The Perfect First Communion Outfit for Your Daughter

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It’s first Communion Season! And you want your daughter to have the most special day when she receives Our Lord for the first time.

The outfit is not the most important part of the day, but it *is* important!

Your daughter should feel like a beautiful bride when she goes to meet Jesus the Bridegroom.

Here are my suggestions for a beautiful First Communion outfit, complete with veil and accessories, for your sweet little princess.

Find the Perfect First Communion Dress

The dress has to be modest – which interestingly enough, can be tough to find!

When I searched for my daughter’s first communion dress, I kept coming up against spaghetti straps, mini-skirt lengths, and backless dresses that were a big fat no.

So we spent a while sifting through options and adding keywords like “cap sleeves” and “floor length.”

We finally found her perfect dress on Etsy.

I had searched for both First Communion dresses and flower girl dresses and came across this one that my daughter fell in love with:

She loved the lace overlay, the soft feel, and the cap sleeves.

Here is a link to this Off-White Boho First Communion dress on Etsy, and if you scroll down, you can find suggestions for similar dresses based on this find.

Add a Veil for Reverence

Many (most?) girls wear a veil to their First Holy Communion.

The tradition of veiling comes from the Old Testament, when God instructed Moses to build a Sanctuary, and within the Sanctuary: the Holy of Holies, wherein God would meet with Moses.

The Holy of Holies was separated from the rest of the Sanctuary by a veil.

So the veil became a symbol of the place where God dwells, where he is really present.

That’s why you’ll often see Tabernacles covered with a veil – because Jesus is really present there in the Eucharist.

And that’s why Mama Mary is depicted wearing a veil – because she carried Jesus within her.

And that’s why girls and women sometimes wear veils at Mass, and why girls especially wear a veil on their First Holy Communion day.

Many girls wear a veil that resembles a bride on her wedding day.

But I wanted to gift my daughter a chapel veil that she would wear for the first time on her First Holy Communion day, but then would be hers to wear at every Mass afterwards, if she chose to.

Here is the veil my daughter wore:

Unfortunately, I lost the link to this exact veil!

But here is a similar veil from Veils and Mantillas.

And here is an option from Veils By Lily, where you can find a wide selection of beautiful chapel veils.

Make sure you order a sewn-in clip, to keep the veil secure on her head, without your daughter worrying or playing with it throughout Mass.

Layers for When it’s Chilly

We originally bought the dress and veil when we thought we would have a summer First Holy Communion, but it was postponed until the fall – when things got a little chilly.

So, our short-sleeves dress needed a little warming up.

We found this bolero on Amazon, with a lace style that matched the style and feel of the dress and veil we already had.

Here’s an Amazon affiliate link for the same bolero, available in white or ivory.

We also opted to go with cozy sweater tights – because nothing’s worse than chilly legs under a beautiful dress!

Gift Her a Keepsake First Communion Necklace

I still have my First Communion Necklace, and even wear it sometimes.

I wanted my daughter to have something special to wear on her First Communion Day, and to treasure and wear from time to time throughout her life.

Here are two beautiful First Communion Necklaces we found:

The first (left) option is a Monstrance necklace from Madonna Rose Designs. She sent this as a gift for my daughter in exchange for photos and an honest review.

My daughter chose to wear this one on her First Holy Communion Day, since she wore gold-colored flats, and it tied the outfit all together.

It was very lightweight, and a nice affordable option!

The second (right) option is a Miraculous Medal necklace, with dangle bead, from Della Madonna Rosaries. She sent this as a gift for my daughter in exchange for photos and an honest review.

This necklace is specifically designed to be a First Communion keepsake.

It’s sterling silver, and the dangle is optional – but I chose a white one to remind my daughter of her beautiful white outfit on her special day.

Tie it all together with Ballerina flats

My daughter loves dressing up in heels, but on her special day, she wanted to make sure she was comfy – and had no chance of tripping and being embarrassed as she made her First Communion!

So she went with ballerina flats for shoes.

I made the same choice on my wedding day!

Here are some cute ballerina flats I found on Amazon – available in gold or silver, if you want her shoes to match her necklace, or in white if you want them to match her dress.

When shopping through all these links, please notice that we weren’t too particular about matching our shades of white, so if that’s important to you, pay close attention when ordering various pieces in your daughter’s outfit.

Make sure to prioritize the Sacrament, not the Outfit!

I know this post is all about the perfect First Communion outfit, but that’s only one small part of the prep for this important day.

The most important thing is to keep in mind that your daughter is receiving Jesus: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, for the first time today.

Focus on the Real Presence, and the rest is just icing on the cake.


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