Discover Your New Sunday Best from Marie Zelie!

This post is sponsored by Marie Zelie, who sent me an outfit in exchange for an honest review.

You know how much I love my jeans and Catholic-tees for daily, around the house wear.

But I also jump at any opportunity to get dressed up and fancy! I love putting together an outfit for a date night out with my husband, a feast day party, and especially for Sunday Mass.

Often though, even my dressy clothes are second-hand. They’re good enough for daily Mass, or ladies-night-out, but the well loved wear and use is evident.

That’s why I’m so excited to have a brand new outfit dedicated to dressing up for Jesus! My Sunday best just got a much needed update.

Marie Zelie sent me a blouse and skirt that make me feel beautiful, feminine, and classy.

Wait till you discover how comfy this brand is!

Classic, Feminine, High Quality Clothing

Marie Zelie is dedicated to making high quality, quintessentially feminine clothing.

Some fast fashion “dress clothes” feel to me like they’ll rip, pull, or be ruined at the wrong move – which is not ideal when you’re a mom with young kiddos climbing all over you!

But this brand is well-made as well as beautiful.

As soon as I put my Marie Zelie skirt and blouse on, I was in love with the feel and texture of the fabric. They are so soft, and they swirl elegantly when I walk.

Yes, I’m wearing my “fancy” crocs today 😉

Let me tell you about the pieces I chose!

The Farin Skirt from Marie Zelie

The Farin skirt (in black) is an elastic-waist circle skirt, that when I wear at my waist, falls below the knee. It sways and swirls when I walk, making me feel graceful.

My daughters frequently request a twirl so they can see how the skirt waves and flows on the breeze.

The Kordelia Blouse from Marie Zelie

I paired it with the Kordelia blouse in baby pink.

This blouse has a relaxed fit that’s flattering to the bodily changes that come along with motherhood (soft tummy! teacher arms!) I was a little worried about the boatneck on my narrow shoulders, but I ended up with the perfect fit, and have had no problems with the wardrobe malfunctions that sometimes come along with the “flying sleeve” style shirts.

The blouse, though a loose style, is from from baggy – it’s shaped perfectly to complement the feminine silhouette, rather than overpower it.

Outfits You Don’t Want to Miss!

I could spend hours browsing the Marie Zelie site and all the beautiful outfits and fabric options.

And I know that I would be satisfied with the quality and fit of the pieces you can find there.

They have so many beautiful skirt options: everything from pencil to twirl, from viscose to wool!

You can pair them with the perfect shirt, whether you like the fitted + flowy combo (try the Ribolla top), or extra fancy touches like ruffled sleeves (try the Donata) and tie accents (try the Emilia).

If you are more of a dress than skirt and blouse fan, you will find so many styles to fall in love with!

I have my eye on some of the elegant floral patterns as the perfect option for an Easter dress (search the Milena and Hypatia dresses to see just what I mean).

Get a Discount When You Shop Marie Zelie!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, high-quality, graceful outfit for your Sunday Best, Easter Mass, or any other fancy dress-up needs, go check out what’s new at Marie Zelie.

Make sure you look up European sizing before you order!

I compared the website measurements with the sizing comparison on clothing tags in my closet, and ended up with the perfect fit for my outfit.

You can use my coupon code SaraE10 to get a discount on your order at Marie Zelie if you check out before May 31, 2021.

Swipe through this slideshow to see more photos of my outfit!

3 thoughts on “Discover Your New Sunday Best from Marie Zelie!

  1. This outfit is perfect. I love a good black skirt, especially! Thanks for telling us all about Marie Zelie (how awesome is that name for a company making women’s clothing??!!) and congrats on this fabulous discovery! I and my 2 teen daughters will be sure to check them out.


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