#MyMassTakeaway: Palm Sunday – who you are

Today’s Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion.

Find the Mass Readings here: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, March 25, 2018

My takeaway:

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#MyMassTakeaway: Palm Sunday – who you are. . Humility is knowing who you are before God. . In the first reading, Isaiah says "The Lord has given me a well trained tongue." He recognizes the talents the Lord has given him, and he strives to use them for the good of others. . In the second reading, we hear that Jesus is God, but He doesn't "grasp at" equality with God. This reminds us of Adam and Eve, who wanted to be like gods, who grasped at equality with God. They let their pride take over. . In the Gospel, Jesus gets asked twice about who He is. The questioners don't really believe His answers. They're not looking for truth, but trying to catch Him in pride. . Are you the Christ? I am. From anyone else, those two small words would be blasphemy. But Jesus humbly proclaims His identity. . Are you the king of the Jews? You said it. Jesus is not going to deny it. He embraces who He is and why He came into this world. . Humility leads us to proclaim who we are. In truth, we don't deny God's blessings. We proclaim the good attributes He's blessed us with, and we seek to give Him all the glory. We don't play up our gifts in pride, and we don't grasp for more than God has given us. . What gifts has God given you? Proclaim them, without shame, in all humility. And reflect on how you can give those gifts back to God and use them for His glory. . #mysundaybest with @rosiehill425 -Legend's first Mass!

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:

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The voices that cried out “Hosanna!! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” as they lined the road with palm branches were the same voices that cried out “Crucify him!” in the crowd. It’s a very somber and humbling realization to know that- although we may proclaim love and praise for our Lord- it was our sins that condemned him, scourged his body, and nailed him to the Cross. But it was HIS LOVE for all of us that kept him up there. He willingly sacrificed his own life that we may experience salvation. There’s no greater love than that. ❤️ #mymasstakeaway #love #christ #jesus #hosanna #palmsunday #crucifix #cross #sacrifice #lent2018 #lent #catholicsonline #catholicsofinstagram #catholicblogger #catholicmillennial #catholicteens #catholicyouthgroup #catholicwife

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In Philippians 2:6-11 (the second reading for today), we hear how Christ “emptied himself… humbled himself, even to the point of death…” and because of His surrender, God exalted Him “above every other name…” . . All of us are called to greatness. Perhaps not in a manner in which Christ was called, but rather, in smaller ways – perhaps less notable ways. We are called to greatness in our everyday lives, no matter what our calling. Even when we aren’t called to be famous and known on a grand stage, we are called to be great to those around us – our spouses, our children, our friends. . . To be great, though, we *must* take a cue from Christ, and first be humble. As Jim Caviezel is fond of reminding us, “Saul means great one, Paul means little one. One simple letter change makes a great difference in meaning.” To be great in our everyday lives, we must surrender our all to God – to allow Him to shine through our thoughts, words, and actions. We, too, must be like Christ and empty ourselves. Only then, can we truly be great in our day to day lives. . . #mysundaybest w/ @rosiehill425 #mymasstakeaway w/ @tojesussincerely #sundaybestsociety w/ @sundaybestsociety #catholicblogger #inspiration #begreat #worktowardgreatness #humility #faith #catholicsonline #catholicsofinstagram #proudcatholic

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The Holy Week has began. "See, your king comes to you, a just savior, gentle and riding on a donkey" Prophet Zechariah said. In the Magnifikid, for today, beautiful Palm Sunday, the homily ends "He is and always will be the King of our hearts" Amen. +++ This is the entry I did for Procession Sunday in the Prayer journal 'Walking Holy Week with Jesus ' from @tojesussincerely The prayer for this day: Jesus, I offer all that is good in me, to You, in honor of your Kingship. +++ #MyMasstakeaway #homily #sermon #mark11 #palmsunday #processionsunday #walkingholyweekwithjesus #prayerjournal #faithjournal #catholic #devotional #biblejournaling #biblejournalingsupplies #creativedevotionalkit #biblejournalingcommunity #catholiccommunity #catholicartist #faith #ingridblixt #openjourney #drawclosertogod #theking

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En la Misa de Ramos, el padre dijo que ser cristiano significa estar en comunión con Cristo, imitarlo y llevarlo a donde quiera que vayamos, ser sus representantes. Sin embargo, explicó, hoy en día es difícil ser ese tipo de cristiano, pues nos acomodamos a la vida moderna y al entorno que nos rodea… pero tenemos que ser valientes y llevar la verdad y defender lo que creemos. En la iglesia tenían una pantalla con la imagen de Jesús entrando a Jerusalén en el burrito y todos con sus ramos dándole la bienvenida, y yo pensaba en cómo un día era amado y al otro rechazado. Y eso pasa todos los días, no sólo en aquel Domingo de Ramos. Como dijo el padre, a veces lo seguimos sólo cuando es cómodo y conveniente, pero Él nos pide más entrega y compromiso. ¡Que esta Semana Santa podamos acompañar a nuestro Señor y seguirlo hasta la Cruz! ❤ Ale G. #MyMassTakeaway #ConquémequedédelaMisa #ElÁrbolMenta #SomosCatólicas #DomingodeRamos #SemanaSanta2018

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

#MyMassTakeaway Palm Sunday

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