Teaching Your Kids about the Latin Mass.

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I’ve fallen in love with the Latin Mass.

The first time I went was about a year and a half ago. I had heard about this “Latin Mass” thing for years, but never had the opportunity to go.

I thought it would be cool to see what it was all about.

It was more than cool.

It was incredibly moving. It grabbed hold of my heart and won’t let go.

We found a Latin Mass in our area and began attending from time to time. Which grew into every other Sunday (alternating with the English Mass). Which grew into every Sunday. Which grew into every Sunday plus all the special Holy Day Masses we can get to.

As much as my husband and I fell in love with the Latin Mass right away, the kids were a little slower to catch on.

  • What is this?
  • I don’t understand it?
  • What’s happening now?

To begin with, I want to say: the more we bring the kids to the Latin Mass, the more familiar they become with it.

That’s the single best way to teach them.

However, it has been helpful to have a range of books to read at home, and missals to follow along at Mass, to help us familiarize the kids (and ourselves) with the behind the scenes of the Mass.

So we’ve been gathering a collection of teaching materials to help them grow in familiarity and love of the Latin Mass.

I know they can be hard to find, so I wanted to share them with you all in one place!

Treasure and Tradition

This book is phenomenallll.

It has the most thorough explanations of the Mass itself I’ve ever seen. I learned so much about the Mass that I hadn’t previously known.

And it is perfect for learning the ins-and-outs of the Latin Mass for kids and adults alike.

It has illustrations showing the position of the priest at different parts of the Mass, so the kiddos can follow along.

It even has all the prayers in both English and Latin!

Treasure and Tradition is for proficient readers. My 9 year old loves it and refers to it often. He serves the Latin Mass and is trying to memorize all of the responses he’ll need to know someday!

Head to Holy Heroes to see more pages and learn more about Treasure and Tradition.

Know Your Mass

This book is a graphic novel about the Mass, how cool is that?!

Graphic novels are a favorite in our house – they have a way of captivating my kids’ attention while conveying a surprising depth of information.

Know Your Mass is about a boy whose guardian angel teaches him all about the Latin Mass.

It explains so many details right down to the priest’s vestments, the parts of the Mass, the vertical worship.

And it does it with gorgeous eye-catching illustrations.

My big kids get the most out of this book, but my little ones also enjoy sitting and looking at all the details in the pictures.

Know Your Mass is available on Amazon.

Learning to Serve

When my son began learning to serve the Latin Mass, a lovely woman at the parish lent us her copy of Learning to Serve.

My son devoured it, and it was so helpful! But then it came time to return it.

So, it’s been a while since he’s read it – but I think it’s about time we get our own copy.

Learning to Serve is not just a “how to” manual. It also instructs altar boys on proper behavior and virtue (and even some Latin!).

I found that serving the alter went a long way to teaching my wiggly squirmy boy to practice reverence at Mass, and respect for others in all areas of his life.

Learning to Serve is available on Holy Heroes – and I just added it to my wishlist, to become part of our permanent collection.

My See and Pray Missal

My little kids love their Missals for Mass…. but almost all of the missals for kids I’ve been able to find are for the English Mass!

And Treasure and Tradition, though well loved by my son and carried to Mass most days that he’s not serving, was a bit overwhelming for my non-readers to try to navigate.

Thus began my search for a missal for my non-reading kiddos (pre-K through 1st grade ages).

I discovered this little See and Pray Missal, and even though it does have words, I decided to give it a try.

It turns out, my non-reader was able to follow this missal perfectly!

Each page has an illustration for a part of the Mass, and a simple, suggested prayer to say during that part.

It’s perfect for her for now, and to grow with her as she learns to read, and is able to use it to pray along during Mass!

She loves it, and makes sure she doesn’t leave the house for Mass without it.

The See and Pray Missal is less than $5 over at Holy Heroes.

Traditional Mass Paper Doll Lapbook

Even with the See and Pray Missal being so successful for my 1st grader, I still needed something to teach my crazy, energy-filled, not-even-close-to-reading preschooler about the Latin Mass.

Options were scarce, so guess what – I made my own!

She’s a hands-on, pretend play kinda girl.

So I made her a paper doll set, complete with vestments and altar servers, so that she could act out the Mass as it happens in front of her.

Since her brother serves the Mass, she loves making the altar boys do what he’s doing, too.

The paper doll set is designed to be a lapbook, with most of the pieces attached, or able to slide into little pockets for storage. I wanted to make it difficult for her to drop pieces all over the church floor!

Once I had it assembled, the rest of my kids begged for their own. Even my nine year old loves his, and often goes off to a quiet place at home, with Treasure and Tradition and his paper dolls, to run through the Mass.

It has been such a helpful teaching tool for my littles, and I hope yours love it too!!

Find the Traditional Mass Paper Doll Lapbook in my Etsy shop, and use coupon code: LOVETHETLM for $1 off.

Other Recommendations

The books and resources above are my top recommendations.

But I wanted to find as many resources as I could, to share with you. So below are a few more I came across in my research that also look really helpful – though I’m not as familiar with them.

Learning to Follow the Mass

Learning to Follow the Mass is a missal, and is by the same author as Treasure and Tradition.

It looks beautiful!

It’s soft cover, and is about half the price of Treasure and Tradition. So if you’re looking for a less expensive, more portable option, this may be a good choice.

Head to Holy Heroes to find Learning to Follow the Mass.

Children’s Missal

This Children’s Missal is by the same author as the See and Pray Missal. It seems to be very similar, but maybe for more proficient readers.

It’s hardcover, with color illustrations and a ribbon (who doesn’t love a ribbon?!)

It also includes the Gospel stories for Sundays and Holy Days, and other prayers and instructions for kids.

The Children’s Missal is available on Holy Heroes.

Marian Children’s Missal

This is another children’s missal.

My son was gifted this missal by our parish priest, and he often carries it around in his pocket to read from it.

It’s similar to the one above. But it’s pocket sized and has photographs rather than illustrations.

Find the Marian Children’s Missal on Amazon.

The Mass Explained to Children

The Mass Explained to Children is a text-heavy book, explaining the Mass to children.

I took a quick look at the interior pages provided on Amazon, and I love that it explains the Mass, beginning with the Last Supper.

It seems to have really in-depth explanations of the altar, the priest’s vestments, the sacrifice of the Mass, and the parts of the Mass.

This is definitely a book I would consider trying out for my strong readers.

The Mass Explained to Children is available on Amazon.

Good Manners in God’s House

Um, HELLO – I need this book for my preschooler!!!

This is a vintage publication from Newmann Press and the Maryknoll sisters (which are some of my favorite books ever).

This version is a compilation of three books: First Prayers, Good Manners, and My Little Missal.

It has vintage illustrations, and the priest is definitely praying the Latin Mass. It encourages silence and reverence.

I put this treasure on my wish list for my 5 year old!

You can find Good Manners in God’s House on Amazon.


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  1. I have enjoyed this post. The Angelus Press sends me a catalog that has books in it. Love the paper doll idea for your little girl. God Bless your server son. Hope he continues to enjoy the mass. i love reading and hearing about the Latin Mass.


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