About Me

Hi, I’m Sara!  A Catholic wife, mathematician, former teacher, sometimes artist, and mom of 3 who loves the mystery of the Holy Eucharist.  When I visit Jesus in Adoration, I write my prayers down to help me stay focused… especially when I bring my kids with me.  They can crash my train of thought like a boulder on the railroad tracks.

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Anything can spark a meditation – the Mass readings, a spring flower, a winter stomach bug, the daily tasks of my vocation.  I enjoy searching for answers  in the Bible and Catechism, and digging for quotes from my favorite Saints.  Sitting cross-legged in the front of the Church, I pour my heart out to God like ink across my notebook page.

And then I bring it to you.  I’m here to open wide the doors of my heart and let you in on my joys, my struggles, my questions, and my life lessons.  I invite you to pray and reflect along with me.  Together, we can lift our mind and hearts to God, seeking to walk the path of holiness He sets before us.

I’m so glad to have you join me on this spiritual journey as we grow closer to Jesus together.

Please introduce yourself in the comments below, and don’t be shy to stop in and say “hi” on social media!

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Meet the family

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Here’s me with my husband.  He’s incredibly supportive of my vocation, my hobbies, and my dreams.  I’m grateful that he works tirelessly at his job so I can be a stay at home mom, pursuing this opportunity to evangelize through my blog.

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That’s my son, Hero.  He’s a fun-loving, high energy boy who seems to be good at every stinking thing he does.  He’s my hero, a gentleman, the man-of-the-house while his daddy is at work.


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My daughter Princess.  She’s sweet and shy.  My little twinny who loves her beauty sleep as much as I do.  Her heart is full of love, and my arms are full of her hugs.

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Here’s my youngest, Fawn.  She’s crazy from her hair down to her toes.  Her eyes are big and her personality is bigger.  She’s also so clumsy, the front of her clothes are perpetually dirt-stained.

Virtue Challenge

The monthly Virtue Challenge is a devotion that’s dear to my heart.  When I realized I was trying to do all-the-things… to perfect every virtue… root out every sin… I was overwhelmed with my lack of progress.  And then it hit me – hey, what if I focus on just one virtue each month?  And for a whole month, learn about that virtue, pray for it, practice it.  These challenges have helped me make real progress in my spiritual life.  To discover and remedy my weaknesses.  But I’m still far from perfect, so I’ll be repeating these challenges year after year.  I hope you will join me for the challenges, and for more support, get in on the Virtue Challenge Team group on Facebook.


Sunday is the Lord’s day… but how do we set it apart from every other day of the week?  Sometimes, just by going to Mass for an hour in the morning, then business as usual.  But I decided I want more.  I don’t want to walk away from Mass and forget the readings, the homily, the grace I’ve been given through God’s Word and His very Body.  I want to carry Him with me in my heart, truly devoting the day to loving Him. Join me every Sunday on Instagram or Facebook to read #MyMassTakeaway: a summary of the thoughts and reflections I bring home from Mass.  Use hashtag #MyMassTakeaway to join the conversation!

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My Mass Takeaway is inspired by Rosie Hill from A blog for my mom, and her #MySundayBest linkup.

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