Our Rallying Cry: This is the Faith

#MyMassTakeaway for June 23, 2019, Corpus Christi. Cover photo by For the Taking Photography.

Do you have one of those phrases that pumps you up every time you hear it? I do.

In the liturgy of baptism, after the parents profess the baptismal vows, the priest prays, “This is our faith. This is the faith of the Church. We are proud to profess it, in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Amen.

There’s something about the string of I do’s followed by the simple phrase “This is the faith” that rocks me to my core.

I want to stand up and clap and cheer and shout and hoot and holler.

It’s hard to explain.

In Mass today, the priest gave a killer homily for Corpus Christi. Do we realize just how revolutionary the Eucharist is? Jesus was at the height of his public ministry – people flocked around him – and he destroyed his following with one teaching.

The Eucharist.

Eat my body and drink my blood.

This is crazy, Jesus. We don’t understand. We must be getting this wrong.

Eat my body and drink my blood.

And they left him in droves.

The priest concluded his homily with “This is the faith.” It was my rallying cry. As my mind is filled with the image of crowds getting up and walking away, these words put the fight in me.

I can not walk away.

Do I believe in the Eucharist?
I do.

Do I believe in the Body and blood of Christ?
I do.

Do I believe in the Real Presence?
I do.

Do I believe in the graces given to us in the Sacraments and especially in Holy Communion?
I do.

Then stand up and fight. Live like you believe. Crush any obstacles that get in the way of your worship of Christ.

You may look like a crazy person to the world for holding a tiny host in such high esteem. Profess it anyway. Shout the truth with all your might.

Let yourself be rocked to the core today, on the feast of Corpus Christi.

Let the significance and beauty and mystery and challenge of the Eucharist hit you with its full force.

We eat his body.

We drink his blood.

This is the faith. Be proud to profess it.

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One thought on “Our Rallying Cry: This is the Faith

  1. Love this feast day and all of the processions that occur around the world! Thank you for highlighting this wonderful day! They left Jesus and He asked Peter, “Will you too leave?” Peter’s response classic, “Where else can we go??!” Love it. Pax.


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