Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass

This post is sponsored by Katie Warner and Faith First Treasury and contains Amazon affiliate links. I received a free copy of Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass in exchange for an honest review.

Katie Warner has been releasing so many amazing Catholic kids books, I can hardly keep up!

I’m just the biggest fan of everything Katie, does, so when she offered me a copy of Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass, I was all over it.

As soon as it came in the mail, my kids swarmed. We tore the packaging open, and sat down to read it.

Every. single. page. is soooo good. The entire book is interactive!

It leads you moment by moment through Father Ben’s morning as he gets ready for Mass, from his walk to the church, all the way to blowing out the candles when Mass is over.

One of my kids’ favorite pages was the one where they could dip their fingers in the Holy Water font. We practiced the Sign of the Cross over and over together.

The book is sneaky (in the best way). It tosses in some seriously educational moments without feeling at all textbook.

I found myself coming back to the book as a beautiful visual reference. I loved being able to show my kids all the different colored vestments, and tell them when each is worn (and I even learned that the name of the robe is the chasuble).

I love that the book explained what “that big red book” is (as my children say) – It’s the Missal – and highlighted the fact that Father prepares for Mass by looking over the readings ahead of time.

My favorite moment happened when we read the page where Father Ben kisses the altar.

My mom just recently gave me an altar stone that had been removed from a chapel no longer in use. We placed it on our home shrine. I’m blown away at how amazing it is to have the very stone where the Eucharist was consecrated in a place of honor in our home.

When we got to the page where Father Ben kisses the altar, my kids asked why he does that. I explained how special and important the altar is, and my kids got excited – “Hey, we have one of those, too!”

Since they were role-playing everything else, it was only natural to kiss our altar stone, just like Father Ben did in the book.

Heart, melted!

It was such a special moment.

I truly love Katie Warner’s new book: Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass.

It’s perfect to read over and over at home. I also brought it to my second grade religious education class – and I have to tell you, the kids went crazy for it. I had to make sure everybody got a turn on every page.

I’m so grateful to Katie for the opportunity to review this book!

If you think you’ll love it as much as I do, you can buy it here:

Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass

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