Is God Calling You to Help the Least of These?

I want to tell you about a mission in Haiti that holds a special place in my heart.

My husband and I absolutely love this mission and have have been supporting it for the last 10 years.

Haiti180 is a grassroots organization that is truly changing the lives of many Haitians. And the lives of those of us here in the US who support and fund this mission are so blessed when we share our hearts and resources with them.

But here’s the thing.

Covid 19 has stopped all missionaries from going over who usually bring supplies and medicine. So they have taken a huge hit (half their funding!) and truly are in need.

I need you to help us.

I’m asking you to be a part of this with me and become a Team180 member. For $15 a month (that’s $3.75 or basically a cup of coffee a week) you can change the lives of these people who truly need our help.

It’s not a lot of money to help an organization that has:

  •   85 Haitian employees,
  •   35 children in its orphanage,
  •   400 kids in their school,
  •   16 elderly in their nursing homes
  •   and over 2000 people counting on their medical clinic to be there for them.

Please… I cannot sit back in my comfortable life and watch their school close… Their orphans be without a home… Their elderly be sent back out to huts in the jungle to die alone. We will not let that happen.

So I invite you to join the team.

Make a difference.

I know I can count on you to help the people in Haiti get through this pandemic.

If you are willing please click this link and be a part of my team to help Haiti180:

Let’s do this!

P.S. Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

Want to see for yourself all the good work Haiti180 is doing?

Watch this video to meet the mission, the beautiful people who work there, and the people you can help by joining Team180.

Haiti180: Who we are and what we do.

Who else loves Haiti180?

Chris Stefanick!

Watch this video with Chris Stefanick of Real Life Catholic, with Sean Forrest, founder of Haiti180.

Chris talks about his trip to Haiti, and how he fell in love with this ministry.

Leah Darrow!

Watch this video with Leah Darrow, founder of Lux U, a community for Catholic women.

Leah went to Haiti180 on a mission trip when pregnant and with a toddler in tow. Leah shares her love for this mission, and why she thinks you need to give your heart to help these people truly in need.

Make a Difference Today!

What do you spend $15 / month on?

  • streaming services
  • eating out
  • treat yourself purchases
  • coffee

Jesus calls us to help the “least of these.”

The righteous will say to him, “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?” The King will reply, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:37-40

If we can spend $15 a month on first world comforts, we can spare $15 a month to help those truly in need of the basics.

We may not all be able to BE missionaries – to drop everything we have and go off to Haiti to help the least of these with our hands and our feet. But we can still feed and give drink and provide shelter and care for the least of these.

They are Christ to us, and we are blessed to be able to serve Him through them.

Haiti180 is a beautiful ministry that’s doing JUST that. And I invite you to join me in helping them serve Christ in “the least of these.”

Do you feel God calling you to do something to help those truly in need get through this worldwide pandemic?

Many Catholic bloggers are currently monetizing their work with paid subscriptions and memberships. Instead of doing this, I want to invite you to be a member of my team, working together to keep this wonderful mission called Haiti180 alive and thriving.

Please join me and become one of the team of people making a difference.

I promised your life will be so blessed if you allow yourself to make a difference in the lives of these beautiful people in Haiti.

Become a Team180 member today!

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