#MyMassTakeaway: Put to the Test

Today’s the 2nd Sunday in Lent

Find the Mass Readings here: 2nd Sunday in Lent, February 25, 2018

My takeaway:

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#MySundaybest with @rosiehill425 . #MyMassTakeaway: Put to the Test. . (Swipe) I love this picture of Abraham. You can see his frustration and confusion. It's there in the expression on his face. In his upturned palm. "God, WHAT do you WANT from me?!?" . It seems like all his life, Abraham has received mixed messages from God. He will be the father of nations. He and his wife struggle with infertility for years. He finally has his promised son. Then God commands Abraham to kill his son. Then God shows up just in time to stop him from killing his son… . "Can't You just give it to me straight?! Tell me what You want from me and then let me do it." Why does God seem to give us things just to take them away?! Why all the suffering and confusion? . Our pastor said today that "Those who walk a difficult path need a clear sense of the goal." The Transfiguration gives us that. A glimpse of the beauty and joy that awaits us. If we share in His Cross, we'll also share in His glory. . Today we pray that God may help us understand the mystery of suffering. That He'll help us see through the confusion and accept that, even if we don't understand God's plan, He's got one. And it's beautiful and glorious in the end!

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:


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“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Whew, we needed to hear that this weekend. It feels like it’s been one thing after another lately – sickness, finances, you name it. There’s been some good, of course, but it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with the bad sometimes. Our priest said today at Mass that “the true test of faith is to believe even when you are greatly afflicted.” We have to be honest….as much as suffering sucks, it keeps us united to Him. We’ve been making sure to go to God in prayer together every day because we need it. We need His guidance, His love. In the words of our priest: “The way out of affliction is to love God more.” #mymasstakeaway with @tojesussincerely #mysundaybest with @rosiehill425

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“This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.” Christ asks us to do a lot of thing- difficult things. The tasks themselves aren’t difficult, but having to die to self in order to complete them is downright HARD. It’s a sacrifice. And sacrifices aren’t easy. But the sacrifices God asks us to make to show our love for Him aren’t anything He hasn’t already done for us. For example, He asked Abraham to give Him the life of his only son. It was a huge test of faith. I can’t imagine what Abraham was feeling in that moment. But he was willing to make that sacrifice for the Lord. And the Lord was willing to make that sacrifice for Abraham… and all of his descendants. Not only was He willing, He actually did it. So in the moments when we are being tested and have big struggles to face, we can look to the Cross and know that what God is asking of us is nothing He wouldn’t take on Himself. That can give us the strength to take on any battle. “If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son but handed him over for us all, how will he not also give us everything else along with him?” #mymasstakeaway #catholicsonline #catholicsofinstagram #catholicblogger #cross #crucifix #sacrifice #faith #struggle #strength #God #heisforus #notagainstus

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Such an inspiring homily (Fr. Paul) and readings (all of them!) for today's Mass. In the Gospel reading from Mark 9: 2-10, the three disciples witness our Lord's transfiguration! Along with transfigured Jesus, Elijah and Moses appear along conversing with him. After they hear the voice of God, they are alone again with Jesus – Elijah and Moses had disappeared. Moses sums up what God had done through the Law and Elijah is the greatest prophet , a  harbinger of the Messiah. Because Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law and Prophecies, Moses and Elijah were no longer needed. And now imagine,  the same Jesus, that appeared in all his glory on the mountain, the same Jesus, the creator and  saviour of the Universe is right here… He wants to be so much part of you and of your life that He wants to be your Food, not just spiritual, but actual food, in the Eucharist. The New Transfiguration is this, he changes into the bread and wine to be able to change a human heart! He humiliated himself and becomes such a little thing, so he can enter into our hearts, through the Eucharist. Without the Eucharist, the Mass is this empty ritual… And even more, when the priest says "Pray brethren, that my sacrifice and YOURS may be acceptable to God " we can offer our heart as well, we can put our heart in the Eucharistic sacrifice, offer ourselves to God so he can freely build that clean and open heart within us! +++ #MyMasstakeaway #homily #sermon #mark9 #transfiguration #jesus #drawclosertogod #lovegod #godinspired #openjourney #religiousart #christianart #biblejournaling #faith #faithjournal #catholic #eucharist #moses #elijah #stgerardparish #gospel #ingridblixt #TB2G #openjourney

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

MyMassTakeaway Put to the Test

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