#MyMassTakeaway: Shake It Off

Today’s the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Find the Mass Readings here: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 15, 2018

My takeaway:

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#MyMassTakeaway – Shake it off. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us haters gonna hate. And if their hearts are closed, there's no need to stick around. Get outta town and shake the dust off your feet. Sometimes it's better to walk away from the argument. Don't let yourself get dragged down. Don't get so emotionally embroiled that you can't think straight. Don't get tunnel vision. Instead, look for opportunities to spread the Gospel to those who are open to hearing it. Evangelize in a way that lifts you up and gives you energy. Makes you come alive in grace. It's not your job to change hearts. It's Jesus' job. Our part in evangelization is to announce His coming. Prepare the way. Sometimes, evangelization includes rejection. Even Jesus went through it. But rejection isn't failure. Not on our part. In fact it can be a sign that we're doing the right thing. It's a hard message we send – repentance and turning from our sins. So, in the face of rejection, shake it off. Move forward to the next opportunity God places in your path. #catholicsonline #Catholicinspiration #newevangelization #mycatholiclife

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:


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Today at Mass, our priest talked about how "for better or worse, culture affects Christianity." In Greece, it became part of philosophy. In some ways this is good because philosophy seeks wisdom, and God is Wisdom. In Rome, it became part of the government. In some ways this is good because it unified people. In Europe, it became part of the culture. In some ways this was good because it became a way of life. The problem is with all of these, it lacks connection with a personal God. God isn't just an idea or concept. He is Love and wants a personal relationship with us. In the United States,this effect is amplified because Christianity has almost become a business. Accordingly, we think we can choose our denomination. We think we can choose what to believe. And we will always be unsatisfied with our choice. Friends, remember that God chose us first. He chose us because He wants a relationship with us. What a beautiful gift the Mass is when we recognize God calls us there; that He chose us before we were even born. #MyMassTakeaway with @tojesussincerely #sundayfunday #lovetheword #livetheword #FaithBlogger #CatholicsOnline #bibleverse #Christianblogger #Godchoseyou #CatholicBlogger #BISsisterhood

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World War III, people. That’s what it was like getting out of the house. The girls were Exhausted From Far Too Much Excitement, the little guy was officially Offended By Shoes ™️, and the husband and I were Holding It All Together with some crazy combination of prayer and parental duct tape. Still, we made it to Mass. We received the Eucharist. We got the grace and the courage to go out and do it all again. Because truthfully, life as a Christian family in this world is not an easy one. It’s not just tempting to shake the dust from our sandals and move on to a brand new place – it’s tempting to plain old dust off and forget trying to get the monkeys and the circus and the elephants in the clown car and off to Church. But we are called to raise and build up a new generation. God doesn’t call the equipped, y’all. He equips the called.

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#mymasstakeaway :: Take only your shoes, a walking stick, and a friend. The rest will be provided. I am one to admit that I want to do and be all the things. For a life journey I want to plan it all myself, pack everything I need in a bag and not rely on anyone but my DANG self. And I’m pretty decent at handling all of it until… I’m not. #realtalk Lately I’ve been feeling anxious and depressed. Overwhelmed, cranky, mean, unable to juggle all the things and hearing God very blatantly tell me a path I should take and me very adamantly saying “naw, I’m good.. I know better anyways.” It’s all manifesting as a big bout of anxiety and depression. When I get like this I have to remember that God calls us to SHED all the unnecessary. Reprioritize. Refocus and wait for him to send everything we need to sustain life. My focus needs to be my relationship with God and living and proclaiming the Gospel, my relationship with my Husband, with my kids, homeschool and my home. Currently I’m pretty much prioritizing everything but and all my big life important things are failing miserably. So I’m cutting all the non-essentials, getting back to basics and letting God handle the rest! Oh, and starting back on my rosary a day Routine bc Our Lady is a mighty advocate for us anxious types! Are you stressed and overwhelmed? What can you cut? Soccer practices? Crafts? (Ahem.. me), Clutter? Delegate chores?? Meal plan to take away that stress? Let me know where you’re at, if you’re anxious and I’ll pray for you too!

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Hey! Guess what? It’s not all about you. Just getting your attention. 😉 But seriously, that’s what I want to talk about. It’s common, in fact, encouraged in our culture, to only concern yourself with your own will. Whatever you want, whatever you believe, just go with it. But, what if only concerning yourself with me, myself and I isn’t the way? What if my constant hunt for what *I* want leaves my life and the world lacking? God created us with a purpose in mind. We all are on a pilgrimage to find our mission, our calling, the reason for our lives. God didn’t create us to only think about ourselves and the path we wanna take. He created us to go out and reach others, be a light, and continue Christ’s work here on earth. His way is often not our way. His way, though, will challenge us, make us uncomfortable, stretch us, grow us, until one day we look back and see how we fit into the world. God already knows our potential; He knows the great things we can do. We come to know this by trusting in His guidance and loads of grace and humility. May your Sunday be beautiful and your week be blessed. Live well, Catholic Pilgrims. 😀 #mymasstakeaway #catholic #catholiclife #catholicsonline #catholicpilgrim #sunday #dayofrest #beautifulchurchesmakemehappy #mommamary

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“Jesus, Hear my cries to You for healing, mercy and rest! You know my heart, its wounds, its pain. You know what lies behind and before me. Total trust, total gift of myself to You — this is Your desire from me. You will heal my heart, transform my soul and work wonders in my life and through me, if I only but surrender all to You. As my heart turns to You, and my soul yearns for heaven, I surrender myself to You. Take my will and conform it to Yours. May I have complete and utter trust in You and leave all behind with total faith that all my earthly needs will be taken care of, just as Your disciples did, to proclaim Your Truth, Mercy, and Love. Thank You for giving me the understanding in my heart to know this life is not about me — it’s about surrendering my life to You so I may return Your Heavenly Love and Mercy and bring many hearts to You!” #mymasstakeaway #catholicprayers #catholicsonline #dailyprayer #dailyreflections

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This part of today's reading: "… leave there and shake the dust off your feet." It's extremely meaningful for me. While I was in college, I had a job where, after a year and a half, I felt like I was contributing to and writing things that I didn't agree with — things that conflicted with my faith. At the same time, I was also going to a holy hour each morning and praying for God to guide me closer to what He had in mind for me. After some time, I realized that meant leaving my job there (I had already had another offer that I thought would be a better fit, too). I finally came around to the idea of leaving when my spiritual director at the time shared this reading with me — the one that was today's Gospel. And she said something like, "It sounds like it might be time for you to shake the dust off of your feet." And that was that for me. I was ready to move on and find something new — something that I could somehow incorporate my faith into. Not too long after that, I ended up praying a Novena to St. Anne, during my holy hour, with the intention to meet a good Catholic man to date. When that novena ended, I decided to cover the local 40 Days for Life campaign for a radio news story, and I ended up getting the contact info for "the pro-life guy" in town. 👌🏻 I scheduled an interview with him, met him, interviewed him, turned off my recorder, and he said, "So tell me about yourself." ❤️😂 #whatagoodline Long story short: 1) I've almost only ever had good things happen after shaking the dust off of my feet. I highly recommend it! 2) The St. Anne Novena starts this Tuesday. Perfect timing. ❤️🙏 #catholicwife #catholiclife #mymasstakeaway

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#MyMassTakeaway – Travel Light! I loved Fr. John's bullet list for our journey: * focus * pray * trust * travel light Jesus invites the 12 to participate in His mission. He asks them to travel light: "He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick – no food, no sack, no money in their belts" – Mark 6:7-13 This definitely requires Trust: if you do God's work, He will provide! Focus on the mission. Like the 12, we are called to continue the mission. Prayer is essential- you cannot know the mission if you do not communicate with the one who sent you, therefore "pray without ceasing". We are sent out – pay attention to the One who sent you and pay attention to the people who you were sent to. TRAVEL LIGHT! +++ #homily #sermon #sundaybest #gospel #thewordofgod #mark6 #faith #faithjournal #biblejournalingcommunity #biblejournaling #openjourney #travellight #jesus #drawclosertogod #thewordisalive #trust #pray #praypraypray #mission @stgerardchurch #stgerardparish

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

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