What if You Could See the Supernatural World?

What if we could see the spiritual realm?

Look around you for a minute and see with your natural eyes. What are you surrounded by?

Four walls. People. Objects. Trees and plants, roads and buildings.

And space. Open space filled with invisible air.

Let yourself be quiet for a minute and sit in the still silence.

The physical world is filled with noise and silence, stuff and space. We are familiar with the reality that fills the senses of our bodies.

But there’s another reality – the reality of the supernatural.

The reality we can’t see with our eyes, but is an integral part of our existence as body-soul composites.

Look around you again.

Even if you’re alone in a room, you’re not alone.

The Holy Spirit dwells within you. Imagine his light inside you, glowing and warming your being. It radiates through your body; the light stretches from your fingers, emanates from your lips.

The light touches everyone you meet. When they encounter you, they encounter him and a little bit of the light is shared with them as well.

You are not alone with the Holy Spirit.

Look to the side. There is your Guardian Angel, with his guiding hand resting on your shoulder.

He never leaves your side. He waits there, always a ready companion.

He can help you in times of trouble and rejoice with you in times of joy. He prays for you always, and his prayers surround you like a second skin, protecting you from evil and harm.

The air around you is not empty.

It’s teeming with the presence of the Body of Christ.

All your patron Saints, all your faithful ancestors, all your holy intercessors in heaven are always with you. You are connected to them in a better-than-physical way.

When they pray, they reach out their hands to touch you, comfort you, uphold you. They wrap you in a hug, hold your hand, and guide your footsteps.

They are your unfailing friends.

And when you pray… well, to the physical senses it can feel like nothing happens. But for a moment, see the spiritual reality.

Your head is bowed and your hands are folded, but from within you your soul reaches up to heaven, empty palms open wide.

And down from heaven, the hand of God reaches toward you. Only, his hand is far from empty. It’s full of gifts – more gifts than you can hold.

He pours them out upon you. You catch one in your palm and pull it close to your heart, cherishing it. Still, God gives you more.

His hand sends down water to quench your thirst, warmth to revive your cooling heart. He strengthens your muscles for the trials ahead. When you are stooped and worn, his hand draws you upright again.

Ah, and when you approach the altar for Holy Communion…

It’s like a slow-mo movie of the reunion of two long lost loves. As you take step after step toward the altar, Jesus rushes out to meet you.

The instant your outstretched arms reach each other, you collide. He engulfs you in his embrace, wraps you in a hug brimming over with desperate love.

And suddenly all the earth around you drops away. You are taken up into heaven.

You can no longer distinguish where you end and he begins. There’s a transformation to your being, so that he shines through you; he can be seen in your face, felt in your touch.

He stays with you, in unprecedented unity, for a time.

And then, he steps away.

But his grace lingers still, a warmth within you. A light within you. A peace at work in your life.

You may not see it. You may not feel it, not in your body, at least.

But the supernatural presence is there, and it’s very real.

The world in which God lives, the angels and Saints dwell, grace and prayer operate – they’re as real as the physical world around you.

And perhaps, they’re even more real than that.

Close your eyes and let the Spirit guide your imagination, that what you can’t see with your eyes, you may perceive with your soul.

Live in his presence.

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