Why Does Everyone Want to Touch Pregnant Ladies?

The irresistible call of a baby belly: a miracle you can touch.

“I don’t know what it is…” admitted my lab tech (a young, not-so-bad-looking guy), “but some part of me just needs to connect with that part of you.”

Please, try to be more awkward as you stand there with your hand on my belly and a needle shoved in my arm…

“Do you get that a lot?”

Um yeah, usually from the old ladies at the grocery store. They hardly ever ask first. They just stretch out their old wrinkled hands and go for it.

What is it about pregnant ladies and their giant bellies? How is my stomach all of a sudden an acceptable place to put your hands? I’m a personal space kind of person, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone.

But I’ve only been thinking about it in terms of myself.

What is that old lady experiencing? What’s going through that young (single, I’ll introduce you) lab tech’s mind?

What makes people feel the need to connect, physically, with a pregnant belly?

Baby Baby Baby

My children have been all over me lately. All. Over. Me. I’m 9 months pregnant, super-huge, always too hot, and quite uncomfortable. And they just can’t stay away.

But I’ve noticed something. It’s not me they want. It’s not me they’re clinging to.

It’s my belly.

My giant belly with a teeny tiny baby inside.

My son Hero has been blessing me with extra hugs. But they’re not around my neck. I don’t even have to bend down to his level. He just bumps his head right into my belly, gives it a squeeze and a kiss.

He snuggles me, too. Like… during the day. That’s unheard of for him. But he’ll sit right down on the couch beside me, with his hands resting just so on my tummy. He knows where the baby usually kicks. He knows where to check for the hiccups.

My sweet not-the-baby-anymore, Fawn, has been sleeping in our bed again. She snuggles the heck out of me. I try to push her over to Daddy’s side, but she slides right back towards me. She drapes her legs over the bottom of my belly, and drapes her arms over the top. She whispers “Baby, Baby, Baby,” as she feels the tiny kicks transferring from my belly to hers.

And my Princess? She’s a feisty one. “My baby!” is her mantra. “Baby, come out!” she demands. She loves to take a nice long afternoon nap, curled up around my belly.

They can’t get enough.

Where Have All the Miracles Gone?

Lord my God, Creator of all, what is it that evokes this reaction from others? What is it about a pregnant belly that just begs to be touched? That craves connection?

Why does everyone want to touch pregnant ladies? Tweet this.

It’s the sense of miracle.

No, not just the sense of miracle. It’s an actual real-life, in-the-moment miracle.

How often do we get a chance to witness Your power first hand? We read about the miracles in the Bible, and we wonder: what changed? We don’t see people being raised from the dead. We don’t see the blind and the lame being spontaneously made whole.

We see “real life.”

We have this disconnect between what we perceive as real and possible, and what we accept as the stories of “back then.” That kind of special thing happened a long time ago, but it wouldn’t happen now.

Not in this age of science and reason and skepticism.

God our Father, we put You in a box. We can accept the miracles of the Bible. The miracles of the Saints. Because we don’t have to acknowledge them right now. We don’t have to step out of our comfort zone.

We live in a miracle-free world. Only because of our own disbelief.

Except when it comes to new life.

I Can’t Create Anything

My God, You’ve given us the gift of creativity. We can think, write, paint, sculpt. We can come up with creative solutions to problems at home or in the workplace. We can make and appreciate the beauty of art.

But we can’t truly create anything.

We can’t make something out of nothing. That’s simply beyond us. That power belongs solely to You.

Everything we make, we make from other things. We take something that already existed and turn it into something new. But it came from somewhere. Its origins were already there.

And at first glance, some might say the same about human life. Some who don’t fully understand.

The cells already exist in husband and wife. They come together to create something new: a human baby. But the materials for this new person were already there, just like everything else in this world.

But there’s more.

There is something there that wasn’t there before.

The moment that baby is conceived, something quite amazing happens.

At that moment, You, our God, take up that old job of creation. You didn’t stop on the 6th day. You set the world and everything in it in motion. Everything was well organized to use what You’d put in place to keep itself going.

Everything but human life.

The moment that tiny baby is conceived, You create a brand new soul for it. A soul that didn’t previously exist, and neither did the “materials” for it. You create the soul out of nothing. Wow!

And You’ve given us power over this creation. It’s by our actions that a new baby is brought into the world. You’ve bound Yourself up with the gift of procreation that only humans possess. If we make a new baby, You will give it a soul.

That’s an amazing power.

Every pregnant belly is the home of a real-life, modern-day miracle.

Must… Touch… the Miracle

Even if we can’t put it into words, this miracle calls out to us all. This miracle begs for our admiration, our honor. It stands apart in a world that rejects God’s omnipotence. In a world that thinks it’s moved past the “superstition” of miracles.

The miracle of new life may be the one miracle left that we can’t deny.

My children show me how irresistible this miracle is. They’re so young. Yet so in touch with the baby growing within me. They get it. When they connect with that baby, they’re connecting with God. They get to hug and snuggle and kiss a brand new creation. A true creation that stands apart from anything else in this world.

That old lady at the grocery store, she can’t help herself. In a world where skepticism reigns rampant, the one undeniable miracle left beckons her. She sees it, but she must touch it. She doesn’t even think to ask. Just reaches out. Places her hand…

And feels life.

Brand new life. God’s amazing power is right there, under her fingertips. The same miracle of creation that kicks off the Bible continues to live on, and she has to feel it.

The lab tech, he may not know it, but he craves that connection with God. He longs for that sense of miracle. It pulls him so strongly, he can’t resist.

He too must touch. And feel. He has to know that this miracle is real. He has to experience it with his senses.

God is here. He continues to work His miracles among us. We can try to ignore His power, which continues to work in the world around us. We can try to science Him away.

But it’s not going to work.

Because He put this plan into motion. He made the science that explains the universe. He made everything we use to advance in this world of technology. He started this whole miraculous world, He put it all in place, and it continues to work the way it does because of His awesome wisdom and power.

And just to remind us He’s behind it all, He continues to create. He continues to work His miraculous power. He continues to show us this sign of His omnipotent love.

It’s right here.

Here in this giant belly with a baby growing inside.

You can reach out and touch it.

God continues to work His miraculous power… You can reach out and touch it. Tweet this.

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The irresistible call of a baby belly: a miracle you can touch. God is here. He continues to work His miracles among us. We can try to ignore His power, which continues to work in the world around us. But it’s not going to work.

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