How to Upgrade and Preserve Your Mosaic Jesse Tree

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Hi friends!

I’ve had a lot of questions rolling in about my Mosaic Jesse Tree. Some of the most popular are:

  • How/where do we hang them?
  • Can we laminate them?
  • What’s the best way to preserve them?

While I don’t know about laminating (because the hole punch for the string might just break the seal), I do have another idea for you. It’s similar to the way I created the original Jesse Tree ornaments.

You can mount your cardstock ornaments on wooden craft ornaments, using Modpodge to seal them and to protect the surface. Once they’re mounted and dried, you’re ready to tie the string and start hanging them on your tree!

If you want to make upgrades, I recommend you purchase the Jesse Tree set with assembly required.


Cut out your cardstock ornaments, punch the holes in the tab, and mount them on wooden ornaments. These ornaments are 3.5 inches in diameter, and they should be the perfect size. I used ornaments very similar to these to create the original set!

Use Modpodge to attach them and to seal the surface. (Use matte for a classic look…)

(…or glossy for a shiny finish.)

Caution: If you seal your ornaments with Modpodge, make sure you store them separately. I learned the hard way that Modpodge softens in the heat… and then when it dries again, everything fuses together. I almost lost my original set one summer while they were in storage.

Now each of my original ornament gets stored in its own sandwich bag.

If you happened to buy the ready-to-hang set, but you still want to make these upgrades to your ornaments, simply replace the ribbons. If you want to be super fancy, Modpodge a length of ribbon around the side-surface of the wooden ornament base. It will give your ornaments a clean, finished look. I did this on my originals. I even lined the hole-punch with ribbon (over-achiever lol).

I also recommend sealing the knots and the ends of your ribbons once they’re attached, so they’ll last longer without fraying. You can use Fray-check, clear nail polish, or a quick fusing over a candle flame. Be careful with using the flame, because you could over-do it and melt your knot right off!

Finally, find the perfect tree to hang them on. This one is similar to what we use at home for our own Jesse Tree!

I hope you love your Mosaic Jesse Tree! If you have any questions, or need any more tips for upgrading or using your Jesse Tree, leave a comment or send me a message any time.

3 thoughts on “How to Upgrade and Preserve Your Mosaic Jesse Tree

  1. Reading over your website refreshed my mind of traditions which use to be done in our family as the children were growing up. Thank you for the beautiful devotion you have shared with all of us. Have a Blessed Merry Christmas season. I’m so looking forward to sharing the reflection worksheets with my Catholic Daughters back home in Texas.

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  2. Sara, thank you for this idea!!! I love my set so much and I would love to have it on the wooden ornaments. I didn’t know these were available. I bought a pre-lit table top tree to hang them on and it’s beautiful. The hardest part is waiting to put them up.

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