me.  If You had created me and done nothing more, that would have been enough.

But in Your generosity, You did more.  You created this beautiful world and all things in it for my delight.  You filled it with incredible sights and sounds.  You gave me the changing seasons so I would never get bored. If you had done that and nothing more, it would have been enough.

But You didn’t stop there.  Continue reading “It would’ve been enough”

Mary: the perfect spouse of God the Holy Spirit

Mary is the perfect spouse of God the Holy Spirit.

Hail Mary, Spouse of God the Holy Spirit, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

Mary teaches me how to love You, God the Holy Spirit, as the perfect spouse, the perfect wife.

The love between a husband and wife is total giving paired with total receiving. It’s a life-giving gift embodied by the marital embrace.

This type of love parallels the Annunciation. You my God, sent Your angel messenger with a proposal for Mary. Will she be Your bride? The mother of Your Son? Unfettered by commitment to any man, Mary humbly accepts.

You, God the Holy Spirit, came upon her.  She conceived Jesus in her womb.

Mary’s love for You was truly a spousal love. Continue reading “Mary: the perfect spouse of God the Holy Spirit”

Mary: the perfect mother of God the Son

Mary is the perfect mother of God the Son.

Hail Mary mother of God the Son, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

Mary teaches me to have perfect love for You, Jesus, the Messiah, the Redeemer.

She first gave herself to love you totally with a vow of virginity. She didn’t let any other person come first in her life, so when the Messiah came she was ready to serve You alone. When the angel Gabriel appeared to announce Your Incarnation, Mary’s faith in Your ability to save mankind from our sins made her willing to believe the impossible. She, a virgin, would bear a Son.

She accepted this without hesitation. Continue reading “Mary: the perfect mother of God the Son”

Mary: the perfect daughter of God the Father

Mary is the perfect daughter of God the Father.  Part one of a series of three reflections on Mary’s love for the Holy Trinity.

I was in high school when I first heard a beautiful rendition of the Hail Mary that made my jaw drop in realization of how perfect Mary’s love for God is.

The Rosary started as usual.  Sign of the Cross.  The Creed.  Our Father.  But when we got to the three Hail Mary’s, the leader added something special:

  • Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father…
  • Hail Mary, mother of God the Son…
  • Hail Mary, spouse of God the Holy Spirit…

I was caught off guard.  My eyes were opened to the depth of the relationship between Mary and God.

This week, I want to share with you three meditations inspired by these three special prayers.

Today’s meditation reflects on Mary’s love as a daughter of God. Continue reading “Mary: the perfect daughter of God the Father”