How Can We Receive the Grace to Love Each Other?

Do you see what these months without the Eucharist have done to us?

The Eucharist is our strength, the center of our lives. It is the source and summit of our Faith.

The Eucharist is self-sacrificing love. It is Jesus, entirely given: Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, out of love for us.

When he saw sin, what did he do? Did he attack, vilify, cut down?

No, he stretched out his hands and healed, forgave. He stretched out his arms and suffered and died. He humbly allowed himself to be beaten, mocked, and tortured by the very ones who hurt him, the ones he loved with an infinite, self-sacrificing love.

He gave of himself.

And thus he won their hearts.

Through partaking in the Eucharist, we receive the graces of his sacrifice of love for us, and are empowered to turn and share that love with one another. To make sacrifices for each other, to endure hurts and sufferings for the sake of those we love. To look upon our neighbor – our sinful neighbor – with eyes of mercy and forgiveness.

The Eucharist enables us to give of ourselves.

And thus to win each other’s hearts.

We are starved for the Eucharist. We are starved for love.

And it shows.

We look upon our neighbor with contempt in our eyes. We are quick to attack, criticize, vilify, take down.

We are polarized.

We are tearing each other apart in our hearts and through our screens.

What has happened to us? We are becoming selfish. We are lacking in the grace we need to be able to love our neighbor.

We must see what’s happening.

We must stop this now.

We must turn it around.

We are Christians. Our love for each other is what ought to set us apart from the world, make us beacons of inspiration, witnesses of the unity of Christ, bearers of his self-sacrificing love.

The majority of Catholics in our society are and have been without the Eucharist for months now, and the lack of sacramental grace is showing in our words and actions.

We need to draw nearer to the Eucharist in order to live lives of self-sacrificing love.

“Ah,” you say, “but I cannot! I cannot receive when public Mass is suspended and the Eucharist is unavailable to me!”

You recognize the challenge, my friend.

Many of us have never been without the Blessed Sacrament for so long before. We don’t know what to do to fill that void, to close that distance.

You must fight back against it with all your heart and soul. You must passionately seek to draw nearer to the Blessed Sacrament in whatever way you can.

What can you do?

Make an act of Spiritual Communion daily.

Unite yourself of the Sacrifice of the Mass offered privately at all times around the world. Stream videos or recordings of the Mass if that helps you.

Seek the nearness of his Presence in the tabernacle – even if the church doors are locked. Even if you have to make your visit from the parking lot, on your knees, facing towards the tabernacle and longing to be with him.

Step inside a church if you can. Be in his presence. You need it now more than ever.

If there is Eucharistic Adoration nearby, make every effort to go. Make a Holy Hour if you are able. Soak up his physical closeness to you.

If you’re able to participate in Mass, do so with your whole heart.

If you, my dear brothers and sisters, can receive the Eucharist, be a source of strength for those of us who cannot. Pray for us, the Body of Christ who are longing to be reunited with Jesus in the Body of Christ.

We depend on the Eucharist, the gift of Christ’s self-sacrificing love, to be able to love each other.

Draw near to him.

Draw near to him.

Stay close to the Blessed Sacrament in whatever way you can, before we Christians eat each other alive.

Seek every day to make a Spiritual Communion and to fight for the virtue of Christian Charity that sets you apart from the world.

Seek today to sacrifice yourself for love of your neighbor, to win their hearts for Christ.

And pray earnestly for the return of the reception of the Most Holy Eucharist.


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