#MyMassTakeaway: Put on Your New Self

Today’s the 18thSunday in Ordinary Time.

Find the Mass Readings here: 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Month day, year

My takeaway:

St. Paul tells us to “put away the old self… and put on the new self.” He’s calling us to work for change in a very radical change.

Not just to improve this or that about ourselves. Not just to act differently. But to put on a whole new self.

I can do this.

I can put on a new self. A self full of love and hope and joy and peace.

God, let Your will be done in me. Help me put on the new self You desire me to be.


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#MyMassTakeaway – Put on Your New Self I know I should have been thinking about the Bread of Life discourse. But I couldn't get past that second reading. St. Paul tells us to "put away the old self… and put on the new self." He's calling us to work for change in a very radical change. Not just to improve this or that about ourselves. Not just to act differently. But to put on a whole new self. Like I get up in the morning and take off my jammies and put on my outfit for the day. I don't keep my old sweaty tanktop on. Or my wrinkly pants. It's a complete transformation. A 100% change. I can get up and put my old self aside. Entirely. Nothing stays. And I can replace it with my new self. The me I want to be. The fresh start. Guys, I can *choose* this. I can choose it right now. It makes me think of the book "Rachel and Leah" by Orson Scott Card. It's a Biblical / Historical fiction. (A must-read). In the book, Old Testament Leah falls in love with Jacob, her sister Rachel's promised husband. As she gets to know Jacob and he teaches her about God, Leah undergoes an amazing transformation. She puts aside all her anger and frustration. All her grudges and disappointments. And she chooses to be a loving, cheerful, daughter of God. For a while she feels like she's faking it. But then she realizes it's no deception. She has the power to choose how she acts, how she responds. She has the power to choose to BE who she wants to be, with God's word and grace upholding her the entire time. And the transformation in her personality is astounding. Her choices make her so beautiful. I can do this. I can put on a whole new self. I can transform into the Saint God is calling me to be. Through His grace, I can leave the old me behind. Right now. I can put on a new self. A self full of love and hope and joy and peace. God, let Your will be done in me. Help me put on the new self You desire me to be. Amen.

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My Featured Five Takeaways

These takeaways resonated with me today.

But as usual, there are so many incredible reflections on Instagram today. Head over and read them all!


Catherine talked about the connection between physical and spiritual hungers.

That’s such an important thing to keep in mind. All our physical hungers, wants, and needs… they all point to a bigger spiritual need.

They all point to Jesus.

And nothing but Him will satisfy our hearts.



Ginny always gets me with her truth bombs.

Today, she encourages us to open up and let God in. To let Him transform us. No matter who we’ve been or where we’re from, God can do this.

“He loves us even when… we don’t deserve it.”

And nothing is impossible for Him.

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If you had asked me two and a half years ago why I started a blog, I would have told you it was because I wanted to help other people. That isn’t entirely true. I did want to support other moms and women in their day to day experiences with exceptional children. But what I also wanted was approval. I wanted people to tell me I was doing something good. There is a (not small) problem with this thinking. Instead of dedicating my work as a service to God and others, I mired myself down in jealousy and pride. When other people excelled or wrote something beautiful or ended up creating a viral, I didn’t rejoice with them. I stewed and let it eat away at me from the inside. God uses the broken. He uses the weak, the downtrodden, the prideful. But the first thing he does is mold you into the person he wants you to become. And suddenly, you’re kneeling in Mass at the consecration, your preschool Honey Badger inexplicably still at your side. And you realize that while the person you were when all of “this” started is still standing, she’s been changed – exponentially so – by the hand of God. Nothing is impossible for him. Not the conversion of hearts. Not the true presence in unleavened bread. Not the letting go, or the moving forward, or the transformation into who he wants you to become. He loves us even when – perhaps especially when – we don’t deserve it. Let him take the crowbar to your heart. #mysundaybest #mymasstakeaway

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Christine is keeping it real.

Her reflection about balancing the joys of God’s blessings and the stresses and challenges that go with touched my heart today.

We all grumble like those Israelites some days, don’t we?

I love her call to dive into the gift of Faith.

Beautiful, Christine.

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#MyMassTakeAway Do you ever grumble to God? In our house, things move slowly. Both my husband and I are fifty-something empty nesters wanting to embark on a new career and pursue an entirely different lifestyle. We made an offer on a Bed and Breakfast located about an hour from our home. This will give us a chance to be our own boss and utilize our talents. GREAT! Lord, I am ready to go! Let’s do this! However, God has other plans. This has been a huge test in patience and faith. We are literally scheduled to close on the Bed and Breakfast in three weeks. In order for this deal to happen, we need to sell our house. No nibbles. No showings. No interest. Lord, why is this happening? I thought this was your idea! Here starts the grumbling. I have done a lot of grumbling to God lately. In fact, I had a total meltdown on Thursday complete with the whole pity party. Poor me! Should I pack? Should I schedule the moving sale? What should I do? On and on went the grumbling, just like the Israelites as they wandered in the desert. (Exdos 16) God freed the Israelites from slavery and were they grateful? No! They complained because they didn’t have any food. Boy, can I relate to the Israelites! I don’t know why our house hasn’t sold yet but I do know that this is an opportunity to grow in faith. This is my chance to practice patience and trusting in God. God knows the big picture and he will provide, whether we stay or go. I’ve been meditating on Jean-Pierre de Caussade’s book, ‘Abandonment to Divine Providence’. He talks about allowing God to sanctify me in every moment of my life. In each moment I have a choice, will I do God’s will? Will I complain? It’s up to me. I can wait faithfully or grumble.

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First of all, can I just say – if you’re not following Heather, you need to be!

I always find myself laughing at her hoti-mess-ness.

But at the same time, shaking my head in commiseration. I am right there with you, Heather.

In her Mass Takeaway today, Heather dives right in to the Real Presence Jesus is talking about in the Bread of Life Discourse.

“Flesh and Blood, people… Flesh and blood.”

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Ohhhh ya'll! I LOVE me some John chapter 6. I LOVE IT. 3 more weeks of this at mass?? YASSSS. I am so excited! #GiveMeAllTheBreadofLifeDiscourse . For many, many reasons I am a firm believer that the Catholic Church is the one true church on earth that Jesus himself established. 
I could go into all the reasons but the #1 reason is because of the sacrament of the #Eucharist. . My kids, right now, they go to #Mass because I make them. And because they get Capri Sun and #Doughnuts after mass in the gathering area… 😒 But some day, God willing that I am a good teacher on this subject, they will crave mass like I do because they know they get to encounter Jesus in the flesh. . I've said it before and I'll say it again, this doesn't diminish the worship and praise of our Protestant brothers and sisters, their relationship with God is real, true, evident in the lives some of them live but they don't realize that it is just missing one vital part – Jesus in the flesh. Physically, touching God. Seeking him in three-fold fullness. . You see, when we go to a worship service we get God two fold – in His Word and in his community of believers (Matthew 18:20). We get that at Catholic Mass too – just sometimes it isn't as feel good, praise hands… and I thought Catholics were missing out on something because we don't often live our faith as vibrantly as our openly praising Protestant brothers and sisters…but that's because we have a 3rd component to our personal relationship with Jesus, one that MOST cradle Catholic's don't even know about. One that literally is meant to sanctify us from within. To give us fuel, fire, grace and love of Jesus himself to go out and try to be more like him. Flesh and blood people. We get Jesus in the flesh and blood. . (This and so much more of #mymasstakeaway on my blog! Link in my bio!)

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Please play for Desiree.

She couldn’t get to Mass today because she’s in the hospital with her daughter.

But she did get to receive Communion! Praise God. That’s a takeaway worthy of today’s readings for sure.

Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

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