Bring the Faith to Life Through Holy Coloring

Our Sunday Visitor sent me copies of the featured books for review. All opinions are my own honest opinions. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

When I was a kid, my mom used to read us stories of the Saints while we colored in our “holy” coloring books.

I attended public school with my siblings, so I know that my mom felt an urgency to make the Faith a strong and positive aspect of our home life.

Our holy coloring routine was how she helped us settle down and find peace in immersing ourselves in beautiful images and stories of the Faith before we went to bed at night.

I remember this as happy times, peaceful times. It’s a memory of love and beauty and truth.

Recently, I was struggling with an atmosphere of chaos that had crept into our homeschool routine.

A friend reminded me that the purpose of education is not to collect a potpourri of knowledge, but rather the whole formation of children as images of God.

We want our children to know God first of all – both intellectually and experientially. But we also want to give them the tools to know God relationally.

I discerned that we needed a small pivot in order to bring that goal back to the center of our homeschool approach.

Following my mom’s inspiration, I decided that we would do it through coloring.

Starting Our Day Right with Holy Coloring

Adalee Hude, the artist behind Brightly Hude, and new Our Sunday Visitor author, sent me her brand new Light of Heaven Saints Coloring Book – plus Light of Heaven: A Children’s Book of Saints to go with it!

Light of Heaven is the perfect addition to our small but growing collection of Catholic coloring books.

Now, each morning when we start our homeschool day, this book is part of our routine.

We begin with prayer. Our morning offering is simple:

To Jesus, through Mary,
I give you today
all that I think
and do and say.

Then we go around the room and each name a virtue we want to grow in that day.

Next, the kids settle down at their desks with a holy coloring book and a handful of colored pencils.

They get to coloring, and I get to reading aloud.

We start with our virtue study.

Each week, we focus on a different virtue and a Saint (or Saints!) who help us learn how to put that virtue into practice.

When I opened Adalee’s beautifully illustrated book: Light of Heaven: a Children’s Book of Saints, my heart soared!

Each featured Saint is paired with a virtue they particularly exemplified in their lives!

This book fits in perfectly with our curriculum, and the gorgeous (and I mean, GORGEOUS!!) illustrations are a delight to look at.

Meanwhile, the kids are coloring intently, sharpening their pencils a thousand and one times, and super engaged in our discussion on virtue and the Saints.

I’ve found that coloring has not only a stilling effect, but also a positive effect on concentration.

When they’re coloring, they ask for fewer breaks, answer more questions, and remain seated for longer stretches of time.

After virtue study, we move on to our religion textbooks, the Baltimore Catechism, and finally Bible History. The kids continue to color as I continue to read aloud.

Finally, as I wrap up the formal religion discussion for the day, the kids finish adding the final details to their pages.

They’re always so pleased with their work. It’s a joyful beginning to our school day! And one that fills their eyes, minds, and hearts with the things of God.

A good memory goes a long way in life.

As parents, we have a responsibility to help foster positive faith-filled memories in our kids.

I will never forget the many evenings I spent coloring holy pictures and listening to my mom’s soothing voice.

And I hope my children will cherish the memory of our daily study of the Catholic Faith and holy coloring, too!

If you want more peace, less chaos, and a renewed focus on educating your children to grow in virtue and relationship with Jesus, pick up Light of Heaven – both the illustrated book of Saints, and the coloring book – and start reading, coloring, and discussing the faith every day!

More about Light of Heaven: Saints Coloring Book

Light of Heaven: Saints Coloring Book features 23 favorite Catholic Saints.

The coloring pages are adapted from illustrations by Adalee Hude.

Each illustration features a portrait-style image of the Saint, with beautiful symbolism and meaningful details to explore while you color.

The pages are thick and sturdy and will stand up to enthusiastic coloring by kids in any coloring medium – including markers and pens.

The coloring pages include:

  • Saint Augustine of Hippo
  • Saint Jude
  • Saint Benedict
  • Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Saint Catherine of Siena
  • Saint Maria Goretti
  • Saint Clare of Assisi
  • Saint Martin de Porres
  • Saint Elizabeth
  • Saint Mary Magdalene
  • Saint Faustina
  • Saint Patrick
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Saint Peter
  • Saint George
  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta
  • Saint Gianna Beretta Molla
  • Saint Theresa of Lisieux

Get Light of Heaven: Saints Coloring Book for your kids (or yourself!).

More about Light of Heaven: A Children’s Book of Saints

Kids crave beauty and truth.

In Light of Heaven: A Children’s Book of Saints, 21 Saint portraits are illustrated in stunningly gorgeous detail.

Each Saint captures your focus when you turn the page, and their holy faces will take your breath away with admiration.

But look closely, because the pages are full of details that tell you more about each Saint, and Catholic symbolism to explore.

The Saints are each paired with a Latin word (often a virtue) that captures the essential aspect of their sanctity, bringing you in touch with the rich language tradition of our holy Church.

The bite-sized stories are a beautiful introduction to the Saints, and perfect for beginning independent readers.

The book includes:

  • Holy Mary, Mother of God
  • Saint Joseph
  • Saint Elizabeth
  • Saint Peter
  • Saint Mary Magdalene
  • Saint George
  • Saint Augustine of Hippo
  • Saint Patrick
  • Saint Benedict
  • Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Saint Clare of Assisi
  • Saint Catherine of Siena
  • Saint Joan of Arc
  • Saint Thomas More
  • Saint Martin de Porres
  • Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
  • Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska
  • Saint Gianna Beretta Molla
  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta
  • Pope Saint John Paul II

Pick up: Light of Heaven: A Children’s Book of Saints for your kiddos today!

Have a Light of Heaven Coloring Party!

If you want even MORE of this amazing Saint coloring from Adalee, she has two bonus Saints (not in the book!) that you can download for free.

The download includes instructions for throwing your own Saint coloring party!

This is a super fun idea for kids or adults.

Pray, relax, color, and get in touch with the Saints while surrounded by friends.

And, you can even enter your coloring pages into the Light of Heaven coloring contest through the end of January 2020!

It’s open to three different age ranges: children, teens, and adults, and you could WIN the Light of Heaven book and coloring book, plus some of Adalee’s amazing Saint stickers!!

Get more information on the coloring party and coloring contest at Adalee’s website: Brightly Hude.


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