13 Holy Toys for Catholic Kids

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Children learn a lot through play.

We have our favorite open-ended toys, like Legos, pretend kitchen, Playmobil (castles and princesses), and more.

But I also love to fill our house with holy toys!

Some we keep in our prayer space. Others we keep with the general toys to encourage frequent use, still others we reserve for use ONLY during Mass or Adoration – so they have the feel of something special.

Here’s a collection of our favorite Catholic toys!

1. Peg Doll Church Box

We were gifted this gorgeous Peg Doll Church Box from Colleen, of Farris Creations.

It has an altar, a priest, an adorable peg doll family, and plenty of Church-y accessories.

Colleen even takes custom requests – she can make YOUR parish!

We bring our Church Box to Adoration, but not to Mass.

Read my full review here: Peg Doll Church Box

2. Future Saints Activity Cards

These dry-erase Mass cards are beloved by my pre-Communion-aged kiddos.

We bring them to Mass as often as we remember.

There lots of fun (but quiet!) little holy activities packed onto the Future Saint Activity Cards.

Read my full review here: Raising Future Saints (Who Also Sit Still During Mass).

3. Priest Doll

Our priest doll has so many names.

At first, he was “Fr. Tito,” our pastor from our old parish. Our new parish has several priests, so now he rotates between whoever is saying Mass.

We were gifted this doll, and my kids absolutely love bringing it to Mass. My mom made extra vestments for him so he can dress liturgically, too!

It’s the perfect quiet Mass toy for kids. My kids usually make the Priest doll do the positions and hand motions that the priest is doing.

And your priest will love seeing it too!

Fr Juan Pablo Wee Believers Priest Doll

4. Peg Dolls

We have Saint peg dolls galoooore.

Most of them, we got at a peg doll swap. It was so fun!

There were about 20 moms. And each mom painted 20 of the same Saint. We got together for snacks and a mom’s night out, and each of us went home with one of each peg doll.

My kids were delighted to have 20 new peg doll Saints added to their collection!

There are a bunch of great Catholic peg doll shops on Instagram and Etsy.

5. Plush Mass Kit

We were also gifted a Wee Believers plush Mass set.

Want to know my kids’ favorite part? The thurible.

I mean, what could be better than swinging incense around?

My older son has a more “realistic” Mass set that he plays pretend Mass with (more on that later) but my younger son loves his plushy Mass set!

I’m not sure you can get this exact one any more, but here’s a link to something similar: Wee Believers play Mass set.

6. Wooden Saint Blocks

One thing I love about the Catholic Church is its rich store of symbolic imagery.

A lily for purity, a red crown for martyrdom, a lamb for innocence.

Saint portraits are recognizable for the objects they’re pictured standing near, wearing, or holding.

I want my kids to recognize the images of the Saints!

These wooden Saint Blocks from Almond Rod Toys are my favorite way to do that. They have an adorable image of the Saint on the front, and the Saint’s name, some basic info, and a quote on the back.

My kids play with them daily.

7. Magnet Church

Disclaimer: this magnet church has sooo mannny pieeces.

Which is good! My big kids love to set it up in a million different ways. Time for Mass? Confession? Put the people in the pews? Where should the Holy Water font go today?

But, you need to keep it up high so the little kiddos don’t throw the pieces all around and lose them….

We don’t bring this one to Mass, because we lost a few pieces when we tried that.

But it’s really fun for getting some quiet, holy, play time at home!

8. Jesus and his Apostles in a boat

We got this forever ago, and believe it or not, we still have Jesus and all 13 apostles.

Yep, 13! Judas, plus the guy who replaced him (Matthias?) makes 13.

We don’t bring this to Mass, because the pieces are plastic, and noisy when they “walk” along the pews.

But we keep it on the shelf with all the toys the kids play with daily. They love pretending and acting out stories with Jesus and his friends.

9. Pretend Play Mass Kit

My mom assembled a pretend play Mass kit for my oldest son.

She is a Goodwill genius. She found most of the kit by browsing there! The “chalice,” – metal goblet. The “paten,” a little round metal plate. A few glass cruets.

And then she made the vestments and other linens for the altar (because she’s amazing!)

My kids love to play Mass together. The oldest pretends to be the priest, and the younger kids serve the altar and make up the congregation.

They use old Magnifikids for all the parts of the Mass.

If you don’t have the skills to make your own Mass kit (believe me, I could not pull this together myself), there are amazing shops that sell them!

Worthy of Agape has the most amazing wooden Mass kits! Follow her for updates.

And here’s a shop that makes vestments for pretend play!

10. Saint Paper Dolls

My girls especially lovvve their paper dolls from Stella Marigold Art!

The ones we bought were printables, so when the little paper corners get ripped or ruined, we can always print and cut out a new one if we need to.

The details are stunning, and the accessories fill my kids’ imaginations with beautiful storylines about the Saints’ lives.

We have St. Therese for my girls, and St. Dominic Savio for my boys.

There are so many more it’s tough to choose which one we want next!

11. Saint Costumes

When we do All-Saint Day parties, we save the costumes for use on feast days, future All-Saint days, or just regular pretend play.

My kids like to dress up – one as Saint Michael, another in a dragon suit – and play “defeat the devil.”

We also have about 8 or so of Juan Diego’s tilma with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in fabric paint, and a few dozen cloth roses. I try to keep these tucked away safely and bring them out only on feast days, but sometimes my kids re-enact the vision throughout the year.

Holy dress-up is a great game for Catholic kids!

12. Holy Kan Jam

Are you familiar with Kan Jam? It’s a frisbee game with two cans. You try to throw the frisbee across the yard and into the can – or at least hit the can! There’s a complicated points system, and it’s a great party game.

What makes it holy?

Only the fact that I lovvve Catholic vinyl stickers, and I put my collection of them on our Kan Jam cans!

It’s great, because when we take it out for get-togethers, we’re evangelizing and sharing the faith at the same time.

My kids love to play this game with their friends, and sometimes love to just sit in front of the cans looking at all the pretty stickers!

13. Special Liturgical Seasons Toys

We have a handful of Catholic toys that we keep in the closet – and only bring out during special liturgical seasons or on feast days.

Sometimes, I think that maybe they would be put to better use if we kept them out year round – but then I remember the Church’s wisdom, and the merits of seasons coming and going.

By keeping a few liturgical toys tucked away, they become more special. And when we take them out, they help give the season an extra special feel, too!


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13 Holy Toys for Catholic Kids

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