Peg Doll Church Box

This post is sponsored by Farris Creations. She sent me a Church Box in exchange for my honest review.

Pretend play is one of the best ways for kids to learn.

When they pretend, they enter so fully into the story that sometimes lines blur between imagination and reality.

As parents, we need to keep this in mind, and encourage wholesome pretend play. And even better, we can encourage holy pretend play.

In our home, we have a lot of “holy toys” for our children.

They’re very familiar with Jesus and Mary, priests, saints, and angels – not just as something Sacred and untouchable, but in a way that they’re allowed to draw close to, with toys they can touch and play with.

One of our new favorite holy toys is our Peg Doll Church Box.

Colleen of Farris Creations sent us this gorgeous Church Box, and my children fell in love with it as soon as they set their eyes on it.

The Peg Doll Church Box

They immediately wanted to set up and play a little peg doll Mass.

I sat and watched them unpack the Church Box.

They opened up the wooden box, and the first thing they were excited about were the pews – with kneelers!

Along with the box, there was a little black drawstring bag filled with goodies.

The kids pulled out the altar – complete with an attached altar linen, and placed it in the sanctuary. Then they discovered the chalice and paten, and two “cruets” – one blue, and one red – for the water and wine.

They set up the altar for Mass, complete with a priest in green vestments (for Ordinary Time).

Then, out came the family.

The Peg Doll Family

Our Peg doll family started out with a mom and dad. They’re dressed in their Sunday best, and mom even has flowers in her hair (a detail my girls loved).

There were 3 kids – a young boy and girl, and a baby girl (arguably my kids’ favorite peg doll family member).

When you order a peg doll Church Box from Colleen, it comes with 5 family members – but you can order additional family members to custom build your family. (I’ll definitely be doing this to complete our family!)

Our little peg doll boy has dirty blonde hair, similar to my oldest son. My girls loved this fact, and even wanted him to serve at the altar like big brother does.

Our little peg doll girl has long dark hair, like my oldest girl. She also has flowers in her hair to match peg doll mommy, and a matching blue floral dress.

The baby girl is just too sweet, with a bow in her hair and a little pink outfit.

It was so silly and sweet to watch how this little family behaved during the play Mass.

Everybody started out sitting nicely in the pews.

Then the baby peg doll got a little antsy. She started climbing on the kneeler and crossing the aisle between the pews.

Then the peg doll baby laid down on the pew for a nap.

When she woke up, she was obviously a little fidgety, because mom ended up standing in the back of the church with the baby for most of Mass.

The family lined up for Communion, and then the kiddos cleaned up because Mass was over.

Peg Doll Eucharistic Adoration

After a few times playing Mass with their Church Box, my kids commented that they needed a monstrance so their peg doll family could go to Adoration, too.

I opened up Instagram to see that Colleen was working on a beautiful little monstrance addition!

She was a dream, and sent me one (plus a few candles to go on the altar) to add to our Church Box.

My kids were thrilled.

I could not believe how much joy this monstrance brought to their day when it came in the mail!

Now, they play Mass and Adoration.

When the peg doll family goes to Eucharistic Adoration, they bring a blanket. Some of the littler kids sit on the blanket on the floor right in front of Jesus, while Mom and big brother sit in the pews.

Why do they do this?

Because that’s how we do it when I bring the kids to Adoration!

I let them sit on a blanket on the floor, with their coloring books and holy toys. It keeps them contained and relatively quiet for the duration of our holy hour.

The kiddos bring their Peg Doll Church Box to Adoration each week.

My 5 year old daughter noted that our pretend monstrance looks JUST like the monstrance used in our parish.

They even had the peg doll Priest stop by for Benediction!

My eyes well with tears just thinking about how special this Church box is for our family.

Custom Peg Doll Church Box

And the most amazing thing is that – as special as the existing Church boxes are, Colleen can make one that’s even MORE special – and will be cherished by your family!

Colleen makes custom Peg Doll Church Boxes. She will design one to look like your parish.

From what I’ve seen on her Instagram account, her work on custom Church Boxes is absolutely stunning.

I can’t wait to see what ideas and add-ons Colleen comes up with next, and continue to grow our little Peg Doll Church Box set.

Where Can You Get a Peg Doll Church Box?

Make sure to follow Farris Creations on:

And definitely head over to her shop to check out the different Church Boxes Colleen has available – and maybe even order a custom one for your family!

Here’s what Colleen says about her shop:

Welcome all to my little shop, where I make toys and games inspired by my children, their interests and their unique styles of learning. I’m a mom of two wonderful little kids and a wife to a fantastic man, who also happens to be a teacher. By day, I attempt to juggle my daily vocation and live my faith to the best of my ability. By night, I become an artist and try to give people a chance to share in the joy that I see in my kids when they experience my creations.

What I’d like you to know about Colleen’s work: It truly does bring the joy she aspires for it to bring to our Catholic family.

And I know it can bring that joy to yours, too!

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