How to Start Your Catholic Homeschool in 2020

This year brings a lot of change when it comes to schooling options!

More than ever before, Catholic families are considering the idea of homeschooling.

Whether your brand-new to homeschooling, or a pro by now, each year brings new challenges, new questions, and room for growth and new ideas.

One of the best ways to learn how to homeschool is by finding out how other homeschoolers are approaching it, and learning from them!

Today I’d love to answer some frequently asked questions about how we are doing homeschooling in our house this year, and hopefully it will spark some ideas for your own homeschool endeavors.

Every family is different, so I don’t expect your homeschool to look exactly like ours (or anything like it), but I hope these ideas give you a starting place to build your own curriculum and establish your own routines.

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Catholic Trivia: the Sacraments

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Today, we’re going to test your knowledge about the 7 Sacraments with 10 Catholic Trivia questions!!

The Sacraments are the means by which we receive God’s grace.

They’re super important to the faith life of a Catholic Christian!

How much do you know about how the Sacraments work, how they were instituted, and the details about each Sacrament?

Learn all this and more in this round of Catholic Trivia: the Sacraments.

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When Catholics Don’t Act Like Christians

I once had a protestant friend tell me, “You’re the first Catholic I’ve known that actually lives a Christian lifestyle.”

I was really taken aback.

It’s heartbreaking to me to think that so many Catholics profess the faith but aren’t living it out.

We’re all called to be witnesses to Christ.
We’re called to be in the world but not of it.

And that can be really really really difficult.

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Wear Your Faith on Your Sleeve: The Best Catholic T-Shirts

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You all know how much I love my Catholic t-shirt collection!

What better way to wear your faith on your sleeve than to literally wear your faith… on your sleeves?

I wear my Catholic t-shirts with anything from jeans to skirts. On messy-bun days, and on makeup days. (But not on Sundays! Sundays are fancy days!)

They are the perfect evangelization tool everywhere I go.

Today I wanted to tell you about some of my current favorite Catholic t-shirts.

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We Need a Little Joy Right Now

When this whole covid thing went down, I was one of those (perhaps slightly obnoxious) “living my best life” people.

I enjoyed having my husband home, slowing down, extra time for prayer, doing fun at-home projects with the kids.

Being without the Mass was hard (real hard) but we had Adoration in churches nearby!

But now, with things opening up again but *still* not being back to normal – I’m starting to feel worn down.

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Do You Struggle to See Beauty in the YOU that God Created?

I frowned at the mirror as I pinched the soft folds of my postpartum belly in my hands.

That mirror revealed so many imperfections.

The bags under my eyes, the acne on my skin, a frizzy mess of unwashed hair, and at least 15 pounds of extra weight.

I’ve struggled with my view of my body on and off throughout my life. Even when I’m fit and trim, my body is never perfect.

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Teaching Your Kids about the Latin Mass.

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I’ve fallen in love with the Latin Mass.

The first time I went was about a year and a half ago. I had heard about this “Latin Mass” thing for years, but never had the opportunity to go.

I thought it would be cool to see what it was all about.

It was more than cool.

It was incredibly moving. It grabbed hold of my heart and won’t let go.

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The Line We Draw In Our Hearts

While the kids watched a movie, my husband and I both took the opportunity to relax in our own preferred ways – he with a few episodes of his favorite show, me in a nice hot bath.

As I soaked in the tub, I heard the movie end and the kids begin to get rowdy.

I waited for a minute or two, hoping my husband would corral them and start the bedtime routine, but he didn’t.

So I got angry.

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