The Prayer That Changed My (Sex) Life

My husband and I are a CCL-certified NFP (Natural Family Planning) teaching couple. And as such, we like to share a little TMI sometimes… 

Hey there, husbands and wives. You should pray before sex.

Hey, Sara. You’re nuts. That’s awkward and weird.

I know. Do it anyway. It changed my (sex) life and it will change yours.

Okay, well… how?

I’ll tell you how. Beware: you might blush.

Jesus: Pray. Me: yeah-NO.

I was about four months postpartum after Baby #2. My oldest was not even 2 years old yet, and it was difficult to have them both attached to me all day long.

It was hard to adjust from meeting the needs of just one toddler to meeting the needs of two tiny humans. And, oh yeah, my husband still wanted to have sex once in a while.

But I was all touched out. Maxed out. I was meeting everybody else’s needs, but somehow not my own. The last thing in the world that I wanted was to get all hands-on with my husband.

I wanted to be able to think. To be able to pray. I craved a spiritual connection that was being suffocated by all the physical needs of my family.

I needed me some Jesus.

So I took off for a quick Adoration visit. And I sat there complaining to God about how drained my body was. About how little I wanted to be intimate with my husband. About how I didn’t want to let him down, but I needed something… different. Something more. I needed to connect on other levels.

Jesus prompted me:

Jesus: Pray.

Me: Sure, we do that every day.

Jesus: No. PRAY. Tonight. Before you have sex.

Me: yeahhhh-NO. I’m not about to hop out of bed mid-deed and say a Rosary.

Jesus: No, nothing like that. Pray like this…

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Jesus gave me the what. He gave me the when. But it still took me a while to get on board. It was another two months before I finally gathered the courage to bring up the awkward topic with my husband.

Let’s do this THANGG

“I want to try something new.” That sounded like an exciting way to bring up the topic.

My husband, God bless him, was all-ears. And to my great surprise, he didn’t laugh in my face the way I’d laughed in God’s. We decided we’d give this prayer-before-sex thing a try. And if it made things too awkward, we’d stop.

So when exactly should we pray?

Well, you know. Whatever. Maybe when things start to get exciting. When we know this is more than a goodnight kiss. When we know we’re all-in. But… before the show is over.

Okay, I got another bright idea. “How about you lead the prayer? And we can say it whenever you decide.”

I was all done being brave. I brought up the idea, and now I was passing the torch. He agreed to lead the prayer. sigh of relief. Just one more thing…

How exactly should we pray?

That part is easy. God inspired me how…

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The Prayer that Changed my Sex Life

That spicy-hot prayer

You know what call-and-response is, right? The leader says something real quick and then the… responder, I guess… says a response. Like this:

V. The Lord be with you
R. And with your spirit.

Or this:

V. The Word of the Lord
R. Thanks be to God.

Yeah let’s pray like that.

So I gave my husband his part of the prayer to memorize, and I had mine, and we practiced a few times. Then we took a break until…

…later on that evening.

The implementation was perfect. We didn’t need to interrupt our embrace. We didn’t need to climb out of bed. We didn’t need to get down on our knees.

We just prayed the words like they belonged:

V. Holy Spirit fill us with Your love
R. And grant us holy union.

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Proceed as usual…

It was so simple and easy. After we got into the habit of praying this way, it even became a comfortable and familiar part of our routine.

And it changed everything.

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The Prayer that Changed my Sex Life

Sex became holy

Sure, at first it was slightly awkward. But as this practice grew in our lives, so did God’s grace.

Sex between husband and wife is the ultimate expression of their love. It’s a physical sign of the covenant between them. And it’s a beautiful reflection of God’s own love.

God’s love in the Trinity is fruitful and alive. It’s perfect in its giving. And it’s so real it exists as a whole nother person: the Holy Spirit.

So when we say the prayer, “Holy Spirit fill us with Your love,” we’re asking to share in a  part of God’s divine love.

We’re asking Him to give us His very love. His perfect, living, giving love. To help us love each other this same way. And to help us receive each other’s love fully.

We’re asking God to pour out His infinite love to fill our finite mortal vessels at the very moment we offer ourselves in love to each other.

Level up!

And then with the response, “And grant us holy union,” we ask God to give us – not only His love, but also His unity.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three separate persons, are united in one Divinity. They act in perfect harmony. They are one God. One Being. They can never be separated.

This is what we ask of God through our marital embrace. That He unite us so closely that we’re no longer two – but one. And not just figuratively or romantically, but in truth and reality.

We ask God to give us a holy union that resembles His own. A union we can’t achieve by ourselves. A union that lasts a lifetime, through good and bad, richer and poorer, for better and for worse.

A union that can’t be broken apart as long as we live.


All that, packed into 4 quick seconds of sexy prayer.

I challenge you

This prayer was the missing link for me. It was the spiritual connection I needed with my husband and with God.

The combination of God’s grace plus an added dimension of intentionality that it introduced into our relationship had a huge impact. We began to treat sex as something more. Something holy. Something that satisfied more than just the physical needs of our relationship.

It became a spiritually bonding act. And emotionally, that’s what I needed. I needed that higher level of connection. I needed to know that I was made for more than pouring out my energy into meeting the physical needs of my family. I needed to know that this was all for a greater purpose. It all had a deeper significance.

And this one little prayer made that transformation for me.

If you don’t already pray before sex, I’m issuing the challenge right now. Have the conversation with your spouse. Memorize the prayer, or make up your own. Take the leap of faith.

Give it a try.

This prayer will change your (sex) life.

Want to Tell Everyone About this Prayer?

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The Prayer that Changed my Sex Life

37 thoughts on “The Prayer That Changed My (Sex) Life

  1. Thank you so much. I’ve been throug a lot in a ciuple of months and years and almost giving up on my marriage. Reading your article just revived me in many ways. There is hope for my marriage and Im thankful for seeiking and reading about marriage during this period of maternity leave. Thank you again, may God continue to bless your marriage


  2. Thank you so much for sharing, This is what we are definitely looking for. Me and my husband used to pray when we were still newlyweds but stopped too early. Im just going to remind him tonight. Thanks again!!!


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  4. Hello from Alabama! I have one question, What if I can’t wait long enough to pray. My boyfriend if a very demanding person. He sometimes can’t wait.


    • I think it’s great that you’re seeking a deeper prayer life, and I pray that you also know your dignity. You are worthy of someone who will love you fully, not make demands from you. Someone who is willing to wait for you, and pray with you. The Catholic Church teaches that sex should be saved until a couple is married. And that sex isn’t something that should be demanded, but something that should be freely given – by both the husband and wife – as an expression of their total gift of self, love, and commitment to each other.


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  7. Hi! I am reaching out because I have never heard of this approach to sex before and find it both interesting and well awkward like you said!
    I am currently single. Never have been married and hopefully one day that will change (I am in my mid twenties so I have time) admittedly I have had sex before marriage (2 guys, both long term relationships but still sometimes feel guilty for having had sex before marriage ) which was never my intention but I let my flesh get the best of me. Now I have told myself since my last relationship ended that I would now wait for marriage. (I don’t call myself a born again virgin or anything like that, I just want to do it right this time around) I am hoping that God has a godly man in store for me as unfortunately my two previous relationships which were my only two relationships I truly count were both with men who claimed to be Christian but yet didn’t have personal relationships with God. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and am holding out for the man that God provides and shows me a man after His own heart. I will never settle and if for some reason God’s plan is for me to stay single my whole life I will but I do desire a husband and kids! Like I said I have never been intimate with a man who truly lives for the Lord so I can’t imagine a guy being okay with praying for sex but it looks like everyone else that’s posted seems to have husbands that don’t mind it? I’d love more information as that in my season of singleness I am trying to prepare myself to be a godly wife.


    • As far as preparing to be a godly wife, in my opinion, that begins by seeking God in the state of life you find yourself right now. While it’s good to hold on to the dreams for your life and possible marriage in the future, the best preparation for a holy marriage is to seek holiness right now. Get in the habit of holding the universal vocation to holiness as a top priority in your life, and that will serve you in your particular vocation, should you have one! God bless, prayers for you!


  8. This post on prayer before sex was truly inspiring! Can I share this at a Catholic marriage retreat in my diocese? We are always looking for ways to help couples build holy intimacy. We would definitely give you credit and even post your blog for others to visit your site.


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  12. so glad I came across your blog today!! I found it through the CCL page as my husband and I are discerning becoming a teaching couple. I pray I have as much courage as you to share this personally on my own blog ❤️


  13. It’s true Sara, We also pray before going to bed or before sex and that gives us to connect in more holiness,reminding us of the trinity .Thanks Sara for being so open


    • I’m so glad reading this touched your heart! I’m praying for you and your husband, as you share this with him today – you have a beautiful marriage, and I know God is with you both! ❤


  14. So, I am not entirely sure my husband would be *as open* as yours was to the concept of praying right before sex. Little does he know, though, I *do* pray right before – just asking something similar to your guys’ prayer. Sometimes, the prayer is more “me based,” in that I ask God to grant me the energy I need, or the focus to be “in the moment,” rather than thinking of the next blocks of my life I need to check. But, for the most part, it is more a request that I am able to be in the moment, we are able to enjoy each other, and that we gift ourselves as a whole to each other.

    I’ve noticed when I do pray like that, I feel we have a deeper spiritual connection. At least, I think we do.

    Thank you for approaching this topic!


    • Anni, I am SO happy that you chimed in on the conversation! This is a big issue that’s come up, when the husband is not on board with praying together. I love your approach to pray anyways. The grace of God is there, even if you’re the only one praying. You’re so brave to bring Jesus into the relationship, and for sharing your witness with us!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Oh my gosh I can’t even say how much I love this! We actually used to pray before sex in the beginning of our marriage but stopped at some point (can’t even remember when/why). But this prayer is so simple and beautiful! Totally doing it.


  16. Wow!
    Something so simple, yet essential! And it makes total sense!
    Ah, to know this when my husband was still with me (God rest his soul)!
    This makes me want to share with all my married friends! ❤️🙏🏼
    Just beautiful!


  17. Sigh 😔 I wish hubby would be open to this. This might what I need as well, this connection, this reminder of the beauty of sex – not just another dreaded chore to check off my list.


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