A Prayer of Praise to the Holy Trinity

Today, my God, I don’t ask you for anything.  I just want to be with You and adore You in Your majesty.

God, You are beautiful in creation.

Your design is amazing.  From the intricate details of the tiniest bug to the great design of the entire universe, Your plan is incredible.

How did you think of so many beautiful things to fill such a blank canvas?  You are infinitely creative.

I am in awe of the greenness of every blade of grass in the spring and summer.  The irresistible crunch of every fallen leaf in the autumn.  The cold smooth hardness of ice in the winter.

Your beauty is in each sunset.  A different display of the warmth of Your love every day.

Your cool, calm reassurance is in each quiet gray day, while rain patters soothingly in a continuous drip on my windowsill.

You are the Artist.  Your hand swirls each color in the sunset, squeezes the drips out of the spongy clouds in the sky, balances each drop of dew on every delicate petal.

You are there.

I praise You, God the Father, in creation.

Father, You’re the Artist.  Your hand swirls each color in the sunset.  I praise You in creation.  Tweet this.

God, You are incredible in the Holy Eucharist.

You gave Your whole self to me on the Cross: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  You sacrificed Yourself to save me from my sins.

You give me the same gift of Yourself: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, to be my nourishing food in the Holy Eucharist.  You sacrifice Yourself to become a part of me.  You take me up to become a part of You.

You hold nothing back.  Your love is amazing.

You wait for me in the Tabernacle, day and night.  You long for me.  Help me long for You.

I praise You, God the Son, in the Eucharist.

Jesus, You hold nothing back.  Your love is amazing.  I praise You in the Eucharist.  Tweet this.

God, You are amazing in Your Presence within me.

You give me life.

You created me in Your image and likeness.  You give me the ability of rational thought like You.  You give me the ability to love like You.  You give me a deep longing for relationships with those around me and ultimately with You.

You infuse faith, hope and love within me.

You plant your gifts in my soul: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, fear of the Lord.  You cultivate these gifts.  You foster them and help them grow.

You bring me to live in grace, in the Spirit.  You live within me.

I praise You, God the Holy Spirit, in Your indwelling within me.

Holy Spirit, You bring me to life in grace.  You live within me.  I praise You in Your indwelling.  Tweet this.

God, You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You are the Blessed Trinity.

Your goodness, beauty and love surround me.

I praise You for who You are.  I praise You for what You do.  I praise You for all You have given me.

With all my strength, I offer You the gift of praise.  Amen.

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When Lent Punches You in the Gut

Hope for those with unexpected suffering this Lent.

You had a plan for Lent.

Whether you wanted to give up one thing for 40 days, or everything for 5 minutes at a time.  Perhaps you planned to break a sinful habit or take up daily spiritual reading.  Maybe you started small, or maybe you launched a heroic sacrifice.

And then Lent punched you in the gut. Continue reading “When Lent Punches You in the Gut”

Lent and Onions: for when you need a good cry

How Ash Wednesday and the Transfiguration point us toward heaven.  A reflection on  mortality and immortality.

Whenever I need an excuse for a good cry, I add onions to the menu.

While I prepare dinner, I take time to reflect on life’s toughest problems.  As I peel back the onion’s layers with my knife, I peel back the layers holding the sorrows in my heart.  My eyes sting from the pungent mince under my knife, and my sorrow surfaces with the tears.

My pain releases, and it doesn’t take long for the healing waters to wash over me and restore my heart.

By the time dinner is complete, the bitterness of both the onion and my sorrows will turn to savory sweetness.

This week, we enter into Lent – the bitter onion that often brings me to tears.  Continue reading “Lent and Onions: for when you need a good cry”

My Dear Friend, I Can’t Convert You

Only God can convert. My job is to evangelize.  A letter to a friend who doesn’t yet embrace the Faith, and a reflection for those who have friends and family whom they desperately want to see come home to the Church.  

My Dear Friend,

I can’t convert you.

But have you ever heard of Saul?

The early Christians were on fire with the Faith.  They taught about Jesus all the time and everywhere.

But Saul wasn’t buying it.

No, more than that.  Saul hated it. Continue reading “My Dear Friend, I Can’t Convert You”

Unite Your Suffering to Jesus: It’s Not a Waste of Time

*Your suffering is not a waste of time.  Unite it to Jesus’ suffering on the cross, and reciprocate His love!  I wrote this when I was down with a knock-out virus.  But I dedicate this revision to all those who are suffering any kind of illness or cross, and especially the elderly as they suffer the pains of failing health.  This reflection was read at the bedside of my dying Grandfather, and is dear to my heart.

I had our vacation week planned to the minute.

My husband is home from work, the kids are home from school, and we were GOING to have some quality family time. Continue reading “Unite Your Suffering to Jesus: It’s Not a Waste of Time”

What I Learned From a Brush With Death

Remember to live for Heaven, because death will come like a thief in the night. 

I’ve never been so close to death.

The car was silent.  My kids were sound asleep, safely strapped into their 5-point carseats. I swung my car around and backed it between the two white lines up to the curb and the grassy divider.

I turned the car off and hopped down from the grey cloth driver’s seat onto the hard black asphalt.  I side-stepped around the car and up onto the divider to open the back hatch, quickly removed the stroller, and hustled back around the car to release my kids from their restraints.

I opened the back door and climbed into the car to unbuckle my one-year old.

Suddenly the furious screeching of brakes and the squealing crunch of metal against metal shattered the silence. Continue reading “What I Learned From a Brush With Death”

A Reflection on the Quiet Years of Jesus’ Life

The Quiet Years: a guide to embracing the ordinary.

In a world of information and connection, we can be tempted to share every detail of every moment of our children’s lives.

The adorable thing they said.

The Lego they built.

The meal they ate (or refused to eat) for lunch.

Since every moment is precious and important, we feel we must shout it out loud for all the world to know.

The Quiet Years

But Your childhood, Jesus, is in stark contrast to this attitude.  The first 30 years of Your life were the quiet years. Continue reading “A Reflection on the Quiet Years of Jesus’ Life”

How to See God’s Message

When you can’t hear God’s words, look for them instead.

Lord Jesus, I struggle to know what You’re saying to me when I can’t hear Your voice.

I close my eyes.  I take a deep breathe.  I’m listening.


I don’t hear anything.  But in my mind’s eye I see something. Continue reading “How to See God’s Message”

When You Have Nothing Left to Give, Be the Gift

Give the gift of yourself like God does in the Incarnation, on the Cross, in the Eucharist.

It started with a gentle tug on my sheets and a soft whisper in my ear:

“Mom, my belly hurts.”

Those words had the power to throw me out of bed.  I quickly scooped my 3yo daughter into my arms and made a stumbling dash into the bathroom. Continue reading “When You Have Nothing Left to Give, Be the Gift”