The Beautiful Unity of the Church Is Seen in the Mass

#MyMassTakeaway for Sixth Sunday of Easter.

I was so excited to browse through this week’s participants in the My Mass Takeaway linkup and discover that someone from Austria joined with their thoughts!

The Church is so beautiful in its unity and universality.

Every Catholic, all around the world, goes to Mass on Sunday to worship and receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

No matter what readings we hear, or if we even hear them, or if we miss them because we are standing outside with a crabby baby…

No matter what message is preached in the homily, or if we paid attention, or even understood it…

No matter whether we left Mass lifted up and filled with thoughts to ponder, or drained and distracted from caring for small children…

We are all here for the same thing and we all come away with the most important thing: Jesus, in the Eucharist, who enters into our bodies, into our hearts, and transforms us from the inside out.

My Mass Takeaway helps me see the beauty of the Church’s practice of Sunday Mass.

Sunday Mass is where we all gather together for the same purpose, but we all bring something different to the table, and we all walk away with different reflections, graces, and takeaways.

Where we worship in our own way, but we worship together.

Where our lives intersect with the lives of every other member of the Body of Christ.

The Catholic Church is so beautiful.

She is one, but she is diverse.

She is universal, but she is for every individual.

She draws each of us into the Body of Christ.

And she gives us the Body of Christ – the Eucharist – to love, worship, and treasure. To sustain us and perfect us. To bring us to heaven, together.

Today, I hope you’ll take a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty of the Church, and to read through the various Mass takeaways in the linkup below. I hope these takeaways help you appreciate the unity and diversity of the Body of Christ!

My Takeaway: 6th Sunday of Easter

Today in the Gospel we heard Jesus’ farewell speech.

Goodbyes are so hard.

It’s tough to leave the people we love, and tougher still to lose the ones we love.

But everyone leaves something behind. A piece of themselves. An object, a memory, or a changed life.

And some send a piece of themselves after their gone. A prayer, a letter in the mail, a gift, a grace.

Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit. And he promised the Holy Spirit would be with us always.

God’s presence is here, today, in our Church, in the working of the Holy spirit.

Jesus, though not present to our eyes, is present in the gift of the Holy Eucharist.

His farewell speech reminds us that even though he’s not seen, he’s here.

Enter into his presence today.

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