Catholic Trivia: Sacred Art

Today, we’re going to test your knowledge about sacred art with 10 Catholic Trivia questions!!

The Catholic Church has a rich tradition of Sacred Art.

What is art? Why is Sacred art not idolatry? Who is responsible for the promotion of Sacred Art?

Learn all this and more in this round of Catholic Trivia: Sacred Art.

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Catholic Trivia: Sacramentals {Interactive Quiz}

Sacraments and Sacramentals are not the same thing.

The 7 Sacraments are instituted by Christ to confer his grace to the members of the Catholic Church.

Sacramentals are something different – though related to the Sacraments!

Today, we’re going to test your knowledge about sacramentals with 10 Catholic Trivia questions!!

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How Many of These Catholic Saints Can You Name?

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We’re getting ready to celebrate All Saints Day coming up soon (November 1st) so now is the perfect time to learn a little bit about some favorite Saints!

But first…

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Catholic Trivia – Education

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Since we’re all getting back into the swing of the school routine, I thought we’d do a fun Catholic Trivia theme of education!

The most important aspect of education is that we learn our faith – so most of the questions will center around education in the faith.

But a few of them are a little more all-encompassing.

I am super passionate about this topic, so I hope you love learning a few new things with me!

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Catholic Trivia – Immaculate Mary

In Catholic devotion, August is the month devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

During August, we celebrate the feast days of some Saints who had beautiful devotions to Immaculate Mary – such as St. Dominic and St. Maximilian Kolbe, among others.

We also encounter some of the best Marian feast days – the Assumption of Mary, and the feast of her Queenship.

It’s only fitting that this August, our entire Trivia theme is devoted to her.

Are you ready to test your knowledge about Immaculate Mary, our mother and our queen?

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Catholic Trivia: Healing in the Catholic Church

We play Catholic Trivia over on Instagram each month. These are the questions and answers to this month’s #4thFridayTrivia game.

My eczema was flaring up again.

The skin on my fingertips was raw and open. It itched and burned and oozed. Strangers were afraid to shake my hand.

It was hard to take care of my family. I couldn’t open jars or tie shoes or even change my baby’s diaper. Washing my hair made me cry.

The constant pain was exhausting.

One day my mom, with her true mother’s heart, said to me, “I wish I could take this pain away from you.”

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