#MyMassTakeaway: The Good News

Today’s the 1st Sunday in Lent

Find the Mass Readings here: 1st Sunday in Lent, February 18, 2018

My takeaway:

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#MyMassTakeaway: The Good News . In this week's homily, Father said lots of great things. I wasn't entirely sure how they all fit together, but they were all really great! But the thing that hit me most was the point with which he wrapped up his homily: . "People don't come to church to hear the bad news. No, Jesus sends us out to the world to preach the Good News!" . Sometimes, we can look around us and get weighed down by all the bad things. The horrors in the news. The tragedies. The disappointing views of our culture. . We don't need more bad news. . Fortunately, despite our sinfulness, Jesus' message is the Good News! He came to save us from our sin. Redemption is free, we only have to accept it. . The world might seem in a bad way, but if we look deep enough, we recognize that it is good. Because God created it good! Yeah, it could use a little saving here and there. It could use some reform, some change. But that's what Jesus came for. And that's what He calls us to put into motion. Go out into the world. Get spreading that goodness. . People may seem beyond hope. Strangers are scary. Every next person could pose a potential threat to my life, my kids, my happiness. But… people aren't bad. They're good, because God created each and every one of us in His image and likeness. Again, we need some redemption. We all have our sins, our failings. But Jesus can take those away. He can and He has, by His sacrifice on the Cross. We just need to accept our Salvation, get our butts into confession, and encourage others to do so too. . Instead of spreading the bad news today, let's look to amplify the Good News. The world you live in is good. You are good. Jesus loves you with an infinite love. Accept your goodness, turn from the darkness that threatens your peace, and walk towards the Light that is our Savior, this Lent! . #babybump – 35 weeks!

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:




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It intrigued me that the Old Testament reading for the first Sunday of Lent included the most beautiful image of hope. The Lord sets the bow in the sky not only to remind us but Himself of the covenant between us. The waters no longer will destroy us; instead they wash away the stain of our sins through the sacrament of baptism. God used what formerly destroyed us to become the vehicle of our salvation through Christ our Lord. Recall the covenant – repent and hear the good news of God – God has returned to man and walks among us. The fellowship we lost in the garden is restored. Indeed, this is good news!! @tojesussincerely #mymasstakeaway #catholic #baptism #catholicconvert #lent #repent #kingdomofgod

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"(The 40 Days Jesus spent in the desert) prepared Him for the rest of His life. It prepared Him for covenant. So, through that time of preparation, He was prepared for a new relationship with His father and with all of humanity. And that’s exactly what we have to remember during this time of Lent. It’s not a time that we would wish away, right. It’s a time that we intentionally put ourselves, as Jesus did, on a retreat. We intentionally heap some suffering upon ourselves, which we call penance, which we call mortification; we give of ourselves in alms giving, we give our lives, remembering the covenant that we have been made for, the covenant that fulfills our life." #mymasstakeaway #catholicwife #catholiclife http://praymoreretreat.com/renewing-covenant-god-lent-lent-2018/

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Cousins and friends ♡ #MyMasstakeaway "The rainbow is the symbol of God's mercy and love". The homilist stated this, he was talking about Noah and how Scripture talks about why God put a rainbow in the sky after the flood. I thought it was lovely to hear. I love rainbows. My husband loves rainbows. Who doesn't like rainbows? Then I thought, if I do a #mymasstakeaway today, I'd love to post a picture of a rainbow. ..but I don't have any (at least not any recent ones ). As I looked through the pictures I took today, I noticed this one – there's a rainbow in it. How fitting is it that this rainbow is in between two babies…When we look at a child we love, don't we often think of how they are gifts from God. How much do we love our babies? God loves us more…Let's lean into that love and truly work to love others the way God loves us…with mercy. Infinite amounts of mercy. ..

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Great homily today – learned new things and got some great reminders from our Deacon Jim. #MyMasstakeaway is this: #40 and eternity, totally different things, something to measure finite things and then infinity. It makes sense though, we are on a finite journey towards an unmeasurable destination. The #gospel reading from Mark 1:12-15 tells us how the Spirit drove Jesus into the desert where he remained for 40 days in fasting, prayer and temptation from Satan. The 40 days is often used when God is trying to get our attention or transform us: 40 days of rain, the 40 days Moses spent on Mt Sinai, 40 days to change the people of Nineveh…Will these 40 days of Lent change us in what God wants us to be? Will it be a spiritual journey? (Journey- I think this is one of my favorite words) We have to remember, we are on a journey!! Deacon Jim told us how in a Lenten Companion he was reading at one time, the message for day 4 of Lent was that We are made to last forever. Which will stick with me as well, because it's a pretty awesome statement and a reality and we forget….of course we won't last forever in this life, but we are here, on Earth, on a journey to be prepared to last forever. If we enter the desert of Lent, prayer fasting and righteous deeds will keep us on track. PRAYER is spending time with God and he will remind you that you are meant to last forever. FASTING, abstaining from those unnecessary things that suck our time and energy, like social media, binge watching shows…. anything that distracts us from quality time with God. RIGHTEOUS DEEDS or alms giving- finding something you can do consistently, something that is realistically doable like giving the gift of your time to others, write a letter each day during these #40days to family and friends #happymail, donate an item each day, make blessing bags for each day… Lent is an opportunity to be transformed, like Noah, Moses, people of Nineveh and be reminded we are meant to last forever. +++ #homily #sermon #mark1 #gospel #lent #40 #40daysinthedesert #nineveh #jesus #fasting #journey #journeywithgod #trust #trustingod #home #lovegod #godinspired #openjourney #religiousart

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

Instead of spreading the bad news today, let's look to amplify the Good News. The world you live in is good. You are good. Jesus loves you with an infinite love. Accept your goodness, turn from the darkness that threatens your peace, and walk towards the Light that is our Savior, this Lent!

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