First Communion Gifts for Boys that Put Christ First

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First Communion season is upon us!

First Holy Communion is the most special occasion in a kiddo’s life.

It’s always a challenge to find a great, unique gift for a special occasion. In my opinion, first Communion gifts should center on Christ – who is the real focus of the day.

If you’re searching for a gift that’s going to be perfect for your young man, and will remind him of the Real Presence and his call to holiness, I have some great ideas for you.

The Best Catholic Kids’ Bible

We have a whole collection of Bibles for kids.

When my kids become proficient at reading, they generally want more than the run-of-the-mill picture Bible. They want a REAL Bible, with all the books, all the stories, all the verses that they can look up.

A few years ago, I discovered this Bible, which is still my absolute favorite for kids.

It’s the complete Bible, with all the verses numbered just like mom and dad’s Bible, but in a translation that’s easier for young kids to read.

It leaves nothing out, but the sentences and structures and vocabulary are geared towards a child’s reading leve.

This Bible, The Catholic Children’s Bible by St. Mary’s Press, also includes multiple illustrated full-page spreads of some of the most popular stories and parables in the Bible.

I gifted this to my son on his First Holy Communion, and he loves it and picks it up to read it regularly.

A Masculine Rosary

Young boys don’t want a girly Rosary.

They want something that connects them with the strength and masculinity of a life of prayer.

In our family, we love the Rosaries from Our Ladys Armory. My husband has one that he carries in his pocket everywhere he goes, and prays on every day.

These rosaries are designed for men, by a man – making them truly masculine and appealing to the men in your life.

They are durable and rugged, and all of the Rosaries come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

My top recommendations from the shop are the paracord Rosaries, and the WWI replica Rosaries.

Blessed Sacrament Blocks

My kiddos have a great collection of Saint Blocks from Almond Rod Toys.

One of our favorites is the Blessed Sacrament Block, and this one makes a perfect gift for First Holy Communion!

Other great options include: Christ the King Block, or a block representing your child’s patron Saint (there are over 250 to choose from).

These blocks are so cute, fun to play with, and educational, too!

Great Spiritual Reading Options

Spiritual Reading is always a good option for a First Communion gift. Here are a few ideas that are centered around the Eucharist and Life in Christ.

Heavenly Hosts is an amazing book about Eucharistic Miracles. My son has read it front-to-back multiple times.

It’s a great resource to open kiddos’ eyes to the truth of the Real Presence, and the wonder and awe of the great gift of the Eucharist.

King of the Golden City is a fabulous classic allegory about the spiritual journey, and centered around the Eucharist.

I was pleased to discover this special edition for boys.

We have King of the Golden city both in print and audio book, and it’s one of our most read and listened to Catholic stories.

Another great option is My Path to Heaven. This book introduces children to the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius.

It has beautiful illustrations, and guided meditations and reflection questions that walk kids through some of the most important topics and truths of the Catholic Faith.

It’s a great book for Adoration or Holy Hour.

My Path to Heaven is available from Holy Heroes. Other great Holy Heroes gift options include:

A Crucifix

If your son doesn’t already have a Crucifix for his room or his desk, now is the perfect time to get him one!

I love this silhouette style standing Crucifix from Rough 2 Rustic that’s perfect for a desk, workspace, or bookshelf, and very affordable.

But I also think a Crucifix with a corpus on it (the Body of Christ) is important for hanging on the wall in your home. Here’s a beautiful maple Crucifix from Holy Art, that’s more expensive – but will become a lifelong treasured devotional item for your child.

Catholic Apparel

Apparel is always a fun gift option for kiddos. Here are some Eucharist-themed Apparel options for your son on his First Communion day.

This monstrance shirt from Pycnocline is a great choice. The t-shirts from Pycnocline are hand dyed, with a unique bleach-dye process. They’re pre-shrunk, and of high quality.

My son has the Chi-Rho tee from this shop, and he wears it frequently!

Other fun Catholic apparel options include:


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