#MyMassTakeaway: The Sins I See in Others

Today’s the Second Sunday of Advent.

Find the Mass Readings here: Second Sunday of Advent, December 10, 2017

My takeaway:

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#MyMasstakeaway – The sins I see in others. . I'm feeling pretty crabby today. I started the morning off in a bad mood, and I directed it towards others. . "Why are you so lazy? ….Stop shouting! ….Lose the attitude ….aNOTHer bathroom trip? Cant we just pay attention to the Mass?!" . I'm busy dissecting everyone else's sins, and turning a blind eye to my own. Projecting my own irritation with myself onto them. Nitpicking the things I'm angry at myself for. . But Jesus didn't come to point fingers. When He came, He said "Your sins are mine. I take them upon myself." . Here I am in my pride, saying "my sins are yours and you better change." I need to become more like Jesus. I need to turn a compassionate and merciful heart towards my neighbor. And I need to take responsibility for my own sins, my own bad mood. I need a big dose of humility. . The sins I see in others are really my own sins. Its time to make a change. And it starts with myself.

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#MyMassTakeaway: clear a path for Christ Once a month, I volunteer to lead Liturgy of the Word for Children. I like to attend Mass before the Mass that has LOWC. This means Ben and I go to 8am Mass, go get breakfast, and come back for 10am. Today, Ben requested we listen to Bishop Barron's sermon while we ate. It was interesting to hear two different perspectives on the same readings. At our parish, Fr. Michael talked about how the Roman Empire would clear large roads in cities they had conquered. This enabled the armies to move easily through the empire to stop uprisings. We must clear our hearts to make way for peace (which is the meaning of the 2nd #Advent candle). Bishop Barron's sermon talked about clearing the way for God's grace and filling in valleys of spiritual indifference. Ultimately, we can't be passive as we wait for Christ. We must prepare the way in our hearts. #CSMI #BISsisterhood #CatholicsofInstagram #Sundayfunday

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This week we're bringing you two separate #MyMassTakeaway posts, joining with Sara at @tojesussincerely and super happy to use our @everysacredsunday Mass journals! #HowWeAdvent Here's Kristi's: This is from our parish Breakfast with St. Nicholas this morning, after Mass. Our priest, Fr. Eugene, is a gem. In his homily today, he pointed out the specific way Mark started his Gospel, ignoring the lineage and infancy of Christ. He pointed out that the opening sentence of the Gospel begins with the word "beginning." He said Jesus began the Gospel but it is up to us to finish it. Wow. How am I being a messenger for Christ, as St. John the Baptist was? Am I? We're the messengers our children see, true. But how am I evangelizing the community? How is my witness speaking to the ministry of Christ? How is yours?

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#mysundaybest with just this little guy today as ALL the bigger ones were kinda hacking coughing and I decided to be kind to other parishioners and not spread our germs. Sweater ~ thrifted to use for a Halloween costume (last year), but it was never used so it joined my closet. {Shhhh! Don't tell anyone but I'm pretty sure I managed to wear it backwards, because I'm classy like that #justkeepinitreal} Skirt ~ Lularoe Not pictured were my infinity veil and boots. . Moments after this Baby spit up over everything requiring complete outfit changes for the both of us, and you know that's a lot of spit up because normally I just wipe it off and keep on with my day, but.. Nope. Not this time. . #mymasstakeaway we can begin prepping for Jesus right now, right where we're at. We don't have to pine for how things were or are when they're perfect or ideal {paraphrased}

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This week we're bringing you two separate #MyMassTakeaway posts, joining with Sara at @tojesussincerely. #HowWeAdvent I'm happy we have @everysacredsunday Mass journals…because I definitely didn't make it to mass. The Scientist is really sick and I was needed at home to take care of him. #vocation #wife The only thing I can say, since I didn't attend Mass, is that when I was doing the readings I realized I'm definitely not ready for the coming of Christ. I need to humble myself just like St. John the Baptist. He didn't care what people were saying; he continued his mission being humbled and faithful to the Lord. Let's pray that we can all be like that, and if you'd be willing, please pray for my hubby's health.

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Could you use a little comfort tonight, friend? There is so much to do and so little time. This is my first year working in parish communications and this week I have FOUR bulletins to put together because of the way Christmas falls. Add to that a kid’s well check and Christmas concert and getting your lovely orders finished and shipped and there just aren’t enough hours in the day! • But then God hands me this from today’s readings. This passage from Isaiah has long been a favorite of mine. God wants to comfort me in my distress…and you in yours. It goes on to tell us to prepare the way for the Lord, to make a straight path. It reminds us that the Lord will make a way, will make all things right and just. • So instead of giving in to the growing anxiety in my mind, I’m taking a deep breath and choosing to trust that the Lord will make a way for all I need to get done be done – all for His glory. It’s going to take discipline and focus, and maybe a few long hours, but I find comfort when I bring it back to the basics. He will create a path of abundance where I see none. I rest in that assurance tonight and pray you will too. ❤️ • (Lettering from work I did for the Expectantly Waiting in Wonder – Advent journal from @themessagecatholic)

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At the start of this second week of advent, Fr. Vincent was reminding us of the two main seasons in Michigan, winter and road construction season 🙂 The road construction analogy is great especially for advent- advent is a season of construction and reconstruction of our hearts, minds and souls. Even though it is inconvenient, disturbing from the normal course of everyday life, it will result in a smooth road ahead. The gospel reading for today shows John the Baptist who came to "Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths" Mark 1: 1-8 John the Baptist was quite a character, wearing the camel hair clothing, eating wild honey and locusts, crazy for God! And he had a great following too. We heard of honey and locusts in the Old testament, where honey is the promise of God and locusts are a plague, so it is so interesting how these two meet in John the Baptist. The beginning of the Good news of Jesus starts with repentance, the Good news requires a transformation of heart and mind. John prepares the way of the Lord preaching repentance, he says: it is not about me, it's about the One that comes after me- I must decrease and He must increase. The way of reconstruction is filled with obstacles, including this big one: pride. Pride is not open for further opportunity to grow. Pride does not give way to the humble state of heart and mind. Only without pride we can let Jesus increase and us decrease. Do not be diverted from the reason we are celebrating Christmas, we have to go through the reconstruction of hearts and minds, we are celebrating God coming into human flesh, changing our lives forever! With patience we must restore that relationship with Him so we can receive the Good News! + + #advent #homily #sermon #mark1 #thewordofgod #drawclosertogod #lovegod #godinspired #openjourney #religiousart #christianart #jesus #christ #johnthebaptist #goodnews #stgerard #stgerardparish #changeofheart #MyMasstakeaway #christmas #ingridblixt @v_rich14

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Your turn:

I want to know your Mass Takeaway too! Comment with your thoughts on the readings, your pastor’s homily, or anything that struck you during your time at Mass.

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