Overcoming Roadblocks to Worship: Keep Sundays Sacred

#MyMassTakeaway for June 2, 2019 – which could be the Ascension, or the Sunday after the Ascension, depending on your diocese.

We were on our way to Mass, and the road was closed ahead. We took a right turn. Then a left.

The road was still closed.

Another right and another left.

Still closed.

We saw the steeple ahead of us and decided to drive up close to the caution tape and check out the situation.

It was a road race.

And it was right between us and the Church. We drove around for a little bit, flustered, wondering how we would get around and how far out of the way we’d have to go.

Then we decided to drive back up to the caution tape, park our car, cross the race track by foot, and just walk.

Which was fine for us! It’s a beautiful sunny day, we are young, we are strong.

But the elderly had to walk all the way down the road too, with their canes and their walkers.

Halfway through Mass, the parking lot was still mostly empty (I know because I was oit there with a tantrumming child). People were still walking in, 30 minutes late, after finding their way around the road blocks.

How many people were kept from Mass, or made late to Mass because of a race?

I’m not saying the racers or the organizers had any bad intention, bit it was just a reminder to me that Sundays should be sacred.

Mass is our priority.

Is there anything standing between us and worshiping God? Anything getting in the way of our Sunday rest?

We need to get around the roadblocks by any way possible.

God alone is our God, and nothing must stand between us and him.

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