Get in Line with All the Other Sinners

#MyMassTakeaway for The Baptism of the Lord.

Jesus lined up with the rest of the sinners.

He wasn’t concerned about his image. He wasn’t afraid what other people thought of him.

He didn’t stand up and announce, “Just so you know, guys, I’ve never sinned.”

Jesus was willing to sacrifice his self-image out of love for us, to give us the gift of baptism, to make the waters holy for us.

It can be so hard when we feel others don’t see us for who we are. When they have misperceptions about us.

Sometimes we want to clear our name. We want to defend ourselves.

But in today’s Gospel, we learn that the truth speaks for itself.

All we need to do is remain committed to sacrificing ourselves for love of others. Just keep doing the right thing.

After Jesus’ baptism, God the Father cleared Jesus’ name. He revealed Jesus’ innocence, his divinity, the mystery of the holy Trinity.

At our baptism, God cleared our name, too.

And he continues to clear it with every confession. Just keep lining up with all the other sinners.

Don’t worry about your image. Don’t worry what others think of you.

Get in line to receive God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace. Then get back to work loving others and loving God.

It’s only his opinion that matters anyway.

Featured Five Takeaways


I love when priests evangelize on social media. Fr. Adam contributes his Mass Takeaway, and even provides his homily on SoundCloud!

His message: God is big enough to handle our high expectations, but that doesn’t mean our expectations are always realized.

Check out what Fr. Adam says about handling confounded expectations.


I love my friends over at El Arbol Menta, and that they offer reflections for the Spanish speaking audience.

In their reflection, they talked about the beauty of gifts and charisms. If you don’t know Spanish, just hit the translate button!


Speaking of charisms, Kirby just came back from a retreat on which she discerned her charisms!

She was surprised when her top charism was revealed, but knowing Kirby, I think it was a beautiful fit! Holy Spirit, for the win.

If you want to discern your charisms, check out this quiz. And don’t miss Kirby’s reflection!

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Yesterday I did a retreat called “Joyfully Gifted” about discovering, and understanding, your charism. These are spiritual gifts that each of us have been given to use in the world. The list the retreat uses are based on those spiritual gifts mentioned in St. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and Ephesians. I glanced at the list when I got there. Maybe Leadership was my gift – I tend to find myself in charge of things, without setting out to become in charge. Maybe knowledge – I collect information like a magpie collects shiny things. I knew what I could probably eliminate: prophecy was a solid “nope”. Intercession was unlikely – I would give my prayers a C grade for effectiveness. I answered the 100 statement inventory. As I was going along and adding up the boxes, I suddenly realized I had a standout category: Prophecy. Whaaaaa I think of prophecy being what Isaiah , Elijah, and all those Old Testament rock stars do – not what a mom of three kids does regularly. But then I looked a little harder at the definition of Prophecy as a charism and considered my life. Do I ever have times when there is a message I need to tell the world and it just bubbles out of me? Yup, that’s a big reason I got so thoroughly unpopular this past summer. Do I ever see the action God desires so clearly that nothing will dissuade me from it’s pursuit? That might be a why my family uses my name as a verb to mean “do what needs to be done, discomfort be damned!” I’m glad I did the inventory. It’s excellent timing as we hear about what kind of radical changes should come because of Jesus in today’s Gospel. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts/charism inventory? What kind of insights did you find?

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This week, Ginny finds renewed purpose in the vocation of motherhood through remembering her identity as a daughter of the King.

Ginny’s words are always a comfort and inspiration for anyone feeling burdened, overwhelmed, or drained.

You can turn to her for a comrade in difficult times!


Jen and Logan share a special moment, when one spouse gives the other a gentle push toward holiness.

It’s important to remember that we’re on this journey together, and to be humble in correction.

Follow them for marriage inspiration – they’re the best!

Get in Line with all the other sinners

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3 thoughts on “Get in Line with All the Other Sinners

  1. I love your closing words: “Get in line to receive God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace. Then get back to work loving others and loving God.

    It’s only his opinion that matters anyway.”

    So very very true!


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