The Best Board Books to Introduce Your Kids to the Faith

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Who know a package in the mail could take your breath away?

“Mom! These match our other one!!!” my 4 year old squealed and ran to grab Cloud of Witnesses so she could unite it with its new friends, The Word of the Lord and Kiddie Cat.

When it comes to books, my kids and I find series irresistible.

So when Katie Warner offered to send me her two latest board books to review, I had to say yes!

We are big readers in this house.

I make sure to model reading for my kids. Not just any reading – but reading that challenges and forms me.

I try to balance fiction and non-fiction, and I focus on diving into books that help me grow. I like to dig and reflect and reread and talk about what I’ve read.

And I encourage our kids to do the same.

Their bookshelves are filled with books – from classics, to modern favorites, to dictionaries and encyclopedias, and an array of genres and styles in between.

But our kids’ prized collection is their “holy books” – fully 1/3 of their shelf space.

They have their favorite Bibles and devotionals, prayer books, holy stories, and lives of the Saints.

And, thanks to Katie, they have their prized collection of First Faith Treasury Books.

Katie does a phenomenal job of making our beautiful Catholic Faith accessible to children, without watering it down.

Her kids’ books show that she truly understands the vast potential and capability for learning that children have. She honors their intelligence and their thirst for truth.

Katie Warner and Meg Whalen are the perfect team.

Meg’s sweet illustrations add further depth to the books and provide the perfect opportunities to dig deeper and elicit some involved conversation topics from my kids.

Let’s take a peek inside each of the First Faith Treasure board books.

Cloud of Witnesses – A Child’s First Book of Saints

In Cloud of Witnesses, kids are introduced to Saints through the Saints’ own words.

The book has a handful of classic favorite Saints, like Augustine, Francis and Clare of Assisi, John Paul II, Padre Pio, and Josemaria Escriva.

Each Saint is featured with a quote or prayer they are known for. The illustrations of the Saints include the traditional symbolism that makes them recognizable.

St. Augustine is standing by the seashore, next to a little boy with a shell, and his quote reads: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

St. Clare of Assisi stands, holding a monstrance above a stone tower, with the quote: “Love God, serve God; everything is in that.”

These two examples give you a taste of the book’s well-thought out combination of profundity and simplicity.

I just love that my kids can become familiar with the words of the Saints in a manner they can understand and cherish.

The Word of the Lord – A Child’s First Scripture Verses

When I first saw the title, I thought this book was about the Mass. If I stopped and used my brain for a minute, I would have realized it’s about the Bible.

(Plus – subtitiles help – facepalm!)

What I love about the collection of verses in The Word of the Lord is that they are all highly relevant to kids and family life.

They highlight God’s love, mercy, and protection.

Katie included Scripture that reminds kids to love and honor their parents (Exodus 20:12), and Scripture that reinforces how much they are known (Jeremiah 1:5) and loved (John 3:16) by God.

She touches on the major life lessons for kids, as well as the basic essentials of the Salvation story – the Incarnation and the Eucharist.

My kids love pointing at all the moms, dads, children, and babies in the adorable illustrations.

Once again, this book is not kid-ified.

It takes quotes straight from the Bible, selected especially for children, and increasing their confidence and ability to pick up and read the Bible.

Kiddie Cat – A Child’s First Catechism Lesson

When my 7 year old picked up Kiddie Cat, he had a good laugh at the title. “Mom ,why does it say it’s about cats when it’s a book full of things about our faith?!”

They play on words was a big hit for him.

When you open Kiddie Cat, you can really tell all the thought and planning Katie pours into planning these books (if you couldn’t tell already).

She centers this book around the four pillars of the Catechism: the Creed (the Profession of Faith), the Sacraments (the Celebration of the Christian Mystery), Morality (Life in Christ), and Prayer (Christian Prayer).

With Kiddie Cat, learning the Catechism has become a “family thing.”

My kids see me digging through my Catechism to learn new things on a regular basis. The 7 year old has his own Lego Catechism he turns to for answers to his Faith-questions. And now my littles have Kiddie Cat – a Catechism at their own level to flip through and immerse themselves in the treasure of the Catholic Faith.

The illustrations, true to Meg’s great style and talent, astound me with the depth they convey in their beautiful simplicity.

The best thing about this book is the way it speaks straight to the hearts of my kids.

Each page is an open door to deep and fruitful discussions about the beauty and importance of living a Christ-centered life in the fullness of the Catholic Faith.

First Faith Treasury

The First Faith Treasury is a daily favorite with my kids.

Of course, any time we read one, we have to read them all! My kids insist, and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

With our love for reading, and especially for book series, it’s no surprise that Katie Warner’s First Faith Treasury was instantly beloved by my children (and myself).

The even more wonderful news is: A brand new addition to the series was JUST released!!!

Check out Let Us Pray – A Child’s First Book of Prayers, available now. Knowing the quality of Katie’s work, I can promise you it’s going to be amazing.

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