It’s Time to Stop the War Within the Body of Christ

#MyMassTakeaway Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.


Sometimes we treat our differences as excuses to pit ourselves against each other.

Homeschoolers against traditional schoolers. Stay at home moms against working moms. NOs against traddies.

The list goes on. Oily, crunchy, babywearers, breastfeeders, formula feeders, feminists, big families, small families – STOP.

We label our ideologies and philosophies and then use them as an excuse to fight. We think we’re better because we live differently.

It’s good to make prudent choices in life, choices that may look different from our neighbor. It’s good to be proud of our choices, to celebrate them, share them, own them.

But it’s pride to think our way is the only way. To assume anyone who’s not living an identical lifestyle to ours is somehow less than.

If we all were eyes, where would the hearing be? Can the head say to the feet: I don’t need you?

If we all were homeschoolers, where would the Christian presence in traditional schools be? Could the big families say to the small families: we don’t need you?


We are one body.

It is our differences that allow us to come together as a single living organism. It’s our uniqueness that contributes to the wholeness of the Body of Christ.

We need to rejoice – not just in out own differences, but in each other’s differences.

All moms can uphold each other – whether they stay at home, work out of the home, work from home or whatever. NO’s and traddies can rejoice in the roles each other play in the Church. The breastfeeders and the formula feeders can just stop fighting already.

How can we expect the world to be at peace if we are at war within our own body?

Today, I challenge you – I challenge myself – to look around at the Body of Christ. See someone who’s different than you. Find a way to rejoice in their unique role, to celebrate them and be thankful for them.

We are all many different parts. But we are oneBody in Christ.

Remember that.

Featured Five Takeaways


Tammi and her smirk lol! All kidding aside, she has a serious mic-drop moment from the Gospel to share. Jesus doesn’t hold back in announcing his God-given powers, and shares that power with us through the Holy Spirit!

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There it is. A smirk. That word has taken quite a beating this week. I actually didn’t intend to “smirk” but it was a natural reaction to our readings today. It’s that “I know something you don’t know”feeling. I just couldn’t help make this face when reflecting upon the words of today’s Gospel. So Jesus was sitting in the temple, reading from the scrolls about himself, probably surrounded by the fathers of boys that he played in the streets with, and after he reads “the Spirit has anointed me” he says “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing." * Can you imagine what those in attendance were thinking? “What did he just say?” 🤯🤯What a mic drop moment!!! What an amazing scene that unfolded today. Jesus is telling all of those in his presence that he is the Christ. *As we read the second reading, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are listed and we are reminded that, just as we are all different members of the body of Christ, that the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives are also diverse because that’s what the body of Christ needs. Let us not question what gifts the Holy Spirit wishes to impart but let us welcome them with open arms. 🙌🏽❤️ I really pray that the Holy Spirit may be more readily loved and that people will follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in their own lives. The Lord desires for our lives to be anointed as well. ❤️ #mymasstakeaway #biblestudy #catholicsonline

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Amy encourages us to radiate the beauty, truth, and goodness we possess as members of the Body of Christ.


Open yourself up to God’s graces! He can change you for the better. Jen and Logan share a sweet lesson of forgiveness they learned from their littles during Mass today


Kristin asks a very important question we all could reflect on. Do we lift each other up, or tear each other down?


Even though we may be only a small part of the body of Christ, that doesn’t diminish our importance. Heather encourages us to reach out to others with Christ’s love today.

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#mymasstakeaway today was all about being your small but VERY vital part in the body of Christ. . We thought mass was at 9:30. It was at 9. With our kids processing in… so we had to be there on time 🤦🏼‍♀️. And we got out of bed at 7:25 (babies were up at 5 but we fed them and put them back down then at 7:10 we convinced the big kids to snuggle in bed with us 😂😂). Then a friend texted us and reminded us that mass was at 9. Oh and it was 30 min from our house 😂😂. HUSTLE!! . Anywayssss, we’re called to be these tiny but essential parts in God’s work. When you see someone in need of help, it’s up to US to be the hands and feet of Christ on earth. Big things, small things… were all part of the body. What a beautiful way to think about service! Anything you do out of self sacrificial love for the sake of another is being physically present as Jesus to the world. . God works the miracles but THROUGH us as his instruments. . So when you work in customer service and someone is being a rude mess but you treat them with love and kindness anyways. When you kids are testing your every nerve but you love the crap out of them anyways. When you wake early to care for your babies when you’d really just rather sleep in and ignore your responsibilities 🙋🏼‍♀️. . We’re called to be the physical body of His presence. You may be the only Jesus someone ever meets!

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