The beauty of the liturgical year

*I received a complimentary product from Telos Art in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are genuine, and my own.

We are an Easter people.

And not just on Easter Sunday, but all year round, all the time.

There’s something about the Resurrection that lights up our life.  That fills our souls with joy, our minds with truth, our hearts with love.

We know that the Mass makes the Paschal mystery present in a very physical, tangible way.  But the entire liturgical year makes the mystery of our salvation present in every moment.

It reminds us that Jesus’ Passover Sacrifice “reaches across and underlies all history.” (CCC 1165)

At the Resurrection, “A day of long, eternal light is ushered in for us who believe in him, a day which is never blotted out: the mystical Passover.” (St. Hippolytus, as quoted in CCC 1165)

Christ’s death and Resurrection is the central moment of our lives, of the liturgical calendar, of the history of humanity.  It’s the moment that changed the world.  That redefined our lives.  That made us who we are.

It gave us faith.  It gives us faith.  It solidifies our belief in Jesus our Savior.  It makes us Christians.

Because of Easter, we learn to look for joy even in the midst of the heaviest trials.  We search for the light, even on the darkest days.  We cling to faith, even in the midst of doubt.

The Passover sacrifice redeemed our past and reclaimed our future.  Both thousands of years ago, and today.

Easter makes all things new.

“Beginning with the Easter Triduum as its source of light, the new age of the Resurrection fills the whole liturgical year with its brilliance.  Gradually, on either side of this source, the year is transfigured by the liturgy.” (CCC 1168)

The liturgical calendar reminds us of the central role of this pivotal event.  Our liturgical year begins with Advent and Christmas: the events that finally set our salvation into motion.  After a brief reprieve in Ordinary Time, it launches into Lent and the Easter season.  The Feast of Feasts, the pinnacle of our year.  The remainder of the calendar is rounded out with Ordinary time, which is anything but ordinary.

It’s the time in which we live our faith with heroic virtue in the daily grind.  It’s the time of continued growth and transformation.  It’s the living out of what was set in motion on Easter.

The liturgical calendar is so rich, so full of meaning.  It guides us in living out the essence of who we are as Christians.  Redeemed and made new by the Cross and Resurrection.

Let’s live the mystery of the Resurrection to the fullest, every day of our lives.

How are you going to enter into the ever-present mystery of your salvation today?

Telos Art Liturgical Calendar

When I received my print of the 2017 – 2018 liturgical calendar from Telos Art in the mail, I was struck by my lack of knowledge about the ins-and-outs of the Church’s seasons.

So where’d I turn?  My Catechism, naturally.  And I was blown away at the beauty of the cohesive image of Christian life mapped out in the liturgical year.

I’ve always loved the Church’s feasts, but I somehow missed the fact that the Resurrection is truly timeless.  That it’s both historical and ever-present.  I’m filled with awe at the greatness of this mystery.

I’m so excited to have my new liturgical calendar framed and hanging on my living room wall.  A constant reminder to let Christ’s saving grace transform me.  That the spiritual trumps the physical.  That the liturgical calendar, not the annual calendar, is the story of my life.

Untitled design
  • Each calendar represents the full liturgical year, starting on Advent.
  • The calendar is printed on a 12×18″ textured white or kraft paper. It is also available in 18×24″ on satin white paper.
    – Seasonal liturgical colors are noted in color around the outer rim of the circle.
    – Holydays of obligation are noted near the center of the circle.
  • Select feast days are outlined at the bottom of the poster. For a small fee, these feast days can be personalized for your particular family.
  • Magnetic poster hangers are also available in the shop for the 12″ calendars.
  • Wholesale and bulk orders for bookstores parishes and religious education are available at a special rate.

Buy yours today:

Purchase a 2017-2018 liturgical calendar from Telos Art for your own home today!

Photos and features of the liturgical calendar provided by Telos Art for use in this review.

7 thoughts on “The beauty of the liturgical year

  1. Such a beautiful calendar! I love the idea of living life by the liturgical calendar, and not a regular annual one. With little kids, it’s hard to really soak in the significance of the events in the liturgical year when we’re just trying to get kids to Mass during these times! This is such a helpful reminder and I bet helps better prepare parents like me to enjoy the liturgical seasons for what they are.


  2. This is the perfect way to express faith in style. The beauty catches one’s eye and one the eye is caught…the meaning carries the mind.


  3. I met Jessica of Telos Art a few weekends ago and her things are AMAZING. One of my favorite things about our faith is the beauty of the liturgical year. I love that you’re highlighting it today!


  4. What a great idea, to have a calendar that starts when the liturgical years starts! Great idea for keeping more in sync with the seasons of the Church in our daily lives.


  5. Such an elegant set up for the calendar. There is something so calming about the liturgical year. When we were living in California I found it gave our year more seasonality than provided by the local climate.


  6. Such an amazing giveaway!! So beautiful!

    It’s funny how we find the richness of the Catholic Church when we delve further into “Hey, why do we celebrate [insert Feast Day].” And, we are reminded just how intentional the Catholic Churh is, as well as how much meaning plays a role in the Faith.


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