How to Pray the Family Rosary with Young Kids

This post is sponsored by the Shop Fiat to Halo who sent me a Cozy Rosary to try out, and share with you!

What’s the best way to start praying the Rosary when you’re a family with young kiddos?

Just begin.

The more you pray the daily Rosary, the easier it will become.

Build the Rosary into your routine and persevere until it becomes an indispensable part of your daily life.

It may be tough at first, but the graces are well worth the struggle.

Here are my 5 tips for praying a family Rosary with young kiddos in the mix!

1. Pick a Time

The best time for family Rosary is a time when your family is regularly gathered all together.

If your family doesn’t have a time like that, then take a serious look at your schedule, and begin to make family time a priority.

What times are good for praying the Rosary as a family?

Any time!

It could be in the morning, after breakfast.

Maybe on the daily car ride to school, activities, or Mass.

If you can find a time when both spouses and all kids are home together, that would be for the best.

In our family, Rosary time is after dinner and “checklist” (family chores) but before the bedtime routine.

This works perfectly for us, because Daddy is home from work, bellies are full, and the Rosary is the perfect transition into a calm evening.

Try to stick to your designated Rosary time as faithfully as possible, so that the Rosary habit will stick more securely.

2. Pick a Place

It’s good to have a designated place to regularly pray the Rosary.

In our home, we pray the Rosary in the living room, where our home shrine is.

Some families kneel together in front of a Crucifix for the Rosary

Other families light candles on a special prayer table.

I’ve seen pictures of families gathered around the kitchen table.

Some families even have a special room designated as a home chapel or prayer room, which I think is wonderful!

Our family usually snuggles up together on the couch, or on the floor near the couch, in front of our living room shrine.

The shrine is covered with religious art – including candles, a Crucifix, a statue of Mary, and other seasonal liturgical items – to help us enter into a prayerful atmosphere.

Make your prayer space beautiful and reverent!

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

A simple tablecloth, small statue, and candle (even battery operated – if you have real young kiddos) can come together to be a special prayer space in your home.

As often as possible, go to your prayer space for family Rosary time, as well as any other times of family or personal prayer.

3. Establish a Calming Routine

The Rosary is a calm and meditative prayer.

This can sound daunting and impossible with kiddos, and it may take a while for them to establish the routine and ability to sit still for an extended period of time (more on that in a minute).

But you CAN help foster a calm Rosary time, with a calming routine!

You may try lighting a candle and dimming the lights.

In our family, once everyone is gathered, we take a few deep calming breaths.

Then we spend a minute or two in silence, “listening to the Holy Spirit.”

After that, we share what the Holy Spirit has placed on our hearts, as well as our own personal prayer intentions.

And finally, we make the Sign of the Cross and begin.

This may seem like a long, drawn-out process just to get the Rosary started, but we have found that it goes a long way toward settling down the wiggly kiddo limbs, and creating a more peaceful prayer atmosphere.

You know your kids best, and what types of routines help them slow down to sit for meals, focus on school work, or go to bed at night.

Use similar strategies to help your kids slow down to sit for the daily family Rosary!

4. Set Age Appropriate Expectations

God didn’t make 2 year old boys to sit still. He made them to wiggle and dance and jump and sing and be full of life and energy!

Getting our kids to sit still can be an epic struggle – and struggles like this can turn the Rosary into a frustrating task, rather than a time of prayer.

It’s okay to have different expectations for different kiddos at different ages.

Maybe your littles are only required to stay for one decade of the Rosary, and then they may run off and play while the big kids finish up with mom and dad.

Or, you might find it helpful to have holy toys and Rosary manipulatives (I’ll have a whole post coming out on these soon!) to keep your little kids’ hands busy, while your big kids learn to sit still and run the beads through their fingers.

Some kids might be able to say the prayers out loud while they count and meditate, but others might be able to do only one of these things at a time.

Our kiddos generally pray with a slight time-lag as they follow along and learn all the words of the prayers.

Be flexible with your expectations for your children as they learn how to pray.

When you encounter difficulties, adjust to your family’s needs.

Early on in our daily Rosary journey, we ran into difficulty when attempting to say 5 full decades – so we cut it back to only one decade a day.

We are beginning to transition back to 5, now that we have bigger elementary aged kids who can count the beads, take turns leading, and sit (relatively) still during prayer time.

Your kids don’t need to look and act like statues during Rosary time.

What they need is to experience a loving relationship with Jesus, through prayer.

And that can be achieved by creating a warm, calm, peaceful atmosphere, in which your kids are free to pray in their own way (with reasonable limits).

5. Check out the Cozy Rosary from Shop Fiat to Halo!

Paige from Fiat to Halo recently sent me a wonderful Cozy Rosary for my littlest kiddos, and it is the most wonderful addition to our family Rosary time.

The Cozy Rosary is a (super soft) blanket, printed with a one-decade Rosary.

At Rosary time, my kiddos often spread their beloved Cozy Rosary on the living room floor.

When we make the Sign of the Cross, they fold their prayer hands and step carefully from bead to bead.

Every night, they look forward to praying with their Cozy Rosary.

I’ve even found them praying extra decades during the day, tiptoeing around the blanket while they whisper Hail Mary’s.

Other times, I find them snuggled up in the Cozy Rosary blanket at Mama Mary’s feet.

The Cozy Rosary comes in two options:

  • blue, St. Benedict Cozy Rosary
  • pink, Emmeline Roses Cozy Rosary

The Cozy Rosary would make a perfect gift for Christmas, Baptisms, Birthdays, First Holy Communion, or other special occasions!

Click through my link, or use coupon code Sincerely to get 20% off a Cozy Rosary for your kiddos!

(Discount taken from full price of the product, and cannot be applied with any other shop sales, coupons, or offers. Coupon has no expiry date.)

I am so grateful to Paige from Fiat to Halo for sharing her Cozy Rosary with me and my kiddos, and for sponsoring this post to help you start praying the family Rosary with young kiddos!


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