#MyMassTakeaway: Evangelization

Today’s the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Find the Mass Readings here: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 4, 2018

My takeaway:

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#MyMassTakeaway: Evangelization. . Today our pastor talked about 3 advancements that revolutionized the world of writing. . 1. The alphabet. 2. The printing press. 3. The internet. . Each of these advancements made the written word more accessible. But one revolution is missing from the list. A revolution that affected, not the quantity of writing, but the quality. . The 4th revolution is THE WORD: Jesus Christ. Because of Him, through His power, our words have the ability to raise people to life. They have the power to CHANGE lives. . As a blogger, this was a very powerful message to me. Like St. Paul, I was a reluctant evangelist when I started out. I didn't want to be a blogger or a writer. I didn't want to share my thoughts or prayers publicly. . But God called me to this, and He led me here without any shadow of a doubt. And since starting out, I've come to embrace this call with a passion. . Now, I can see God's divine grace doing wonderful things through this calling. Every time I receive a message that my writing has brought them hope or peace, or has made a difference in their lives, it fills my heart with so much joy. I'm blessed that God has done these great things. These things don't come from me, but God works these things through me. . His gospel – His good news, the revolution that IS Jesus Christ… combined with the revolution that is the internet… have an amazing power. And I'm a firsthand witness to this. A witness to the change in people's lives, thanks be to God's great providence. . I pray today, that God gives me the grace to be a good evangelist. To always speak (or write) the Truth. To share the good news in a way so compelling that it moves people to change. That it moves them to draw closer to Christ. . And I thank Him for this unexpected calling. For this blessing that I didn't want and didn't ask for. I thank Him for the opportunity to get to know you all, my dear readers. For the privilege of sharing in some small part of your life. For the grace of witnessing the way God's grace and His Spirit move in you. . I love you, my readers. And I pray for you every day. May your encounters with me always lead you closer to Jesus. Amen.

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Thoughts from my blogging friends:

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Some reflection before #mass in my amazing @everysacredsunday journal! Even Jesus had to rise early, before the day got started and people started demanding things of him – “heal my mom’s fever”, “hey, cast out this demon”, “walk on water”, “do all the miracles”. Even Jesus himself had to stop, pause, pray, and consult his Heavenly Father to get his “mission” for the day… to set the intent. To find the purpose for which the Father put him on earth for that day. Are we doing that? Sleep is so so precious for a mama… for anyone for that matter but how much more joyful, fruitful, purposeful would our days be if we consulted our Heavenly Father each morning to set intent, pray, and realigned our purpose for what God has called us to do. I’m a firm believer that we were given exactly the amount of time in a day to get the things God wants us to get done and if there “isn’t enough time in the day” then we’re trying to do more than God wants/needs of us. So who is contemplating waking up even 5-15 min early to chat with God? Before the world starts demanding all the things of us? I know I need to work on it!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #mymasstakeaway #catholicmom #catholicblogger #catholicgirl #catholicism #gospelaccordingtomark

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Have you noticed a trend with Philomena’s love of her Christmas dress? Despite three other winter Sunday dresses this sequin dress must be worn. Every. Sunday. . The Gospel for the Old Rite today was the sower whose seeds fall on different types of soil, and Father had the *best* reflection on it. . Instead of thinking (as I always have when I read this parable)of ourselves as the good soil in which the Word of God has been planted and is flourishing… we can think of ourselves as the entire field. . Sometimes the field of our hearts is rocky and we aren’t willing to listen to God. . Sometimes our hearts are so busy and distracted with our affairs that we mean well but aren’t making enough time for His seeds to actually flourish in the maze of weeds we haven’t rooted up yet. . And sometimes we *are* the good soil where His Word is planted and we take good care of the seeds and see they grow within us. . Every field needs good tilling. Don’t neglect your soil for long or it will end up full of weeds or rocks before you know it. . #mysundaybest with @rosiehill425 . . #myMasstakeaway with @tojesussincerely . . #Catholiclife #SundayMass #HolyMass #Catholicsofinstagram

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Today, Alan gave the kids an F at Mass. They weren’t necessarily loud the entire time (trust me, there was some shouting a few times, ahem Rori), but they just kept leaving the pew and they weren’t listening. I told him, I gave them a C. 😉 For me, I’ve really come to embrace this season of life. They’re currently almost 4 and 2 years old. They cannot sit still, they’re not meant to at those ages. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not absorbing anything or learning. Both kiddos have come to know AND sing the hymns, which makes my heart burst with joy. If we can instill in them, a love for Mass and the Eucharist starting now, I’d say these “F” days are pretty worth it. . . . . . . #holyfamily #mymasstakeaway #catholicmom #catholicmomthoughts #thecatholicwoman

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Too busy to eke out a few minutes to pray, friend? Yeah. I hear you – I do. Totally my inner dialogue! “But have you SEEN my to do list?!?” Ponder this, though. Even Jesus, what with all His saving humanity and all, went out to a deserted place to pray. Today’s #MyMassTakeaway: we have to make time for quiet prayer. • The fruit of our lives, all that comes from our hustle and bustle, is worth nothing in the grand scheme of things if it isn’t an outpouring of God’s work in and through us. Begin with prayer. Work in prayer. Rest – as prayer. Do all things for the sake of sharing the good news. • One of my best Lents came by taking the advice of Bishop Flores (@amigo_de_frodo). One evening, gathered with a handful of college students, he shared that he found even 5 minutes before the Lord in Adoration each day transformed his life. So for 40 days I visited Jesus for at least 5 minutes. He changed me as He always does. • Maybe we can’t make it to adoration or a tabernacle daily. It’s okay. Jesus is with us where we are. Start with 5 minutes. Put down the phone, turn off Netflix, let the baby play solo for a bit, step away from the computer – just start with 5 minutes. Take a deep breath and enter into a conversation with Jesus. If you want the time to be with Him, He will gladly oblige you. ❤️

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Mothering is hard stuff. So is fathering. But, I’m speaking as a mom here. . . . Many of us moms need, and crave, some peace and quiet to get away and spend time in prayer with our Father – the way Jesus did in today’s Gospel. . . . What I realized today was, even Jesus was followed. Not by little kids, but by His very own disciples. I wondered if they were loud as they searched for Him. I wondered if Jesus heaved a sigh and told His Father He’d be right back. I wondered if Jesus even rolled His eyes at “yet another interruption.” . . . Time in prayer is good. . . . Time in prayer is to be cherished. . . . So are the times our prayer is interrupted by the ones who “desperately need” us. . . . God sees our effort. And, He sees how we react to the disruptions. Let us respond appropriately! . . . #mymasstakeaway w/ @tojesussincerely #catholicblogger #catholicsonline #catholicsofinstagram #motherhood #prayer #faithlife #prayerlife #faith #inspiration #gospelthought #christianblogger

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

I thank Him for this unexpected calling. For this blessing that I didn't want and didn't ask for. I thank Him for the opportunity to get to know you all, my dear readers. For the privilege of sharing in some small part of your life. For the grace of witnessing the way God's grace and His Spirit move in you.

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