#MyMassTakeaway: John the Baptist

Today’s the Solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist.

Find the Mass Readings here: Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist, June 24, 2018

My takeaway:

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Mommy + Princess selfies for #MySundaybest. #MyMassTakeaway. John the Baptist was kid of a big deal. Thousands of people came out to the desert – the DESERT – to hear him preach. But John knew that he wasn't *the* big deal. He knew that he was part of something bigger. He always pointed people to Christ. And when John was killed, his followers knew where to turn. John had led them to Jesus and that's who they would follow now. It doesn't matter if we're kind of a big deal. It doesnt matter how many friends or followers we have. It doesn't even matter if people like us or not. What matters is that we point people to Christ. That our lives are lived as a witness to Him. That we are the voice in the desert, preparing the way for Jesus. St. John the Baptist, help our lives point people to Jesus. Pray for us to be witnesses of the Good News to our spouse, children, friends, family, even strangers. Remind us that numbers don't matter. We may lead one to Him, or we may lead many. Just let our voices be heard as we cry out His name with all our words and deeds. Amen.

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:

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What is this? Oh it’s just my day old mascara + sob stains during mass that I used my shirt to wipe my snot nose and sobbing eyes with. . Have you ever had a moment in life where you’re enlightened that “wow.. THIS, this is the moment I was being pushed and guided to”. . For a month we’ve had rough (first world problem) issues. Husband gone playing war somewhere, all 4 kids,, electric circuits in our falling apart rental broken, tantrums and viciousness from the 2 year old, deciding that, although I try to be super woman… I am NOT and I need to run away. . My MIL for MONTHS has been saying that I needed to come to their beach house this week. B is gone, it’s my favorite place, I would have help. But i did the “oh no, I couldn’t, I can handle it up here”… newsflash. That was GOD sending me a Simon to help carry my cross and I’m all “no thanks I’ll just stumble and suffer with no help bc I’m an idiot.” . But maybe ALL this struggle, issues, road bumps were ALL because God wanted me sitting, alone, in that pew at Holy Redeemer Church in Kitty Hawk NC on Sunday June 24th at 10am to hear those exact words, songs and prayers. . I can’t WAIT to blog about everything God spoke to me. The feelings the amazing ness of his grace, forgiveness, love, guidance. I… can’t… wait! . Anyways, now I’m gonna go walk in that house and love on those little blessings God gave me to turn into disciples. . . Here’s the song that made me just… lose it 😭😭😭 . You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst. You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way. You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand. You shall see the face of God and live. Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me, and I will give you rest. If you pass through raging waters in the sea, you shall not drown. If you walk amid the burning flames, you shall not be harmed. If you stand before the pow'r of hell and death is at your side, know that I am with you through it all. #mymasstakeaway

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The responsorial psalm today read, “I praise You, for I am wonderfully made.” Our society has a habit of telling women and girls how they should dress, think, act. Too often, our inner voices are comprised not just of what we heard our mothers say to themselves, but also dictated by what those around us say – about us, and to us. . . I dislike my black church shoes – they have a habit of eating my feet. But, I wear them as my dressier flats on days I don’t wear heels. My daughter, on the other hand, loves her self-designated “princess shoes” dearly, and wears them all the time. It dawned on me, looking down on the shoes recently, that part of her love of her shoes must be because they look like mine in shape. As I gazed down at the image of similar shoes, I felt deeply within my heart, “See yourself, as her mama, the way she sees you. Beautiful. Loved. Needed.” . . Today’s responsorial psalm pointed out to me again – my daughter is taking her cues on what it means to be a woman from what she sees and hears from me. Not daunting, right? So, instead of putting myself down and pointing out my flaws and failures, it is extremely important for her to hear me praise my successes and embrace my beauty. It is important she hears me embrace the beauty of the wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend… woman, that I am. . . Because she is fearfully and wonderfully made. . . I am fearfully and wonderfully made. . . And you, dear reader, are fearfully and wonderfully made. . . #catholicsonline #catholicsofinstagram #mymasstakeaway w/ @tojesussincerely #beauty #beautyinthemess #bctgp #catholicmom #catholicwoman #femcatholic #everydayediths w/ @everydayediths #wonderfullymade #momlife #wearetheirfirstteachers #parentsasteachers

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Today is the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. The readings today talked a lot about prophets being specially prepared to serve God before they were ever conceived. We also know that St. John the Baptist lived a pretty intense life in the desert. It is really intimidating for the average person. But there is a trait of St. John that we can all strive to model: courage. Being a Christian, living a boldly Catholic life, requires courage. And our culture needs our courage. People need to hear Christ proclaimed. They need to hear the truth about marriage and abortion. The world desperately needs courageous Christians. #MyMassTakeaway with @tojesussincerely #CatholicsOnline #CatholicsofInstagram #Christianblogger #lovetheword #FaithBlogger #CatholicBlogger #Courage #evangelization #StJohntheBaptist #JohntheBaptist #sundayfunday

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This pretty girl delivered stillborn triplets a month early this morning. Not exactly the kidding we had hoped for. Tim ended up staying home from Mass to keep an eye on her as she was refusing to drink water or leave her stall. She is otherwise eating and moving around with no fever so we got her some electrolytes and are watching her closely. I drove to town feeling really down, like I screwed this up somehow for her. When an animal dies you really can’t help but feel responsible. Then Father gave a homily about how John the Baptist was confident in who he was and what his purpose was. He was on an unapologetic mission from God, for God. Got me reflecting even more on our blogging chat yesterday- especially when it comes to being who God has called us to be and doing what he’s called us to do. On the blog that means even when I’m writing between two worlds. And it means on the farm even when it isn’t pretty.

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"I am a Zechariah, but I want to be a Simeon. I have the prayer life of a Zechariah, or I try to do my thing, I try to do my prayer. But I wonder how much faith I actually have, and I wonder how I would respond if God said “Now is the moment.” But I want to be a Simeon. I want to have the eyes of faith that sees even when it’s not faith, even when there’s a veil over it. Because that’s how God likes to act. He doesn’t come to us in lightning bolts and thunder cracks from the sky, and speaking to us from the clouds saying “Hey, (Annie).” No, He comes to us veiled, He comes to us in the hidden ways. And we need to develop the eyes of Simeon to see Him when He comes. That’s my prayer, that’s my prayer for you. Those of us that are Zechariahs, those of us who have got a little bit of a chip on our prayer shoulder, (I pray) that we could have the eyes of faith and be like Simeon, even though we’ve been waiting for a long time, even though we might be tired and fatigued, when we see the presence of God at work in the world, that we have the courage and the grace to say “Yes, there. Thank You, Lord. Now my eyes have seen.” May we all be people with eyes who can see." (Dr. Scott Powell, one of our Pray More Retreat speakers) #mymasstakeaway #mysundaybest

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KNOWN. This was the word that stuck with me at Mass today. The Creator of the universe knows you by name. You are not a nameless face in a crowd of billions. You are not lost to Him. He knows your name. He has made you with great love and care, and He has a specific purpose JUST for you. You are unrepeatable. • This was the word that echoed in my heart as I talked to so many people who stopped by the booth at FaithFest yesterday. People who were mourning. People who were in pain but were there to praise and rejoice. People who were worried about loved ones. People who had been healed by Jesus and seen Him restore sight to the blind. People who shared a kind word of encouragement or wanted to know MY name. • Who in your life makes you feel seen, known, and cherished? Who can you give that gift to this week? Let’s seek to know one another as the beloved of God instead of the “other” this week. Now go love like Jesus, friends! ❤️

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

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