An extrovert learns to listen

This is a tale of three meditations.

A journey of learning to come out of my comfort zone.

It starts with me talking to my best friend.  And ends with me sitting at the feet of the wisest teacher, listening with undivided attention.

This is a glimpse into my less-than-perfect spiritual life.  An admission that I don’t have things all figured out.  An acceptance that I’m not a saint.  Just a saint-in-the-making.

These are my unfiltered prayers before Jesus, my Lord and my God.

The first meditation:


Thank You, Jesus, for calling me into Your Presence today.  Please send Your Holy Spirit upon me to guide me.

I sometimes feel bad when I come to visit You and I yap away the whole time.  I feel pressured to be silent and recollected.  Just to sit with You and “hear Your voice.”

But I’m an extrovert.

A blabbermouthing meditation

When I’m with friends, I like to talk and laugh and joke and smile.  I like to get to know people through conversation.  Sharing my heart and encouraging them to share theirs.  Learning each other’s stories.  Trading our thoughts and reflections.

It makes me feel refreshed.  Revived.  Exhilarated.

Whereas an introvert might feel burned out and exhausted.

Lord Jesus, You’re my BFF.  Literally forever.  Like… for eternity.  So I relate to You like I relate to my friends.  Except, amplified.

I crave that connection with You.  The reflection.  The comparing.  Finding parallels and similarities.

I feel exhilarated when I open up and pour it all out to You.  My joy, my worries, my random thoughts and dinner plans.  I feel like You’re a real part of my life that way.  You know what moves me.

And when I read Your Scriptures, the Story of Your life, I love to find how it lines up with mine.  How we’re alike and different.  What I can learn from You.  Just like I do with my friends.

I love to exchange stories with You.

It’s part of who I am.

My friends love me for it, and so do You.

I feel exhilarated when I pour it all out to You.  My friends love me for it, and so do You.  Tweet this.

The second meditation:

Quietly together

Even though I’m an extrovert, I don’t blab all the time.  Maybe most of the time.  But I know how to be quiet too!

This weekend, I worked outside with my mom.  Yardwork.  Pulling up briers.  Clipping stray tree limbs.  Raking up soggy piles of leaves.

We didn’t need to say much.

Our connection was kept strong when we worked quietly side-by-side.  Our bodies spoke a language that cancelled out the need for words.  We were united in our work.

That’s where I practice my silence.

When I’m going about the daily tasks of my vocation, my body speaks my love for You, Jesus.  With just a few words – maybe a quick prayer of offering, a greeting and invocation of Your Holy Name, we’re joined in unity of mission and action.

When I’m going about the daily tasks of my vocation, my body speaks my love for You, Jesus.  Tweet this.

I feel Your presence beside me.  Your power working through me.  There’s no need for words.  This is the time when I can just listen.  When I can let Your spirit move me.

And if I work alongside You every day, our connection will grow stronger.  I’ll begin to anticipate Your requests and understand Your Divine Will.  I’ll respond to Your movements intuitively.

Like two seasoned dance partners.

Or a mother and daughter sweating through yardwork together.

That’s just me.  Blabbermouthing to You and to my friends when we get a few quiet moments alone together.  Content with the silence when we’re engrossed in a common task.

Inspired to seek quiet

My Jesus, please continue to speak to my heart.

And teach me to shut up and listen once in a while.

The third meditation:

learning to listen

“Speak, Lord, Your Servant is listening.”

This is an incredibly inspiring verse.  It holds nothing back.

Wait, You know what, I didn’t even greet You, Lord.  I’m not feeling Your inspiration.  I can’t do this without You.

Today, Jesus, help my open my heart to Your Holy Word.

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.

Do I listen to You enough?  I talk to You plenty.  I reach out to You in little ways throughout the day.  I say my memorized prayers.

But do I listen?

I ask You questions and wait for Your answer.  But do I listen?  Do I let You speak from the Heart, or do I force Your conversation?  I’m always taking charge.  I’m so bossy!

Do I let You start the conversation?  Do I let You say what’s on Your mind?  Do I listen to respond, or to know You better?  I’m so self centered.  My God, forgive me for gabbing.

Today, I’m going to let You guide.

I’m letting You take the lead.  Tell me what You want me to hear.





You love me…

I love You too…

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening…

Reach for me…

I reach out to You, Lord…




You are my heart’s desire…

Fill me…



“Have peace my child.”

Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening…


Freedom in listening to Jesus

I feel You calling me to let go.  Give You control.

I can do that.  Just give me the strength.  You brought me where I am in life right now now.  I turn it back over to You.  Guide me.

I will go where You lead me, Lord.

Help me always be faithful to You.

You brought me where I am in life right now now.  I turn it back over to You.  Guide me.  Tweet this.

Why are all the lights in this church on?  Wasn’t it dark when I got here?

Jesus, shine Your light in my life, like these lights shine through the church.  Like Your voice shines inspiration into my heart today.  Bring clarity to my life.  Help me always to grow closer to You.


Want more?

After these meditations, I felt God leading me to start a Facebook group based on the monthly Virtue Challenge.  I’d love to have you join me!

Join the Virtue Challenge Team today!

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This is a glimpse into my less-than-perfect spiritual life.  Tweet this.

A tale of three meditations - a spiritual journey towards listening to God's voice in my heart

5 thoughts on “An extrovert learns to listen

  1. I’m a closet introvert, so I see both sides of this. Thank God he is able to reach us in all our crazy incarnations….


  2. I really needed this! I too struggle with listening rather than letting myself hear Him. Sometimes I need to remember He doesn’t speak with actual words.


    • Thank you for drawing that connection! I definitely see that – I consider myself a leader, and many consider me bossy. I’m beginning to learn to let go. I never connected it to my extrovertedness, but now that you mention it, it seems so clear! God humbled me through these meditations, I have so much to learn.


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