A Printable that Saved My Valentine’s Day

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This year we’ve got 80 kids in the mix for Valentine’s day.

That’s right, 80 kids!

It’s incredible, really.


This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating with our Catholic homeschool group – which is 25 families (80 kids!) strong.

I love all the families in our homeschool group.

Some who are just starting out with kids in pre-k and kindergarten. Some who’ve graudated kids, seen them through college, have been doing this for many many years, and have aaaaaaaall the wisdom to share with us.

Every week, when we get together, I’m grateful I found them.

It’s great, they have a routine, support, communication, everything. I get to just be a part of it, and it’s amazing.

I especially love the special events.

These moms know how to throw. a. party.


We have the Valentine’s Day party coming up soon.

The kids all decorated little paper bags for their valentine treats, and each family gets to bring a little something special for each kid.

Each of the 80 kids.

I meant to pick something up when I did the shopping last weekend – but you guys, I totally forgot. It was in my head, but not on my list, so it just flew out of my brain.

Now I’ve got a few days to figure things out.

I’m definitely not going back to the store. I can only handle so much of that. So, I started brainstorming something different.

Printables would be nice.

Many days have been saved by quick crafts, coloring pages, and recipes printed out in a pinch.


Kendra Tierney of Catholic All Year’s Printable Catholic Valentines were calling my name.

It may sound silly, but this lifted a whole mental load for me right now.

During the school week, I’m already going in a thousand different directions. Getting out of the house for errands is something that can throw off our whole day, and I try to avoid surprise trips.

The Valentines are so cute, and they’re so Catholic, and they’ll be so easy to just print, cut, and go.

The Printable Catholic Valentine come in several different options

  • Love Like The Saints Valentines featuring a short description of sixteen pairs of saints who were friends in real life.
  • Catholic Hearts Valentines with four Sacred and Immaculate Heart designs.
  • Eight Saint and Bible Quote Valentines featuring quotes about love.
  • And, all new for 2020, Spiritual Bouquet Valentines in eight different designs allow you to offer the gift of prayers, sacrifices, Rosaries, and Masses to friends and loved ones!

We’re using “Love Like the Saints” for our homeschool Valentine Party. I can’t wait to share these stories of holy friendships with the kids and their families.

We’re also going to use the “Spiritual Bouquet” cards to exchange with each other as a family.

We often pray together, but we could do a little better at praying for each other – and these cards give us the perfect opportunity to do that.

Here are a few other resources I’ve had my eye on to help me grow in love for others – my husband, my family, and my Savior!


This resource is from Surprised by Marriage (one of my favorite marriage ministry teams).

It’s a set of 40 printable cards. Each card has an idea for one special way to show love for your husband.

As a homeschooling mom, I spend almost all my time with my kids – and sometimes I can forget that my marriage is my vocation, and my love for my husband has to come before my love for them.

I think that taking up the challenge of loving my husband in one special way for 40 days straight will help me get my priorities back in order.

Ideas include:

  • give your husband a random hug,
  • ask, “how can I help?”
  • hold his hand when you’re sitting next to him

and other easy-to-do, small things.

But when it comes to loving your spouse, the small things really can be the big things.

I noticed that there’s a checklist you can print instead of the cards – I’ll probably do that, so I don’t lose all the ideas before I get to do them for him!

I’m so excited to try 40 Days of Loving Your Husband.


If you’ve been following my blog for at least a year, you may be familiar with my prayer journal: Walking Holy Week with Jesus.

This journal is one of my favorite Lenten devotionals.

It’s only one week long, but it’s the holiest week of the year. The journal includes Scripture readings, reflections, prayers, and journaling questions for each day of Holy Week.

If you want to grow closer to Jesus this Lent, Walking Holy Week with Jesus is definitely something you’re going to want to get.

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