For Your Shopping Delight: The Ultimate List of Small Catholic Businesses

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I make a percentage at no extra cost to you.

Sometimes, the mass-produced, instant-gratification, cheap-generalized life of Amazon purchases makes us feel empty and jaded.

We want something that speaks to our hearts, something that dignifies our worth.

These small Catholic businesses provide products that will remind you of your beauty and value in God’s eyes, all the while upholding the life of faith you want to live to the fullest.

They might not be not as cost-effective as items from large-scale commercial markets, of course, but know that the extra money you spend on these high quality and often hand-crafted gifts, accessories, and home-decor benefits the livelihood of another member of the Body of Christ.

Pink Salt Riot

I love everything about Pink Salt Riot. The owner, Jill, is an amazingly inspiring Catholic woman.

Her faith shines through her work and her business practices.

She knows that being Catholic doesn’t mean we have to give up feeling stylish. We can unite faith and fashion:

“Don’t sacrifice style when you’re looking for meaning.”

Pink Salt Riot currently has a Christmas shop to guide you in your quest for meaningful gifts.

And! This week (November 18-22), there’s a chance to win up to $250 worth of items from Pink Salt Riot, if you build and share your wishlist on the website.

What a way to jump start your Christmas gifting!

Kindred Forest Co

This shop is another brand by the amazing Jill (of Pink Salt Riot). If you love Saints, you will love Kindred Forest.

She has so many options available, and they’re loved by both guys and girls!

Find your favorite Saint, then you can choose your style of bracelet or necklace, or maybe even grab a sticker or T-shirt!

The fun thing about Kindred Forest is they have new Saints each month, and special items that pop into their shop for a limited time.

So make sure you get connected through social media or sign up for the newsletter!

Love to Veil

I am new to the practice of veiling, but Love to Veil has already become my favorite veil shop.

I have her veils for myself and both my daughters.

One of my favorite aspects is the little clip that makes sure our veils stay secure on our heads!

I will have a full review of this amazing veil shop coming soon…

Ingrid Blixt / Open Journey

Ingrid is one of my favorite Catholic artists of all time.

She has amazing original fine art in her shop Ingrid Art Studio.

But she also has tons of creative, devotional and journaling kits in her shop Open Journey. If you love Bible journaling or prayer journaling (or know someone who does), Open Journey will be your new favorite shop!

Stay Close to Christ

This shop has a collection of great gifts from various Catholic shops.

I like the convenience of having them collected at Stay Close to Christ in one central shopping location, while still providing support for small Catholic businesses.

Plus, you can get a free Tiny Saint to add on to your purchase! Use the coupon code: ToJesus10 at checkout.

One of my favorite items from the shop is this book: Catechism of the 7 Sacraments. It’s a graphic novel with the scenes built entirely out of Legos, and it’s awesome!

Rough 2 Rustic

This shop has beautiful, Catholic, hand-crafted wooden art.

It has a timeless, rustic feel. The Rough 2 Rustic pieces are beautiful in their simplicity. There are also DIY projects that you can paint and customize if you’re feeling crafty!

Just Love Prints

You will LOVE this shop. Lindsay has faith-filled products that you’ll be using daily, like mugs, hats, and her amazing temporary tattoos.

I could stare endlessly at Just Love Prints products – her gorgeous prints, and so much more.

Brick House in the City

T-shirts! T-shirts! And more T-shirts! And just an atmosphere of sweetness from the lovely Lauren.

Brick House in the City is definitely a fan-favorite shop for Catholics.

Someday Saints Designs

Gina at Someday Saints makes beautiful prints, fun stickers, adorable zipper bags and accessories, and the most amazing Eucharistic Adoration tote bag bundle – including an Adoration journal she wrote and designed herself!

Mystic Monk Coffee

Because what could be better than drinking coffee AND supporting a monastery?!

Probably nothing could be better than that.

Shining Lights Dolls

Everybody loves these sweet dolls from Shining Lights Dolls.

Now they have soft dolls too! And stickers! And baby teething toys! And a podcast!

Things just keep getting better.

Plena Gratia Designs

This shop is so cool and hip. I, on the other hand, am not.

If you are cool and hip, or have friends who are cool and him, go check out Plena Gratia Designs.

They are the perfect shop for the modern Catholic.

Tiny Saints

Tiny Saints has Saint charms and animal sidekicks too?

Yes, please.

Door Number 9

For the Trad, Orthodox, and just plain awesome Catholics, Door Number 9 is a shop that will keep you browsing (and chuckling) for hours.

Catholic Balm Co.

Admit it. Catholic guys are the most difficult to shop for. Do they really need another rosary? One more crucifix?

Probably not. But they definitely need Catholic product for their beards, amiright?!

Enter: Catholic Balm Co.

Sock Religious

Because you want to walk with the Saints.

Sock Religious has holy socks for adults and kiddos, too.

My Little Felt Friends

Adrianna is a super mom and super maker. She hand crafts each of these gorgeous felt Saints.

Check out her shop: My Little Felt Friends, to find a new Saint friend for your family!

Delphina Rose Art

Rebecca of Delphina Rose Art creates religious art that is simply GORGEOUS. You’ll definitely need to buy a few of her prints to grace your home.

And all of her coloring pages. Get them.

Molin and Co

Did you know that felting could be so beautiful?

Molin and Co is on Etsy, but it appears that many of her sales are through her Facebook shop, so be sure to visit and follow!

Worthy of Agape

Adorable peg dolls, stickers, and magnets, are what you’ll find at Worthy of Agape shop.

But best of all, is her wooden Mass kit. To. Die. For!!!!

The Little Catholic Box

The Little Catholic Box is perfect when you love surprises and you’re up for trying something new!

You’ll get a delivery of a box filled with gorgeous gifts from Catholic Small Businesses.

Everybody wins!

My Catholic Kids

This shop supports you in passing on the Faith to your kiddos.

My Catholic Kids has kids’ missalettes, card games, prayer books, and resources for liturgical living.

The Mass Box

If you want your kids to love the Mass, you’ll love the Mass Box.

Subscribe or try a one-time Box, and watch your child’s love for the liturgy explode with these hands-on crafts and resources for liturgical living!

Grand Expression

Another favorite in the peg doll world, Grand Expression has some of the cutest, ready-to-ship dolls.

Their eyes just melt you.

The Cozy Wife

Do you love tea and coffee and the Saints and generally just being cozy?

The Cozy Wife has hand-crocheted cozies with Saint quotes and other uplifting Catholic sayings.

MeadowCress Boutique

If your children are adorable, they’ll go perfectly with the apparel from MeadowCress Boutique.

Bringing Back timeless, hand-made styles, combined with the most amazing Catholic prints (Guadalupe? Chi-Rho? Yes pleassse) this shop will have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the holy babies.

Catholic Shopping Bag

If you’re looking for inspiration, Catholic Shopping Bag has it.

The Catholic swag there is amazing, and the digital resources are super helpful to living out your Faith in a digital world!

Catholic Sticker Club

It’s a Catholic club, AND you get stickers!

With Catholic Sticker Club, I can feel unashamed to live my childhood dreams to their fullest as an adult.

Small Things. Great Love.

Handmade Rosaries and other gorgeous home decor, stickers, and bracelets (YAS) and more from Allison!

Small Things Great Love is a great go-to shop for beautifying your Catholic home.

Studio Senn

These paper dolls have me swooningggg.

Studio Senn has a unique artistic style, and I can’t get enough of her designs!


This shop has bleach-dyed apparel that everyone in your family will love!

Some of my favorites from Pycnocline are her Marian designs.

Salem Studio

Can I just say: COOKIES! Salem Studio has the most amazing Catholic cookie cutters.

We love cookies! But there’s more. She also has ornaments, rolling pins, candles, Rosary cases, and other laser-cut awesomeness.

Telos Art

If you love the timeless modern jewelry niche, you’ll love Telos Art.

Even though I don’t wear much jewelry, I love her too, because she’s also BOSS at Catholic calendars!

I’m a totally calendar girl, so Telos Art speaks straight to my heart.

Peace of Heart Faithful Creations

Peace of Heart Faithful Creations has abacus Rosaries that the busy mom will love. Her Rosary holders are gorgeous, too!

Kitchen House Studio

Kitchen House Studio has Catholic fine art and prints. She’s got some of your favorite modern Saints!

Inkpot Paper and String

This shop will tug at your bookish heart strings

Inkpot Paper and String has decor with quotes from your favorite Catholic authors.

Providential Co

This shop has unique finds for the Catholic shopper. From candles, to artwork, to greting cards, Providential Co. has you covered.

The Candles have me won over. What Catholic doesn’t love candles?

Rakstar Designs

This shop is run by Rakhi, one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met online.

Her Catholic products always catch my eye. Among my favorites is her collection of stickers.

But Rakstar Designs also has incredible jewelry, must-have mugs, and so much more!

Sweet Little Ones Shop

Sweet Little Ones Shop has everything you need for a beautiful home prayer space.

Prints galore, and even prayer space starter kits!

Annunciation Designs

From stickers, to T-shirts, buttons, and more, Annunciation Designs has you covered.

Perhaps my favorite is her subscription: Wanderlust Catholic, in which you get monthly letters that take you on Catholic pilgrimages – in your imagination!


Head over to Trendzilly for your fill of Sweet Catholic Saint fun!


If the art by TiSpark doesn’t take your breath away, I don’t know what will.

She’s a master of oil, acrylic, and even digital art. Her incredible designs are available on journals, too.


With Saint Cards, your kids get to know the Saints in a fun way!

Rose Harrington Art

There aren’t enough hours in the day to give Rose Harrington Art the praise it deserves.

Seriously, her work is just stunningly gorgeous.

Her modern spins on Classic Catholic devotional art are my favorite.

Sacred Art and Wellness

This shop, Sacred Art and Wellness, will make you stop and say “woah!”

Della Madonna Rosaries

Visit the shop Della Madonna Rosaries if you love beautiful rosaries and Catholic Novenas!

ChewsLife Shop

We love the chewy rosaries for babies and toddlers from ChewsLife Shop but did you know they also have rosaries for adults?


Where Grace and Wellness Meet.

If you love the Rosary, and you love Essential Oils, check out AromaRosary – beautiful diffuser rosaries!

Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

Arma Dei has fun Catholic products, such as printables for Catholic liturgical crafts, and the beloved Super Saints Cards!

Thy Olive Tree

If you love keepsakes, you’ll want to get My Catholic Keepsake for your sweet babies, and friends with babies!

It has places for your Catholic memories, from Baptism and beyond.

Relics by Rose

Rose makes beautiful Catholic jewelry in vintage and modern styles in her shop Relics by Rose.

I love her pressed flowers, that spark the sentimental side of me!

Veils by Lily

From simple, inexpensive veils to heirloom quality mantillas, Veils by Lily is a one-stop shop for soft lace and embroidery mantillas

Kidderbug Kreations

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations has your sentimental gift giving needs covered.

Little Way Design Co

Check out beautiful designs from Little Way Design Co, AND her lettering tutorial!

Our Lady’s Armory

Sturdy handcrafted gear for the battle-ready Catholic – including ready-made and made-to-order rosaries, cufflinks, chainmail, and more!

Our Lady’s Armory is a great place to go for gifts for young men, and those who need to know that the Catholic Faith is definitely not girly!

Mama Hannick Art

Mama Hannick Art is a mama of two with a passion for pencil art. Her Catholic designs include Pro-Life, Sacred and Immaculate Heart, and the Nativity.

Wild Things Adventures

Sarah of Wild Things Adventures loves to inspire and equip kids to get outside and explore God’s beautiful creations!

You’ll love her leather adventure gear!

Ampersand, etc.

Inspiring and uplifting printables to bring beauty to your home and life.

Ampersand, etc. strives to look for the beauty that lies in each new day and seeks to share items that are reminders of that.

Vianney Beads

Vianney Beads makes sacrifice beads for the renewal of the Church.

She features a variety of bead styles and saint medals, and part of her mission is to give a portion of sales to charities or those in need

Basecamp Design Co

At Basecamp Design Co., Anne and her team believe in creating and outfitting our customers with original, uplifting and witty handcrafted products and apparel that cultivate joy and inspiration for the everyday climb toward heaven.

Verso l’alto!

Religious Art by Carla Q

Carla creates cheerful and colorful religious art in her shop: Religious Art by Carla Q.

She has prayer boxes, prints, pendants, original art, and more!

Rooted Designs

Emily at Rooted Designs offers Catholic apparel, home goods, and stickers: inspired by Ephesians 3 to stay rooted and grounded in the love of Christ!

No Heart Untouched

Anything from men & womens Jewelry & accessories to stickers, apparel & the newly launched Wall Rosaries (GORGEOUS), No Heart Untouched has gifts for all the faithful people in your life.

Hardy Design and Photography

Courtney at Hardy Design and Photography makes rustic farmhouse style signs, shirts, bags and stickers.

She has Catholic, inspirational, and even funny prints!

Grotto Rosaries

At Grotto Rosaries, they strive to create timeless, classic beauty to enhance your devotional life.

Check out their full and pocket rosaries, bracelets, and even earrings!

My Little Nazareth

My Little Nazareth bring Christs into the Home by offering Catholic children’s devotional books.

Geared for ages 4-6, these books allow children to be exposed to the beauty of the Faith at their level. 

AlmondRod Toys

I obsess over this shop. AlmondRod Toys makes inspirational Catholic toys for kids and tots that encourage prayerful play throughout the liturgical year.

Saint blocks, Nativities, Rosary Blocks, Station of the Cross blocks and more.

Marian Martha Catholic Planner

Grow in virtue as you plan your life around your faith journey—not vice versa!

Amy’s Marian Martha Catholic Planner is organized around the seven primary virtues and has beautiful art, feast days, Saint quotes, bullet journal-style daily planning, with room for meal planning, gratitude recording, examen making, and tons of faithful, practical content to help you grow in virtue!

Drawn To Life Designs

Drawn to Life Designs is Catholic inspirational art for people who desire to welcome the saints into their home.

Come Holy Spirit Rosaries

Do you love handmade Catholic rosaries, chaplets, and jewelry; especially in solid bronze and sterling silver?

Come Holy Spirit Rosary’s pieces are meant to enhance your prayer experience by turning your heart and mind towards God; reminding you of the beauty of His creation.

Custom orders are welcome at no extra charge.

The Dogwood Loom

Based in Roswell, Ga The Dogwood Loom sells one of a kind rugs and textiles.

Sourced from the East, sold in the South

Happy Nest Home Goods

Happy Nest Home Goods has modern Catholic embroidery patterns & hoops, sacrifice beads, and diffuser jewelry designed to help you embrace everyday holiness at home.

Interactive Rosary

Teach your children to love and learn the rosary while making family prayer time with small children a MUCH more peaceful experience!

When children use the Interactive Rosary, they will be engaged as they place a star, flower or bead around Mary’s head for each prayer of the rosary. By the end of a decade, they will have crowned her!

Caelesti Handmade Co

Caelesti Handmade Co designs children’s apparel and accessories to help the little ones to grow their love for our Lord and our Faith.

Gails Designs/Rosary Habit

Gails Designs / Rosary Habit has been designing rosaries and stylish Catholic jewelry for over 10 years.

Her motto: It’s a pretty evangelization piece.

Morning Glory Beads

At Morning Glory Beads, you can find sturdy and stunning rosaries, steering wheel rosaries, rosary bracelets, and other rosary and Marian related gifts!

Custom designs are always welcome.

Faith and Fabric Design Co

Faith and Fabric is a shop that loves to share, well, faith through fabric.

She offers sewing classes for beginners, all designed to bring a faith-focused product into the home.

The Faithful Farmhouse

This sweet shop, the Faithful Farmhouse, has adorable custom hand-calligraphy pieces for your rustic home decor!

You can purchase directly from Facebook or Instagram.

Iron Lace Design

Iron Lace Design has bold statement pieces of jewelry, and religious sacramentals.

The shop is run by a homeschooling mom!

Artist Ave

Julie at Artist Ave combines crafting her art with the practice of prayer!

Her watercolor and portrait work are amazing. She also has cool lunar calendars in the works – which I think would make a fun project for our homeschool curriculum.

In the Loft

Susan has super cute wooden displays in her shop In the Loft. I love how she has options for different Biblical scenes and stories, including backdrops to complete the look!

I think that Susan’s work would also be great for families who love Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Pelican Catholic Gifts

Did you know that the Pelican is a symbol of Christ? At Pelican Catholic Gifts, you can find beautiful handmade Rosaries and chaplets.

She also has chaplets! Her details – like the tiny fish charms found on some of her chaplets, are such a nice touch.

Walnut St. Designs Co

At Walnut St Designs Co, you can find home decor that is beautiful, faith filled, fun, and – what I especially love – practical!

Go check out her home decor whiteboards that will help you stay organized and keep your home looking fabulous at the same time!

Studio 829

Hannah at Studio 829 has a great selection of amazing apparel.

Check out her fun earrings, and T-shirt designs that are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Adoramus Te Studio

This brand new shop, Adoramus Te Studio, provides Catholic apparel and fine art.

Check out her throw pillows – what a fun gift! She also has T-shirts, stickers, mugs, and so much more.

Three Jolly Owls

Kate has lots of fun gifts to take care of your liturgical living at Three Jolly Owls.

Her busy book kits and tutorials are so helpful for keeping kiddos quiet and engaged during Mass and adoration.

Right now she has beautifully illustrated Marian hymns you must check out!

View this post on Instagram

Ready at last! 😍

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Schroeder Stitchery

Kelly at Schroeder Stitchery is a master of cross stitch and embroidery. Her Marian designs are some of my favorites!

She also has ornaments for your Christmas tree, stickers, prints, and other lovely decor to beautify your home.

Humble Mission Beads

Allison at Humble Mission Beads has bracelets (and other amazing accessories) to help you on your journey to holiness!

Sunglasses, keychains, necklaces, and more!

A Novel Pursuit

Brighten up your planner with faith and bookish stickers from A Novel Pursuit!

She has everything from Rosary reminders, to Liturgical Living, to Pride and Prejudice, and more – all in lovely feminine designs.

Benedicta Boutique

Natalie at Benedicta Boutique has beautiful devotional Catholic gifts.

Her traditional Mantilla veils are gorgeous, and her fine art prints inspire you to greater reverence.

Hooking Joy Designs

Mary creates crocheted accessories at Hooking Joy Designs.

Check out her scarves, beanies, blankets – and even ornaments and other fun accessories!

Heather Schieder Illustrates

Heather is an amazing artist, and you can find her work at Heather Scheider Illustrates.

You will instantly fall in love with her colorful prints and stickers. The perfect touch to bring a little joy into your life!

Kim’s Design Studio

At Kim’s Design Studio, be prepared to be blown away with gorgeous and unique alcohol ink art and more.

Her work has so much depth of beauty and meaning.

Sunshine and Sundry

Juanita at Sunshine and Sundry has homemade crocheted baby items!

Hats, toys, blankets, teethers – they’re all so adorable, and would make wonderful gifts for a new baby.

Sword and Crown Candle Co.

These soy candles from Sword and Crown Candle Co. will light up your home with inspiration from your favorite Saints.

Each candle is hand poured into a glass jar and has a beautiful Saint quote on it.

Sagely Sparrow

You can find Catholic gifts, Saint necklaces, Christian apparel and more at Sagely Sparrow.

Her inspirational and seasonal designs are sure to help you bring the faith into your daily life.

Mary Malone Ware

You will love this one-of-a-kind shop.

Mary Malone Ware has mugs, bowls, and other handmade pottery. Her earth tones are calming, and often accented with a bit of sparkle!


If you love faith-filled prints and hand-painted home accents, you’ll love Fawnly.

Check out her beautiful ornaments and other home decor!

No. 9 Designs

Welcome to No. 9 Designs! Home of unique handmade bags, purses, jewelry and other accessories for all ages.

You’ll love her Christmas bows!

Created Beloved

Here’s a shop I discovered called CreatedBeloved.

Amy Millsap, is the artist behind Created Beloved. Her passion is to inspire creativity in others.

On her Instagram account and blog, she shares easy craft ideas, children’s book recommendations, and themed activities – most of them family-friendly and faith-based.

And in her Etsy shop she sells handmade jewelry and a line of liturgical wreaths (home decor)!

Faith and Fabric

Faith and Fabric is your home for beautiful Catholic fabrics, faith-inspired quilt patterns, and handmade sewn items.

You’ll find beautiful liturgical quilts and home decor, personalized baby items, and more in the shop!


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  1. Hello… Lovely list of Catholic businesses including some I did not know about. You have a few on your list which have large company machines driving them so not necessarily “small” but certainly, they are all wonderful companies.


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