21 Best Resources for Family Rosary Time: Books, Tools, and Toys

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“Pray the Rosary every day” – Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia.

My kiddos know the importance of the daily Rosary. They even remind us to do the family Rosary on busy days when it almost escapes us!

But that doesn’t mean they sit still like perfect angels for the duration of Rosary time.

We have an entire collection of tools and toys to help make Rosary time quiet, peaceful, and prayerful.

Let’s start with ideas for babies and toddlers, and work our way up through the ages and stages!

Rosary Time with Chewy Babies

Newborns are easy during Rosary time – just snuggle them and feed them, and they will be peaceful…

But be careful not to be so peaceful you fall asleep!

When the babies get to crawling and chewing and grabbing everything, here are some ideas for including them in Rosary time!

Rosary Teethers

I love these adorable rosary teethers by Glory Design.

There are some that are a Rosary Rattle, with a few wooden rings and a circle of beads for baby to shake and clack together.

And others that are a super soft set of crocheted Hail Marys on a wooden ring.

Chew-on Rosaries

Babies always LOVE to grab and chew on Rosaries.

As a mom, this can be nervewracking – I’m always worried my kiddos will break the beads and choke on them!

I certainly don’t want my babies chewing on my favorite Rosary.

Fortunately, there are several Catholic companies who make Rosaries that are safe for babies to chew on – no worries about broken beads and choking hazards.

Chews Life Shop

Chews Life Shop makes amazing silicone Rosaries – and lots of other chewable Catholic jewelry for moms with babies in tow.

You can buy these Rosaries for yourself to pray on while your baby grabs and chews, or buy them especially for your baby and toddler.

Little Praying Hands

Little Praying Hands is another great resource for silicone Rosaries.

Her Rosary Ring Chews are unique and would be amazing for little teething babies.

She also has options for decade Rosaries, and full sized Rosaries with a gorgeous Rose center bead my 5 year old daughter is in love with.

Rosary Time with Busy Preschoolers

My toddlers and preschoolers are the busiest of the bunch!

They’re at an age when they talk and move nonstop. This is a good thing!! And instead of trying to squash this during Rosary time, we just try to redirect it!

Cozy Rosary

The Cozy Rosary is a super soft blanket with a one-decade Rosary printed on it.

We lay this blanket out on the floor, and the toddlers and preschoolers love to step from bead to bead, repeating Hail Marys one beat behind the rest of the family.

It keeps them focused and moving, for at least a full decade!

Use coupon code SINCERELY for 20% off a Cozy Rosary for your kiddos!

Crochet Rosary Roses

A friend of mine crocheted a set of roses for my kiddos – 10 Hail Marys and one Our Father – out of her yarn scraps.

It’s one of our favorite Rosary tools!

My toddler has invented a little Rosary basketball game in which he tosses one Rose at a time into a decorative basket in our living room while we pray.

Then he dumps it out and starts again.

It’s his own sweet little way of honoring Mary!

My slightly older preschooler loves counting the Our Father and Hail Marys by dumping the roses on the floor, then collecting them and putting them back in the storage bag one at a time while we say each prayer.

I found crocheted Rosary roses on Etsy so you can try them out for your active kiddos, too!

Coloring Rosary

Holy Heroes has a set of “Life of Jesus” coloring books.

Since the Rosary is a meditation on the life of Jesus, these are perfect to go along with the mysteries of the Rosary.

My busy toddlers (and my preschoolers, too!) always love coloring during the Rosary.

It’s a great way for them to practice meditating on the mysteries!

Chews Life also has a bunch of free printable coloring pages for the Rosary!

From Chews Life:

And here are some of my other favorite Rosary coloring resources you can buy!

When my bigger kids color during the Rosary, I let them use Mom’s special colored pencils!

Rosary Time with Non-Readers

I have a couple early elementary, non-reader kiddos.

They’re past the constant movement stage, but not quite ready for Rosary prayer books that require reading.

There are some fun and creative options for kids in this transition zone!

Rosary Paper Doll Lapbooks

I made this Rosary Paper Doll Lapbook especially for my non-readers who wanted their own special Rosary book.

They wanted to be able to follow along, without missing out on reading the story that went along with the pictures in many books.

So this Rosary lapbook includes beads to count the prayers, and a paper doll prayer book.

The prayer book includes background scenes for each decade, all with a special interactive feature. There are paper dolls included to act out the mysteries in the prayer booklet.

My kiddos love praying along at family Rosary time with their paper doll lapbooks!

Currently, only the Joyful Mysteries are available – but I’m working on the rest and hope to have them in my Etsy shop soon!

Bead-by-Bead Rosary Books from Holy Heroes

These are on my wishlist!

These Bead-by-Bead Rosary books are centered around helping your littles learn to follow along with the Rosary.

There is a single page and illustration dedicated to each bead.

The pictures show the kids a scene from the Rosary, and which Rosary bead they are on.

There are words on the pages, but I think this is the perfect resource for non-readers!

You can get the full set of bead-by-bead Rosary Prayer Books from Holy Heroes!

Almond Rod Toys Rosary Blocks

AlmondRod Toys is one of my favorite resources for hands-on holy play!

We have a collection of Saint Blocks from this shop.

But one thing I’ve had my eye on is their Rosary Blocks! They sell them as a full set, or as separate sets for each of the mysteries.

My girls love lining up their Saint blocks and imagining stories for them, and I know they’ll love to do the same with these Rosary Blocks!

Illustrated Rosary Prayer Cards

I bought these Illustrated Rosary Prayer Cards for my kids, and I love them just as much as they do.

Each card features a sweet and simple illustration of one of the mysteries of the Rosary.

And all the cards are laminated and collected on a ring so they don’t get lost!

The Illustrated Rosary Cards have been updated since I bought them.

Now they are color coded, include the numbers and names of the mysteries, and a quick Scripture verse to go with the mystery.

I love them more than ever!

Rosary Time with Older Kiddos (Readers)

Finally, I have kiddos who are big enough to sit still for longer periods of time, and are able to read and follow along with traditional Rosary meditation books and resources!

Here are my fave Rosary books and tools for older Elementary Kids.

Mysteries of the Rosary Window Clings

Now that we’re saying 5 decades a day, my big kids like to follow the standard “Rosary Schedule.”

We have these beautiful Rosary window clings from Telos Art shop to help us remember the names of all the mysteries, and which to say on which days!

You can also get them as Magnets!

A Page a Decade Books

The St. Joseph’s Picture Book Rosary booklet is a classic favorite. It has beautiful illustrations for the Rosary, and meditations for each mystery. This updated version also includes the Luminous Mysteries.

I Pray the Rosary is cute for early readers. It has bright illustrations and a little summary of the mystery.

A Rosary Comic Book!

The Rosary Comic Book is a big hit with my 9 year old boy. It has a comic book style illustration for each prayer bead, and just the right amount of text for early readers to get through.

The Illuminated Rosary

The Illuminated Rosary Book for Kids and Their Families is a high quality collection of Rosary Books for kids and families.

It includes classic and contemporary Sacred Art on every page, with the full text of the Rosary prayers printed out, too. This collection is a treasure for kids and adults!

The Rosary Album

This Rosary Album is by far my favorite (traditional*) Rosary resource.

*no Luminous Mysteries

It’s the one I used growing up. I have copies that were passed on to me from our own family Rosary time as a kid, and I treasure them.

This Rosary booklet includes one gorgeously illustrated image for each bead. The image is surrounded by small print words of the Hail Mary, and has a string of beads on the bottom, showing you which bead you’re on.

It includes a Scripture verse for each bead, too.

The Hail Mary and Glory Be illustrations are the most stunning parts of this book – they’re filled with rich meaning and symbolism, and can help you meditate over and over.

This book also features the “fruit of the mystery” to pray for, and includes the Litany of Mary throughout the book.

Unfortunately, any reprint copies I have purchased on Amazon have not been as high quality as the originals I treasure from the past.

But I found them available from another source: Angelus Press, and I hope they will be the same high quality books as the originals!!

Rosary Time on the Go

Though we do our best to dedicate after dinner time to praying the Rosary as a family, together in our living room, before our prayer shrine…

Sometimes in our busy life we find ourselves on the go!

Whenever we’re out and about, and anticipate either not being home, or being home and dead-tired at our regular Rosary time, we like to say the Rosary on-the-go.

Holy Heroes Rosary CDs

Holy Heroes has these amazing Rosary CDs.

They’re a Scriptural Rosary, so it’s longer than a regular Rosary. Before each Hail Mary, a Scripture verse is read.

And then the adorable Holy Heroes kiddos lead and respond with the Rosary prayers.

There’s also a brief meditation and telling the basic story of the Mystery before each Our Father.

On long car rides, these Rosary CDs are a great way to keep the kiddos attentive to the Rosary, and help them dive into the practice of meditation!

If you use the Rosary CDs from Holy Heroes at home, you can also try out these supplemental Life of Jesus Rosary coloring books!

Audio Rosary from Chews Life

Chews Life offers a free downloadable Audio Rosary

Rosary Pouches

Encourage your kiddos to keep the Rosary close everywhere they go!

These Rosary pouches are perfect for a backpack, purse, or jacket zipper. Then your child will have a Rosary on hand whenever they want to pray one!

The shop: A Pod and her Peas, has so many Rosary pouch designs – many that would be great for Mom’s purse, too!

Other Rosary Resources You’ll Love!

Here is a collection of other Rosary Resources to try with your kids!


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