#MyMassTakeaway: Watch – 1st Sunday of Advent

Today’s the 1st Sunday of Advent

Find the Mass Readings here: 1st Sunday of Advent, December 3, 2017

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Watch! Today marks the first day of Advent – the liturgical color shifts to purple as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ and recognize the first day of the liturgical year. The Gospel reading from Mark (13:33-37) is short and to the point. In it one of my favorite words in Scripture is used over and over again in various ways – “Watch!” Jesus says it five times to his disciples. The point is that death comes for us all, and with it judgement. Are we ready? In this very moment, if we were told that we only had days to live…what would run through our mind? Most likely, “I didn’t have enough time.” Our mind would race to all that we could have or should have done. I’m not talking about traveling or skydiving, but rather, spending more quality time with the ones who matter most, wishing we had been better and more invested in them, and of course, considering our relationship with God Almighty, as we prepare to encounter him. One of the biggest deceptions of the devil is to tell us, “You have time.” Many plan to grow close to the Lord in their later years, after they have finished pursuing the things they would like to do, or even focusing all their energy on raising their children and furthering their career. Reading Scripture is something that is seen as better serving the season of our lives when all the busyness slows down. In that time, many promise themselves that they will then return to the Sunday obligation of worship, and rightly get their soul in order before death. Actor David Cassidy recently passed away, and his daughter Katie shared publicly her father’s last words on earth: “So much wasted time.” Those words have haunted me, and they should haunt you as well. It’s sudden wisdom like that, at the moment of death, which is a gift to the rest of us, who may have any length of time left. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHEN THE TIME WILL COME. Jesus assures all of us of this. Yet, I also find comfort in this gospel as well. The line, “He leaves home and places his servants in charge, each with his own work.” This line stands out to me, because the Lord… https://thelionofdesign.com/blog/advent-reflections-1st-sunday/ #gospel #scripture #advent

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O God, who by Thy gracious Advent hast brought joy into this world, grant us, we beseech Thee, Thy grace to prepare ourselves by sincere penance for its celebration and for the Last Judgment. Amen. . What is Advent? . Advent is that solemn time, immediately preceding Christmas, instituted by the Church in order that we should, in the first place, meditate on the Incarnation of Christ, the love, patience and humility which He has shown us, and prove our gratitude to Him, because He came from the bosom of His heavenly Father into this valley of tears, to redeem us; secondly, that we may prepare ourselves by sincere repentance, fasting, prayer, alms-deeds, and other works pleasing to God, for the coming of Christ and His birth in our hearts, and thus participate in the graces which He has obtained for us; finally, that He may be merciful to us, when He shall come again as judge of the world. "Watch ye, for ye know not at what hour your Lord will come" (Mt. 5:42). "Wherefore be you also ready; because at what hour you know not, the Son of man will come" (Mt. 24:44). . How should this solemn time be spent by Christians? They should recall, during these four weeks, the four thousand years in which the just under the Old Law expected and desired the promised Redeemer, think of those days of darkness in which nearly all nations were blinded by saran and drawn into the most horrible crimes, then consider their own sins and evil deeds and purify their souls from them by a worthy reception of the Sacraments, so that our Lord may come with His grace to dwell in their hearts and be merciful to them in life and in death. Further, to awaken in the faithful the feelings of repentance so necessary for the reception of the Savior in their hearts, the Church orders that besides the observance of certain fast days, the altar shall be draped in violet, that Mass shall be celebrated in violet vestments, that the organ shall be silent and no Gloria sung. Unjust to themselves, disobedient to the Church and ungrateful, indeed, to God are those Christians who spend this solemn time of grace in sinful amusements without performing any good works, with no longing for Christ's Advent

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#MyMassTakeaway #SnapAdvent #Adventathon My mind was distracted for a large portion of Mass. Today was my day to bring Holy Communion to a "shut~in" couple. I missed my visit to them last month and I felt really bad about it. I had a strong feeling they spent Thanksgiving alone. There names are Winnie and Charlie. Winnie is 89 and sharp as a tack. Charlie's health is declining. He is,showing signs of Altheimers and he never wants to leave the house. Winne has to care for him…and I know she wishes they went out more. They have been married for over 50 years. Charlie served in WWII. They never had children. That statue of the angel caring for the two children made me think of Winnie's guardian angel. I did hear in between all my thoughts, that" Jesus is the Way"…Through the Eucharist, Jesus has brought me to Winnie and Charles. I couldn't help but think of ways I could make this month more joyful for them. As a society we always remember children this time of year…but what about the old and lonely? Please pray for Winnie and Charles this month. ..that they may experience #hope and joy. I pray that I am able to visit them more than once and bring smiles, laughter and an escape from the loneliness. Jesus warned ys in the Gospel to stay alert…It's apparent to me that He didn't just bring me to Winnie and Charles to just bring Communion. What is He asking you to do that you need to be alert to see?

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